I wanted to wish my sweet Tony a wonderful Fathers Day.
He may not be romantic, but he is one hell of a daddy. My kids are truly blessed.
From the day I found out I was pregnant with our first son, I knew he was going to be an amazing dad. I don’t think he stopped smiling for 9 months and he waited on me hand and foot. He would sing to my belly, talk to my belly, lay his head on my belly. He loved the baby before he had ever seen him.
I’ll never forget him by my side while I was in labor. Wiping the sweat from my forehead with a washcloth, encouraging me, telling me how good I was doing, feeding me ice chips, rubbing my back, breathing with me, running his fingers through my hair, taking it when I yelled at him and told him this was all “his damn fault” and to “shut the hell up.” And then, when I pushed that baby out, hearing him cry and thank God for his son and then kissing me on the forehead, repeatedly telling me he loved me and thanking me for giving him a son.
I’ll always remember the way he took care of me when we got home. The way he would hold our son and look at him with such love and care would melt my heart. He would get up with me while I was feeding him, just to keep me company. He would change diapers, rock him to sleep, play with him. He would just love every minute of being a daddy to our baby.
Now that our kids are 10 and almost 6 he is still the best dad a kid could ask for. He takes them fishing, camping, hiking and shooting. He plays baseball, basketball and hide and seek in the front yard. He builds them things, fixes broken toys, makes them breakfast on his days off, rents them video games, takes them to the 99cent store every friday night, takes them for ice cream, teaches them about being responsible, teaches them to respect their mother, he acts silly with them, builds forts, camps out in the living room but mostly he just loves them.
And they love him right back.
Thank you for giving all you’ve got to our children. If they grow up to be half of the man you are, they will be more amazing than most.
Happy Fathers Day, Pighunter!!
I love you.

16 thoughts on “Best.daddy.evah!

  1. melly

    I can’t believe I get one, non-Tulsa, vacation a year and I chose to hang out with you dorks.

  2. Bert

    Six years later, and I still cry when I think of the day my little boy was born. See, there are those of us (being the male species) who cry! Oh hell, I cry if a sad song comes on the radio… I’m thinking therapy!

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