I Promise I Will Not Allow This to Become The I Lost My Job Blog.

I finished all of my laundry today and it felt freaking awesome. While I was hanging up the last t-shirt, I was all “look at you! You are so brave and strong! That degree from The University of Teenage Marriage is really paying off! YOU’VE GOT THIS!”

But seriously, folks.

I had a rough weekend because losing your job really sucks.

(^^ Me. All Weekend. ^^)

But I’m realizing that it’s not the end of the world. It may be the beginning of some Life Suckage, but life doesn’t end. I have options, connections and some pretty awesome plans. I just have to get past the fear to make things happen.

And I will.

I’m giving myself a week off, to just enjoy not working, my children and quite possibly all of the cheese sticks from Trader Joe’s.

And then, it’s SO on.

13 thoughts on “I Promise I Will Not Allow This to Become The I Lost My Job Blog.

  1. Amanda

    You got this.

    Good for you on taking some time. Sending love and a hopefully not advicey reminder that you have pushed trucks, done crazy push up thingies on walls and ultimately that all has way less to with bootcamp than it does with you, the strong, driven woman that you are.


  2. Patt

    I secretly hope those connections, options, and awesome plans involve your beautiful photography (I love your photography)!

  3. Lindsay

    Considering all the ideas we’ve talked about, I have to have faith that you really are going to move on to do something that you love even more. You have a skill set that’s very much in demand right now, and there are many directions you can take it. There are no rules on the Internet! YAY! Create your own job description and pursue it!

    But yeah. Take a week off first. 😉

  4. lizriz

    I’m so sorry to hear about your job loss. It is really challenging; I’ve been there more than I care to think about. But a lot of good things came out of it for me as well. Lessons and experiences hard paid for, but that I’m very glad to have had. Hang in there, try to stay positive, and you WILL get through. I highly recommend taking some time to exercise while unemployed. You’ve suddenly got the time for it, and it will feel good, too. Good luck. 🙂

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