A Simple Request

Andrew recently graduated from Military Combat Training at Camp Pendleton. We were going to drive out for his graduation ceremony and would get to spend a couple of hours with him before he was shipped out to MO to continue his training.

“Would you like for me to bring anything for you

, son?” I asked.

I was thinking maybe he’d ask for me to bring food, or his favorite candy.

“Please just bring my guitar so I can play for a little bit before shipping out.” he replied.

I was so moved by his simple request.

I brought his guitar as he requested. After the ceremony was finished and photos with the family had been taken, my son was able to play for a few minutes before shipping out to MO.

I can’t wait until I can hear him play again. Hopefully in time for Christmas.

13 thoughts on “A Simple Request

      1. Amy

        The most difficult thing for me-and this is really hitting me one year after boot camp-is that he really doesn’t need me anymore to be his mom. Emotionally, yes. But even that, not so much lately. He goes to work, eats his meals, pays his bills and doesn’t need me to help. That’s good…that was the end goal when I had him, but I envy my friends who can wean off their parenting roll when their kids go to college. The apron strings are cut and burned when your child goes into the Marines. It’s as if you get the edict when you send them off to boot camp, ‘Your work here is done, ma’am. Move along.”

        1. Kelly

          My son is in NSW and 3K miles from me. I won’t see him until early next year IF all goes as planned. I’m thankful for phone/text but it’s not the same. He’s not been ‘home’ since he left in the late winter. While I’m incredibly proud of the man he’s becoming, as a mother I’m still grieving the loss of the role as his “Mom” I used to have. Amy: your comment is spot on (especially the “Your work here is done, ma’am… move along.”)
          I’ve had friends say: “…it’s just like when you send them off to college.” No, it is not in so many ways– both large and small– there is no comparison that can be made.

  1. Jennifer

    Ahhh.. that is sweet! My son started MOS school in August. He is in Pensacola. I just got back from visiting him. He won’t be home for Thanksgiving but he says they ‘have to” come home for xmas. I can’t wait! What is your son’s MOS? Brandon is working on aircraft components.

    1. Y Post author

      His MOS is Motor Transport. I don’t think we’ll have Andrew home for Thanksgiving either, but HOPEFULLY he’ll be home for Christmas!

  2. Denise

    Beautiful photos. What a wonderful boy you have raised; God bless him. You look really pretty in that picture, Y!
    Our troops give up so much…imagine just wanting something as simple as playing a song. God bless our brave and selfless heroes.

  3. Dawn Langham

    Y. I posted on an earlier thread. Is your son in Fort Leonardwood, Missouri? My son left today for there. You’ll have to let me know. My son is also Motor Transport. I’ll tell my son to keep an eye out for him.
    To the military Mom whose son is in Pensacola, that where I live!

  4. charlene

    weather is good in Missouri right now. cool but lots of sun. thank you to him for being in the military and you for raising a wonderful son.

  5. Pamela Wickel

    Hi Yvonne. My friends son is leaving for Marine boot camp, and I was telling her about your blog and the support group (online I believe) you mentioned with other Marine moms. Can I get that information from you to give to her?? Thanks alo!!! and God Bless you real good!

    Pamela Wickel

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