I love listening to my boys talk while they’re eating breakfast.
Today’s discussion is deep.
“Are hot dogs made from cow penis?”
Andrew has come to the conclusion that they are because “hot dogs come from cows and why else would they call them weiners?”
So Ethan says “well, then you like eating cow weiners because you love hot dogs.”
They both start laughing like little girls.
Never a dull moment in this house, I tell ya.

8 thoughts on “Mooooo

  1. Lilly

    hehe…oh the things i have to look forward to…my babies are still too little…but i’m sure they’ll come up w/their own winners someday! 🙂 too cute!

  2. Marti

    Ha! Well we call them lips and assholes because technically that is what they are! How funny. Isn’t it just precious to hear a child giggle?

  3. yvonne

    girl, i stayed out of that conversation, they don’t believe a word i have to say anyway, i just listened and laughed my ass off.

  4. dana michelle

    Your boys are too funny, Yvonne. If I’d heard that conversation I think I would have peed myself laughing.
    And I’ll never be able to eat another hot dog without thinking of that!

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