I was tempted to light a match.

A re-enactment of the game of Uno me and the boys just finished playing.
“I’m first.”
“Ok” *pffffffft*
“Your turn.”
“OK!” *brrrrrrftpffft*
“Who’s next?”
*pffft thhrrrrrrumm pffffft*
“Good one, mom.”
“dang! I don’t have any more reds. I have to draw!” *pffft putt putt brrrrrth putt putt*
“Whoa. Can we stop the game. I have to take a dump or else I’m gonna poo myself.”
Farting Uno. It was beautiful.

9 thoughts on “I was tempted to light a match.

  1. Heatheranne

    Never played it. We do more of a farting tag here. We chase the kid around so we can fart on him. Or, if my husband is getting on my nerves, I’ll go into his computer room, let one rip then leave him to deal with the after effects.

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