Bless his fart

I walked in the door a little while ago after spending the day out on the town with my kids. Tony grabbed me, pulled me close to him, kissed me on the lips and proudly said “Happy Anniversary, baby!! I LOVE YOU!”
It would have been the sweetest moment we’ve had in a long time… WERE IT ACTUALLY OUR ANNIVERSARY TODAY.
It’s not until the 17th, but for some reason that he doesn’t even know, he just “thought it was today”
He can’t help it, he was born that way. And by “that way” I mean, the most unromatic man in all of the world.

12 thoughts on “Bless his fart

  1. mrc

    Funny, I am the one who has to remind my wife when our anniversary is. She is always saying, “It’s in September, right?” I think she does it to annoy me. However, we never ever forget each other’s birthday.

  2. Margie

    Y, do you think it’s a latino thing?… man is a ex “Mexican pig hunter” turned worker bee and he remembers absolutely nothing and I mean nothing…. took him to the first place we went to dinner for our anniversary and I asked him “do you remember this place?”….he looked around… “should i?” in an absolutley lost voice…. ugh!!! This is where we had our first date… (crushed!) then a week after that i took him again to THE SAME place and asked, ” do you remember this place? Thinking it would be a no brainer! Duh?….. Duh? “did we come here with your sister?” Chingada suerte con digo!! He blames his bad memory on the dirty water in the little Mexican town he was from! I tell him he needs to stop with the “Save the Children” commercial… he has been here since nine get over it!! So Yvonne, it’s safe to say it doesn’t get any better? ;(

  3. Louise

    Well… 2 and 7 kind of *look* the same…
    Tell him he should just give you anniversary presents all through the month of November. Just in case.

  4. Caitlin

    Well, at least your parents didn’t let you run into the backyard naked with the neighbours all around, fill up a bucket with water, and smoosh yourself in there to frolic just because YOUR FAMILY DIDN’T HAVE A POOL LIKE EVERYONE ELSE ON THE BLOCK!
    And yes, they did take pictures. Ugh.

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