Blogging While Kneeling (Bleeling! Knogging!)

So, um, what do you think the chances are that the chair you’re looking at, the one that has absolutely ZERO padding left, has actual METAL protruding out of it and is all crooked with zero back/neck support is the reason that my back IS JACKED AS ALL HELL?
I’ve been blaming “stress” and “a pinched nerve” and everything else under the sun, but until PigHunter sat on it last night and shouted “OUCH! MY ASS! THERE IS METAL STICKING OUT OF THIS THING! HOW DO YOU SIT ON THAT, WOMAN?” it never occured to me that the reason I’m in constant pain might have a LITTLE SOMETHING to do with this piece of shit chair.
I know that I need a new one, I’ve known that for a long time. I mean, look at it. The thing is, I haven’t really cared because a)I never have company over, so I’m not worried about anyone ever having to see it. b)although there is metal protruding from it, I can’t feel it thanks to the “extra padding” that I currently carry on my ass. c)I have 3 kids who need things and I can’t seem to justify spending money on a stupid computer chair
However, now that I have to take 1,500mg of Robaxin just to sleep at night and be able to (somewhat) function during the day, I’m thinking that it’s time to work “a new computer chair” into the budget.

35 thoughts on “Blogging While Kneeling (Bleeling! Knogging!)

  1. Beth

    Tons of computer/desk chairs are available on Craigslist — cheap!! A lot of people get rid of perfectly good (or even almost-new) stuff just because they’re moving. Sometimes you can find good chairs in the “free” section! Check for your area before you look at a store. I’m a champion bargain finder, and know what I’m talkin’ about. Hope your back is feeling better soon! I used to have a chair like yours, but I switched to a padded dining room chair — more room for my broadening bottom. ;^)

  2. jeanie

    Yay for getting to the “bottom” of your problem!!! And yes, get a chair (even a kitchen chair until the right swivel wheelie one comes along) – that thing looks evil!!!

  3. Trishie

    dude.. I will fund to buy you a chair. That’s pathetic.
    Either that, or I can buy you some totally rad-awesome multi-neon colored knee pads!

  4. Kristy

    I got one at WalMart for around $40…it’s “leather”, has arms, and is actually really comfy. The back’s pretty supportive, too. My posture is terrible so I need all the help I can get. I’ve noticed a lot less back pain since I switched to this chair.

  5. Lucy's Mom

    DEFINITELY spring for a new chair. It is so important for your comfort level while sitting at the computer. I just had to buy one. My old one died. Staples is having a sale. They’re not as cheap as the ones mentioned at Wal-Mart, however, my last one from there lasted 10 years. Go for the quality. Your back and butt will never be sorry.

  6. Nina

    Yeah, bad chairs suck. On my husband’s days off, I have to give up the good computer chair and move to the couch where I have my laptop on one of those kids’ Step2 tables. It takes like 2 days for me to get back to normal. haha Now we have 2 desktops and the laptop, so being the cheapasses we are, have a dining chair at the desk for the 2nd seat. It’s worse than the couch…so I let that be the kids’ chair.
    Anyways, I hope I can find that $15 chair that Brandi mentioned. I’ll be looking tomorrow.

  7. Nina

    forgot this…when we were first married, we had that same chair, and the back part broke off, but we still had to use it because we didn’t have any money at all. So, after we moved out (we lived in my husband’s grandmoter’s basement), my grandmother-in-law sold that piece of chair (or tried to) in a garage sale for like $10. haha

  8. Kristie

    I totally agree that it’s most likely that chair …. but, just in case, have you recently had your hair done? The last time I completely dinked up my neck was when my stylist put a deep-conditioner on my hair and left me with my head leaning back in the sink for half an hour. Yeah, sure, he put warm pads under there and told me to consider it a relaxing half hour … but when I woke up the next morning and was unable to move my neck in any direction, I decided I’d just have to live with split ends from now on. 🙂
    You can get a decent chair at any Office Depot or Staples for around $25 … that’s where I got mine and as long as my kids haven’t been playing with the height, it works just fine.

  9. barnmouse

    I swear when I read the subject line of this post I thought you wrote “bleeding”! I was thinking “OMG What happened?!”. Ha ha. But the metal sticking out of the chair can not be good! Seriously, you need a new chair! My old office chair looked exactly like the one in the picture (except mine had arms…I can’t tell if yours does). I have horrible back problems to the point where pieces of my vertabrae crack and can break due to getting dumped off my horse onto a jump. Anyway, we got me a new office chair (a nice cushy one – cheap from Target!!!) and I LOVE it! It makes all the difference in the world and now I can actually sit at my computer for more than 5 minutes without feeling like I’m going to snap in half.
    I hope you feel better soon! Can’t wait to hear about Aerobic Dancing! I wish I had the guts to do that! 🙂

  10. BOSSY

    Whenever Bossy is paralyzed with a sore neck Bossy’s husband tries to tell her that she’s worried. “True,” Bossy pragmatically tells him. “I’m worried about My Pillow.

  11. KK

    Dont know if its been said- but— Wal.Mart. The end. It might not be a ton better than what you have now– but anything is an improvement on that chair!

  12. danelle

    Omg I got the GREATEST computer chair at the thrift store. How do you have 3 kids and not live at the thrift store? My kids are all grown and gone and I am still there twice a week!

  13. Les~

    Target has some really nice leather computer desk chairs with a high back — that are made for people with bad backs. You can get it for less than $50.00– and it’s very sturdy and very comfy.

  14. Lisa

    I used to have a desk chair that looked kind of like yours. After my back started screaming at me, I decided to invest in a new desk chair, since I spend about 10 hours a day in front of my computer. However, since I’m really short (4’10”), I bought a custom chair made specifically for little people (dwarves). It has a seat that is not as deep as an off-the-shelf chair and also a T-bar footrest (since my feet don’t reach the floor if the chair is is high enough to type comfortably at my desk). Best money I ever spent.

  15. The Real Kyla

    My dad just gave us two new computer chairs, the fancy cushie high-backed, arm-rested kind? And it is like blogging on air, Y. I HIGHLY recommend it. My tush is pleasantly surprised every time I sit at the computer. Oh yeah.

  16. Julie

    Wow what a small world. I have that exact same chair at one of my computers at work! 🙂 LOL! Luckily I don’t have to sit on it to much mostly my students do.

  17. JEA

    On another note, please tell me that Bandit has a collar with identifying tags g-d forbid he should get out of the yard, etc? I’ve never seen him wearing one in your pics. and as animal lover and a DVM, I am concerned for him.

  18. Candy

    Absolutely go to a chiropractor!!! Totally worth any money they charge. Oh and the chair… ew! (I mean that in the kindest way possible)

  19. Lucky

    I’ve actually been meaning to post to you about this suggestion for quite some time (though not specifically about the chair!) as I know, like me, you have three wee ones and a strapped budget!
    We recently moved from Sacramento to Eugene, and in the process I stumbled across something even CHEAPER than Craigslist!
    Here is the link to the international org, but I found the link (I think, if not its close) to one in So. Cal. Not sure if its your specific area, so you might want to use the locator option at the main URL to find the exact group.
    What is it? Its a group that was founded by a man that wanted to promote sustainable living, help keep perfectly good items out of the landfill, or even to repurpose a now “broken” item into some thing else (like using old tires as planters and the like). The great thing about this is its all 100% free, and you can find quality stuff that people just dont use, or what not. So, while some of it CAN be on the rednecky side, you will always find treasures in there too! It works via email, you post either WANTs or OFFERs and then watch the craziness! 🙂 Our group in Eugene is about 2500 people, and we probably see a good 40-60 emails a day with people removing items or wanting things! Its really kinda neat!
    Anyway, enough ramble – just check it out!

  20. Amanda

    This is my first trip to your site, and I just have to say, this post was too funny. I actually feel bad that you have to sit in that chair. Doesn’t your bad hurt? Just looking at it makes mine hurt. Goodness, well good luck with the chair hunting!

  21. Cassie

    YAY! Go get a new chair! Tust me, goodwill has much more options in furniture than most people give it credit for. I got the cutest chair ever for like $15 there.

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