Just in case you ever happen to end up behind me in the Starbucks drive thru…

If a bee flies into my van car while I’m sitting in the drive thru, I will put the thing in park and jump out and I will not get back in until I know for damn sure the mutha fucker has flown out.
I do not care if you get pissed and want to kick my ass.
I know kickboxing, chances are, you don’t.
The bee has a stinger, chances are, you don’t.
Even if you do know kickboxing and could beat me up, I’d rather have you kick my ass and pound my head into the pavement than have a bee stinger in my neck.
I’m just sorry the dude behind me didn’t know this before hand.
But you know, so don’t be all outraged if and when it ever happens.

14 thoughts on “Just in case you ever happen to end up behind me in the Starbucks drive thru…

  1. Buzz

    Good to know. Thanks. I will be sure to maintain a safe distance behind you.
    You know, stopping and getting out is still gotta be wiser than some of the wild thrashing and flailing and jumping about that I have seen some people do. Yikes!

  2. Mister Mittens

    Just smack it with your hand and stop being a big baby. It never ceases to amaze me that chicks are so scared of little, bugs with or without stingers. By the way I see that my team, the Detroit Pistons advanced to the next round� hehehe Oh yeah, give Chey a big sloppy wet kiss for me tonight and don�t get her smoking, or else!
    [Mister Mittens � One sloppy pussy]

  3. lynn

    that reminds me of that part in black sheep where chris farley jumps out and screams “beeeeeeeeeessssss save yourselveeeesssssssss!!!”” to get away from the cops hahhahah

  4. Radmila

    Nothing wrong with that!
    I once stopped dead in a mall parking lot and got out and opened all my doors until I got that wasp out of my car.
    I didn’t give a shit who I was holding up.
    Actually, a woman got out of her car to give me shit for stopping and when she realized what I was doing she helped me shoo the thing out of my car.

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  6. jay

    i’ll just put my truck in drive and push your POS car into the intersection, bee and all.
    When I am low on caffeine I have no tolerance for wimps. It’s a bee, open a window, or two, or four and shoo it out.
    thank you and have a nice day. =]

  7. Dania

    I jump out too, i’m allergic to anything with stingers and i’d rather not have to stick myself with a needle if I don’t have to…
    Hey and I know kickboxing, does this mean we can go a round or two?…you’ll prolly win though cause I barely can get my leg up without screaming bloody murder…so maybe it isn’t a good idea 😉

  8. Erica

    I’m still laughing over Chris Farley. If I saw you at a drive through Starbucks, I would trip sphinxy and lick you myself. If it were anyone else, though, I’d just honk the horn because I avoid confrontation like that.

  9. Iki

    Driving down the highway in Okinawa, and one of those big old nasty red stinging centipedes suddenly crawled outta the defroster vent and started across the dashboard. Fuck yeah I pulled over. Right. On. The. Highway. Screaming and waving a dishtowel like a maniac.

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