But I LOVE asshole dog!

I don’t think I’m going to feel much like writing today. Snoop is gone. He got out yesterday and I searched and searched and searched for him. Never found him. I hoped when I woke up this morning he’d be sitting on the front porch step, but he wasn’t. I am sick to my stomach this morning. I’m going to take one more drive right now before I get the kids up for school to look for him, I just hope to God I don’t find him smashed on the road.
He’s back. And now I want to kick his ass for making me cry and throw up all morning. But I won’t.

18 thoughts on “But I LOVE asshole dog!

  1. Lisa

    I’m so sorry to hear about it, Yvonne! I hope you find him in one piece. I’ll be saying a prayer that he comes home safely!

  2. lex

    I’m glad he came back! I want a Snoop too! Is he as cute as he looks? Can I go over and give his little had a scritch?

  3. melly

    Don’t you know that he’ll always come home? It’s because Willy treats him like a king! What dog would be able to walk away from that?

  4. Margie

    So happy to hear he is back! Man my lil pooch will do that to me ever once in a while and man …I’m a baby till i find him! But I think both of our pups are really trying to con us into buying them one of these http://www.petsmobility.com/…. because for Snoop to be a real pimp he needs one of these! 🙂

  5. chrissie

    I soooooo feel your pain, I just went thru that with my dog. I was sick and he got out and I didn’t notice for a few hours!! I put up flyers at 2am and a guy called the next morning and had him.
    Glad it was a happy ending for you too 🙂

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