14 thoughts on “Things that make me point and laugh and shout " OHHH…SNAPS!"

  1. ben

    God I hate it when that happens. It usually happens to me when I’m trying to “teach” the kids how to do something.
    Then they snicker the rest of the day.

  2. sara

    Jeeeez. 🙂 You like to humiliate that man with the tissue picture, don’t you? 🙂 When I saw the “Him” link I’m like “She wouldn’t!” and I clicked it, and you did. LOVE it. No one should do something that silly, and then insist on continuing to do it after one’s wife has pointed out how silly it is, and TAKEN PICTURES. *grin*
    You crack me up.

  3. mrc

    Hmm, sounds familiar. I’m trying to take this toy out its box, which for some reason has a zillion twisty ties. She asked if she could help, and I say no because I kow she will make a mess. Twenty minutes I’m tearing the box apart out of frustration. Of course, she laughing.

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