At Least He’ll Have an Interesting “How I Eventually Got My Driver’s Permit” Story

The Middle Child has been bugging me to get his driver permit since the day he turned 15 1/2. I kept putting it off because the longer that kid stays off the road, the better for everyone involved.  He recently used the “get all of my friends to bug my mom about letting me get my learner’s permit” tactic.

It worked.

I signed him up for his online driver’s ed course and three weeks ago the certificate came in the mail. The day we received that we made an appointment with the DMV so he could take his test.

His appointment was last Thursday. He was super excited and super annoying about it.

All morning long he was saying things like “Mom, don’t be late!” And “Mom, make sure you’re there to pick me up on time!” And “don’t forget my certificate when you pick me up!”

I was not late and we got there in plenty of time for his appointment.  But we did not anticipate that the line for appointments would be so long nor did we anticipate that ONE employee would be working three lines at once. (Ha ha ha. The Government.)

I began panicking because I was sure we weren’t going to get to our appointment on time. His appointment was at 4:20 and they stop giving written tests at 4:30, so if we were late getting to the window, there was no way he would be able to take the test. Luckily, we were called up at 4:19! Just in time!  CLOSE ONE.

We told the lady at the window why we were there.

“Driver’s Ed certificate and birth certificate please.” She says.

“OH SHIT.” I said (in my head) because I hadn’t brought his birth certificate.

After all of that trouble

, we walked out of there without my son getting to take his test. And I couldn’t blame the DMV. It was my fault.

That was a fun car ride home!

Yesterday was the big day! The night before, Ethan asked his dad to get his birth certificate out of the safe. I asked Ethan to put all of the paperwork that he needed next to my purse on the kitchen counter so I wouldn’t forget anything.

We arrived to his appointment over an hour early.  The lady behind the counter was all “Um

, no. You’re  TOO early. But, I can give you a number and you can wait with everyone else.”

Luckily, the wait wasn’t very long. They called our number in less than thirty minutes. Everything was going just perfectly. 

Ethan walked up to the window. He was so excited! Finally! He was going to be able to take his permit test! And if he passed, he was going to be able to drive home!  WOO!

The lady behind the counter asked us why we’re there. Ethan answered “I’m going to take my permit test.” He handed her his birth certificate.

“Do you have your driver’s ed certificate?” She asked.

“I didn’t bring it!” I say.

We immediately start arguing and blaming each other.

“MOM! How could you forget it it?!”

“Ethan, I told you to put all of the paperwork on the table. I just grabbed what you left there. You…”

The woman behind the counter interrupted us.

“It wouldn’t have mattered anyway.” She said. “This isn’t Ethan’s birth certificate.”

We both looked confused as she handed us the certificate.

It was Gabby’s birth certificate.

GABBY’S!  WHAT THE HELL? How did my husband NOT look at the name? How did Ethan not notice? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL OF US IN THIS FAMILY?

He has another appointment on Friday for his third attempt to take his test. I have all of the documents on the fridge ready to go. Wish us luck because OMG WTF ONLY US.




14 thoughts on “At Least He’ll Have an Interesting “How I Eventually Got My Driver’s Permit” Story

  1. Cheri

    My son was able to get the test taken without a problem but then we had to go to a different place to get the actual permit paperwork issued and OMG that was a nightmare. We had to go back 3 times and each time they would tell us he needed something else (as if they couldn’t have told us exactly what he need the first time we didn’t have everything, really??)

    1. Y Post author

      They have to take a class either online or in person in order to get the permit. Then, they have to complete 6 hours of behind the wheel training before they can get their license. 🙂

  2. Lindsay

    This will be funny to you guys one day. One day, long after Ethan has his driver’s license. 😉

    At least you know exactly what you need now, right? RIGHT?

  3. Faith

    Six hours?
    Kids in the state of Victoria, Australia have to log 120 hours of practise in their logbooks on their learner’s permit before they’re allowed to get a provisional licence 😛 It seems like overkill now…lol

  4. Jill

    Oh my goodness! Poor Ethan…poor YOU!
    So what happened yesterday (Friday)???????????
    Don’t leave us all hanging!!! Hope it went well.

    1. Y Post author

      It went fantastic! We had all of the paperwork, so he was able to take the test. And he passed! Yay!

  5. Kenny Bodanis

    Wow. What a rigmarole!
    Here’s one that may make you feel better: My friend, her husband ans their two sons booked a trip-of-a-lifetime to France. When they went to pick up their boarding passes, the agent pointed out Dad’s passport expired! Bye Dad, see you in 72 hours while you buy ANOTHER non-refundable ticket and wait fro your new rush passport….isn’t having parent-brain fun?

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