Getting Settled In

Moving is hard.

Moving is SUPER hard.

Moving sucks.

Moving is The Worst.

Moving day was June 30th. It was 104 outside that day. With the exception of my brother for a couple of hours, we had no one to help us. Everyone was working, or out of town, or just jerks. (j/k. No one was a jerk. Everyone just happened to be out of town or working that day.)

While Tony and Ethan moved boxes and furniture, I cleaned each room to perfection in the hopes of getting every dime of our deposit back.

That day was one of the most, if not THE most miserable day of our lives.

But we got through it and at 2am, all of our furniture and belongings were moved and the house was spotless.

The next day, we met with the landlord to do a walk through and boy, was he impressed. In the 6 years we had been there, he hadn’t come to look at the house once, not even when we had asked him to fix all of the things that were breaking/needed repaired. (Which is why we had to move.) He told us he was sad we were leaving. He told us the leasing agent explained to him that if he had fixed All Of The Things, we never would have moved and he asked us if that was true. (DUH, of course it’s true.) Then he apologized for not fixing All Of The Things. “It’s just… out of sight, out of mind, I guess.” So, because HE didn’t have to live with broken things, he wasn’t bothered at all to fix them. If we had made more stink about it, he totally would have done it! Truthfully, he is a really nice guy. He just wasn’t very smart when it came to keeping good tenants in his house. Anyway, he was so impressed with the way we left the house, he gave us all $2500 of our deposit back three days later. So, that was nice.

We are slowly making this house into our home. But I do mean slowly.

We still have a ton of boxes that we need to empty. I still do not know where a lot of things are (but I found the wine opener last week, you guys! IMPORTANT THINGS.) We still need to buy new furniture and decorate and I’m just a little bit stressed about that because we’re having Gabriella’s birthday party here in a few days. But people will understand that we just moved in, right? I should stop stressing about that, yes?

I do love our new place. It is clean, it is pretty, it is comfortable and I get to get ready in this bathroom every day.


I feel so much more comfortable and peaceful here. It makes such a difference living in a space that you love and aren’t ashamed of. It’ not a super fancy house, but it is lovely and perfect for us. I feel grateful to be here and look forward to making many memories with my family and friends here.

12 thoughts on “Getting Settled In

  1. Cheryl Rushing

    We had a similar move this past spring. Moving really does suck but I love the place we are in now so much more. Glad you got moved and you are happy.

  2. Kerry

    Wow, you are so tiny! Congrats on the new home- can we look forward to a photo update, pretty please?

  3. Maggie

    Moving sucks big time, but glad you are in a place that’s right for you…and that doesn’t have a fix-it list a mile long! We’ve been in our new house 6 months now and are just finishing getting things organized. Of course people will give you some slack for just having moved! Just one box at a time, one room at a time. You’ll get there & this house will be a home before you know it :)…also, you look amazing! I had to click on the photo to see your face & make sure it was you! All that hard work is paying off! 🙂

  4. Lomara

    I hate moving! Moving sucks! I bought a place last December and, and had to purge and clean and move 14 years of living in a crappy apartment to a cozy condo. Not the same as moving from a house, but still a pain. So glad you’ve found a great home. I know what it means to not be ashamed anymore about the state of your home since I moved. It’s a good feeling. Also, you look fabulous!

  5. alimartell

    I so remember that feeling when we moved into our home… that “perfect for us” feeling. It really helps to (almost) forget about all of the crappy parts of moving. Heh.

    So happy for you!
    Also, look at your smokin’ body, mama.

  6. Twist

    Wow, what a landlord. “Hmmm, would you not move if I fix the furniture? Oh – too late. Too bad, you could have stayed here and cleaned up my house some more.” Pfff!
    I can tell you, your new home will probably feel JUST LIKE HOME in about six months or a year – it doesn’t take long to adjust, in my experience. But dusty boxes, unfamiliar territory, maybe a poltergeist or two . . . gah! Good luck. 🙂

  7. Jessica

    I’m glad there is a happy ending to getting your deposit back. It’s just a shame he was never willing to fix the broken things.

    Glad you are happy in the new place. Having a home where you can be proud of it is a very important thing!

  8. Louise

    UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH MOVING. We finally got the last of our stuff out of our (terrible, moldy, leaky windowed, basement floody, jacked up sidewalk…ETC) rental house yesterday and by the end of it we were just throwing stuff into boxes all willy-nilly. Which I’m regretting now, because we have to unpack and I have no idea where half the stuff I need is. BUT, I love our new house. LOVE. Waking up happy to be somewhere makes it easier to face the Box Room, don’t you agree?

    I am so glad you’ve found a great place to live. I am SO jealous of that bathroom (and of your fitness… I’ve lost 80 lbs but still have so far to go).

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