That NOSE!

Yesterday I was watching Oprah (just because I can’t stand her doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to watch her show!!) She had Barry Manilow on to surprise his fans. Now these women went crazy. They were crying and singing along to every song, and I asked myself…
“Why”? Why are the crying? Why are they screaming? Why are they acting this way? Over him. Am I missing out on something great by NOT loving him?
And I was being completely sincere. What is it about him that women love? Because I don’t get it. I don’t see what THEY see. I have to admit, I don’t know his music AT ALL, so that could be why I don’t get it.
I know my best friend in all the land loves him so much, and I’ve never asked her why.
So, you Manilow fans, explain it to me. Please.

25 thoughts on “That NOSE!

  1. mup

    He writes the songs that make the whole world sing.
    He writes the songs of love and special things.
    He writes the songs that make the young girls cry.
    He write the songs, he write the songs.

  2. skits

    I love Barry. LOOOOVE him.
    1. He’s HOT. HOT, I say! Nose and all, baby.
    2. What mup said–He writes the songs that make the whole world sing. He really does!
    3. One word: Copacabana.

  3. Lessa

    Music and passion were ALWAYS in fashion at the COPA.. they fell in loooooooooove….
    Dude. the first tape I every bought with my own money – and I saved for weeks to have the 4.50 to do so – was Barry Manilow. I had that tape until I was 25 and the Asshole accidently (snort) stepped on it. I thought he was the hottest thing EVER…. of course, I was 12. *chuckles*
    Ooooooooh mandy, well you came and you gave without taking.. and I sent you away oh mandy…
    But I still hold a secret little flame for him. I’d not be screaming and crying and yelling, but I shall always and forever with I was Mandy and he was begging me to
    come hold me and stop me from shaking…
    *dramatic sigh*

  4. ben

    TAKE IT BACK, right now!
    He can’t smile without you! Even now. Even when it looks like he made it. He’s trying to get the feeling again.
    Are you ready to take a chance again? How about at daybreak? What if you had a weekend in New England to think about it?

  5. Ash

    shit! I was supposed to remind my mom. I totally forgot! I’m such a bad daughter. She loves his voice. Me, personally, I can’t stand the guy.

  6. Kristi

    I’ve never understood it- I had a friend who, in college, worked backstage at one of his concerts and he threw a hissy fit because he had crutons in his salad. She said he was the biggest asshole she’d ever met.

  7. melly


  8. mcbk

    My mom and all her friends have a thing for Barry Manilow, too. I never understood it, either, until one time I was working at a Barry Manilow show … and it was like a bunch of little girls swooning over a boy band … only it was a bunch of old ladies, and Barry Manilow. I still don’t understand it, but it was hella amusing. 🙂

  9. Just Me

    hmmmmm, now didn’t a certain someone (who shall remain nameless) obsess, and moan and groan about fucking Jay Mohr. He looks like a frekain martian……cmon now!!

  10. Firebrand

    Now, I will admit that I do love the mans’ songs….I remember singing to him on the radio when I was but a wee tot…but, daaaa-aaamn, that man is NOT HOT!
    Just my honest opinion….

  11. Justagirli

    I have to admit I am not a fan of Barry but Sir Elton John now we’re talking, in no way do I think he’s sexy but I just love his music. I think everyone has a guilty pleasure, a little secret. I have a friend who loves a certain boy band but would die if anyone ever found out haha.

  12. Vickie

    Not on the Barry topic but I watched Oprah today and I normally have no real strong feelings one way or the other about her,,but today she had those idiot airhead women who all want to marry USHER who sang his Confessions music. And THAT AUDIENCE is what made me want to throw up…and then watching Oprah mouth the words along with him in the front row and she’s clapping and swaying…how foolish she looked.

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