“We Will Always Love Each Other as Family.”

On Monday night, Ethan and I had a very serious talk about school and grades. My son has always made good grades. All a’s and b’s so far in high school. But this last semester he struggled a bit with hard classes and he felt like I was being negative, not giving him credit for how well he has done overall in school. Voices were raised, feelings were hurt, tears were shed.

After the conversation was over, my daughter walked into the room and handed her brother a piece of paper.

What she wrote brought me to tears because it was so lovely and everything I hope my children will be to each other in life (Kind, sympathetic, understanding, encouraging, supportive.) It was extra special because those two argue like crazy. But I know at their core and in the depths of their hearts

, there is nothing but love. At the moment I can’t think of anything that makes me happier than knowing that my children love and care for one another when it matters the most.



(I have Gabriella’s permission to post this. She wants others to see “how families can love each other.” She’s the best.)

7 thoughts on ““We Will Always Love Each Other as Family.”

  1. Jenn Martinelli

    Your kids are great. I love hearing stories like this. It makes me actually want kids instead of wanting to run screaming from most parenting I see in my day to day life!

    Just the sweetest.

    1. Y Post author

      I can’t read it without laughing (I have felt your pain) and then crying (I know we have arguments but we will always love each other.)


  2. Jill

    This will be even more meaningful with every passing year.
    You are raising great people. Love it!

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