Hello, Blog. It’s Me, Y.

It’s been a while since I’ve logged on here.

Truth is my son’s absence has affected me more than I expected and more than I have confessed out loud to anyone. I miss him deeply and don’t feel like myself without him in my daily life. I know my son is alive and well, but I’ve not seen his handsome face or been able to hug him or hear “I love you, Mom” for 70 days. I know that I will see him again, but being separated from my son continues to take a toll on me both physically (I’ve gained weight, which is awesome! I’ll not fit in any of my clothes for BlogHer! I hardly sleep and you know what that does to a person’s face!) and emotionally.

On Saturday, we got two letters from my son. He sounded so positive and had some exciting news. He scored 225 out of 250 during shooting qualifications and he earned the coveted “Expert” badge. But there was some bad news in the letter. He’s experiencing severe pain in his knee. He said he’s worried it may be a fracture. He’s trying to tough it out, but if it gets worse, he’ll have no choice but to go to medical. If it *is* a fracture, he’s worried he’ll be dropped from his platoon again and placed in medical recovery. That means he’s training will be delayed again and he won’t be graduating on August 10th. There’s nothing I can except hope for the best and pray to God I don’t get the dreaded “I’m injured” phone call for a second time.

In other news that is not related in any way to my son being away at boot camp


, I just purchased my plane ticket to NYC for BlogHer next month. (Can we talk about the price of a plane ticket? Because I paid more than double what I paid for the same flight in December. What up with that?!) I’m getting very excited about BlogHer for so many reasons, but mostly because of CheeseburgHer! And if you read that and thought “What the heck is CheeseburgHer?!” I’m writing a post just for you. Because you need to know about CheeseburgHer. I can’t wait for it to get here so we can get down. (While eating Cheeseburgers, while wearing bags on our heads, while possibly jumping on or off of beds.)

6 thoughts on “Hello, Blog. It’s Me, Y.

  1. Rachael

    I’m sorry you’re struggling so much. I can totally understand how you would be, and how it is hard to share your true feelings a lot of the time. I spend a lot of time telling people how well I am doing because they don’t know about things going on in my life, and a lot of the time I am lying. It’s really hard. (Hugs). At least you have BlogHer to look forward to – I am totally jealous!

  2. Leah

    I am sorry it has been so difficult with your son gone but you have a beautiful mama’s heart, of course you would miss him like crazy. Praying that he is healed and not postponed again.

  3. mommabird2345

    It’s great your son is doing so well in boot camp. I hope his knee gets better without having to go to medical recovery. I hope everything stays on track so you can see him soon! Have fun at BlogHer!

  4. Amy

    Oh my freaking God, do I feel your pain. I would love to tell you it gets easier…and it does…but I think it’s really hard on moms when they’re so young. And sorry, but I think 18 and 19 is very young. My son just returned to Miramar on Saturday morning. It was his first leave since boot camp…6 fucking months since I’ve seen my son. He was home for 10 days and it felt like 10 minutes. I’m so proud of him, it’s been 10 months since he went to boot camp and I can see how mature he is and what a wonderful young man he’s become. But fuck it all, I wish he wasn’t 1,500 miles away. I know it could be worse…he could be in Afghanistan, but…yeah. Your oldest son, your baby…I totally get it. Big hugs.
    I feel bad I didn’t write one of the comments that you printed for Andrew. I know how much of a difference those letters make to the kids.

  5. Laura Lohr | @mommycanrun

    I cannot imagine how difficult that must be to have your son so far away. I know it isn’t the same pain, but my brother has been in the Navy for 15 years. He has two daughters that have been separated from him and it never gets easier being away from your loved one(s). The high’s and low’s/up’s and down’s of the military make it difficult. You are in my thoughts, Y.

    On another note, this will be my third year at BlogHer and CheeseburgHer is the party I look most forward to. (My clothes don’t fit me either. I feel your pain) See you in NYC!

  6. kim

    Hi again, I am addicted to your blog LOL.. I wanted to let you know and this maybe old news for you to know but if he goes to medical the could make him do bed rest for a few days and it wont interupt his time,my son rolled his ankle and he was on bed rest for 4 days and still graduated bootcamp..I must add that reading your blog,I truely know how you feel, everything you wrote I felt..prayers to your son..

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