Green swirlies!!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you KNOW I have some wicked artistic skills.
(example #1)
(example #2)
(example #3)
(example #4)
(example #5)
I think you get the idea.
Apparently, my oldest child has inherited my gift. I just discovered one of his masterpieces whilst going through some papers he brought home from school yesterday. It’s a compelling, socially conscience piece of art that we can ALL learn a little something from.

This Kid Brian Hasn’t Brushed His Teeth In a Week, But His Friend Jacob Brushes His Teeth Everyday*

(Click to enlarge)
The kid that passed out because of “Brian’s bad breath” makes this quite possibly the greatest piece of art I have ever seen.
*actual title

10 thoughts on “Green swirlies!!

  1. Sarcastic Journalist

    i like your pictures. i saw on someone’s blog where they said i drew a poorly drawn picture of a penis. and i was like “that is totally not poorly drawn” and then i went and drank like i am now and now i’m drunk and leaving messages on your blog.
    if i had your number i’d totally prank call you right now. i think everyone should leave me their numbers so i can call them.
    so everyone email me your number.
    the sarcastic journalisto
    ps i love yvonne

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