We’re all sitting in the family room watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. There was a clip of a little boy taking the bra off of a mannequin. My boys went crazy, they screamed and were laughing so hard they couldn’t breathe.
After they finished laughing, I asked them “why do boys like boobies so much?”
Ethan (HE’S FIVE) says “because they’re just so sexxxxay.”
Andrew: Because they’re so big.
Ethan: Big and juicy.
Andrew: hahahahhaha
Ethan: Oh yeah and don’t forget because they’re so jiggly.
We were laughing so hard, then I farted and they all stopped laughing and told me that I was so gross.
Excuse me, *I’m* gross?  you guys are the ones talking about jiggly, juicy boobs.

5 thoughts on “Boobs

  1. Buddha

    That’s funny. I guess boys (mens) obsession with boobies (funbags) never truely goes away..then to top it all off with an “escape” fart…that just tops it all.

  2. Buzz

    What the hell is wrong with kids today. Fancy pants gangsters! No respect for their elder’s flatulence? Hoodlums! That’s what they are! Whippersnappers! Why, when I was a kid and one of my elders would rip one……oh, never mind. What’s the point?

  3. Amy

    Spreading the love. Yvonne, I absolutely love and admire your honesty – it’s so breathtakingly (is that a word?) refreshing! I love all that you share with us on a daily basis and getting to know you… you are such a real person.
    Also, I love your boobs. Rock on. 😉

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