Fitness Boot Camp- One Year Later

September 9th (My 42nd birthday!) marked my one year anniversary of consecutive boot camp sessions. I’ve been doing 6 week sessions (with one week off in between) for an entire year.  I’ve struggled at times. I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained weight, I’ve stayed the same in weight. But I’ve never given up.

Since losing my job in August, I’ve been stressed to my limit. I’ve lost sleep, I’ve eaten junk food late at night (stress eating is how I cope.) I was feeling down

, defeated and uninspired. This week I promised myself that I would get back to being my best self, meaning no more late night chips and dip stress eating sessions and lots more fruits and veggies. I went to every boot camp class ready to push myself to the max. And it’s amazing how much better I feel already.

Today I remind myself that the past few weeks do NOT erase all of the hard work I’ve put in over the past year. I must forgive myself

, remember how far I’ve come and move on. 




11 thoughts on “Fitness Boot Camp- One Year Later

  1. Jules

    There’s certainly not much change at all for going to boot camp for an entire year. What a waste of time, if your not going to make the effort.

    1. Y Post author

      Actually, my body has gone through quite a bit of changes. And it’s not been a waste. I’m healthier and stronger.

      1. Shelley

        I’m not sure what Jules is looking at, but there is a huge difference. You have no waist in the before picture and you have a defined one in the second picture and curves we can see…and that you can show off. Your arm tone is a marked improvement in the second picture.

        But most importantly….you committed to your health for an entire year and it shows. Your confidence is OFF THE HOOK! If Jules thinks it is a waste of time…well, I don’t think much of Jules.

        1. Y Post author

          Jules is a jerk. Jules also doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re, so her opinion doesn’t count.

  2. Kellee

    Y, I’ve been following you since ~2007, so I’ve seen quite a bit of your journey. There is a distinct difference. While you are gorgeous in both photos, there is an obvious difference in this photo that any person with half a brain and a working set of eyes could discern with the quickest of glances. There is also the change that you have mentioned – you are stronger and healthier. I mean, hot damn, you can run! 🙂 You are an inspiration to so many of us that struggle with many things, health and weight and illnesses. The most important change? Your attitude! The way you feel and think about yourself. That is a definite difference. No more Tony reminding you of the miraculous things that you have done with your body when you’re upset over skin and stretch marks. You love and respect your body, and that is truly miraculous. It makes me hope that I’ll get there to, and I thank you for that. You’re amazing. 🙂

  3. Maggie

    Congratulations to you! I’m happy you’ve found what works for you and you persevere. I think each person has to find the thing they can go back to again and again and enjoy doing so. I’m still looking for a winter routine to stick to in frigid MN.

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