I’ve Still Got It!

I was in the kitchen roasting tomatoes and peppers to prepare fresh salsa for dinner. Gabriella and Tony were sitting at the kitchen table playing a game of Slap Jack. While I was roasting away, I heard the following

Gabby: Come on Dad! Let’s go!

Tony: Hold on. I want to look at your mama. She’s so pretty.

Gabby: Okay

, but please stop looking at her like she’s SUPER smokin’.

*She turns to look at me*

Gabby: Don’t get me wrong, Mommy. I think you’re pretty. But dad is looking at you like he’s about to drool!

Twenty four years later and he still looks at me like he’s about to drool. That’s true love. (Or old age. Or both.)

5 thoughts on “I’ve Still Got It!

    1. Y Post author

      I’m so glad to be back.

      And this is the ONLY TIME I will ever agree with you. I hope they beat the sh** out of the Heat!

  1. Jessica

    It just simply means your husband has very good taste in women. Well, in woman. Love that your daughter gets to see her mom and dad really in love with each other – powerful message for her.

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