It’s not funny and yet, JAJAJA

I’m so angry tonight.
Angry and hurt. Not for myself, for my husband.
Ok. For myself too.
Just when I thought I had a little extra money to splurge on some Fancy Hair Product and maybe just maybe book a flight to Las Vegas for a Girls Night Out, our dryer breaks. CANCEL THOSE PLANS.
No big deal, right? Wrong. Because it ALWAYS happens to us. We get excited about something and then BOOM… Life gives us the Middle Finger.
A few weeks ago, my husband, who is the hardest working man, dedicated, NEVER CALLS IN SICK, ALWAYS DOES MORE THAN IS ASKED OF HIM, never complains, EVER, asked for a small raise and a company truck. The company is always making it a point to tell him he’s the “best operator they’ve got” but they never put their money where their mouth is. His “boss” told him he couldn’t give him a raise at the time, but that, yeah! We’ll get ya a company truck and it will be yours to do with as you please!
Tony came home so excited, feeling somewhat valued and appreciated. He was smiling from ear to ear “I’m getting a company truck babe! It’s ok if I didn’t get the raise, they’re giving me a truck, I’m ok with that!”
He’s been waiting patiently for a few weeks now. Last night, he got the call that they had a truck ready for him. They informed him it was “an older truck” and that it “needed a paint job.”
All day long, I was thinking about it, wondering “How bad could it be? Surely, they’ll not give a piece of shit truck to THEIR BEST OPERATOR! When they say ‘a paint job’, surely they mean there are a few scratches that need touched up!”
Four pm rolls around and I hear the familiar sound of boots stomping dirt on the sidewalk. I run to the door. The look on my husband’s face said it all. I KNEW it wasn’t good. He was visibly upset. I took a deep breath and I looked over his shoulder. As soon as I saw it, Iunderstood why he looked so damn depressed.
Y’all? Behold The Company Truck, Which, They Weren’t Lying, Needs A Paint Job, Among “Other” types of Jobs.

It’s NOT FUNNY. And yet, I’m laughing so hard whilst crying because THAT’S SO JACKED UP, people.
It’s an insult to The Greatest Man I know.
We’re not proud people. We don’t drive fancy cars, we don’t think we’re too good to drive an old truck, that’s not that point. The point is, they gave my husband a piece of ass truck that is RUSTING AWAY just to shut him the hell up and he doesn’t deserved to be treated that way.
The best part? They’re going to “put it in our names” so, yeah, when it breaks down next week, WE GET TO PAY FOR IT OURSELVES! The reason he asked for one is not because we’re “desperate” for a vehicle. It was so that we could cut down on our expenses. (i.e not having to pay for insurance, etc)
I usually try to find the humor in situations that piss me off, so that I don’t do something stupid, like CUT PEOPLE OPEN, and yeah, I laugh when I look at that picture (because I TOTALLY hear the Sandford and Son theme song in my head) but it’s not funny because it devastated my husband.
And he’s a good man who deserves to be treated fairly and with some fucking respect.
Giving him a rusty ass piece of shit truck to SHUT HIM UP isn’t very “respectful” nor is it fair. I’d have rather they told him “Sorry, we can’t get you a truck at this time” then do this to him.

38 thoughts on “It’s not funny and yet, JAJAJA

  1. kim

    that’s bullshit. plain bullshit. i wish i could come over and kick those bosses big lazy asses… instead i sent you an email 😉

  2. Mary

    but if it’s in your names it isn’t a company truck right?
    so it ends up COSTING you guys money as opposed to being any sort of perk?
    i would respectfully decline their generous offer if i were him.
    people are truly a-holes sometimes

  3. Itchy

    I’m with Mary – I would respecfully decline the new truck. Them putting it into your name is b-s, totally. Just when I begin to think that I should find a new job I’m reminded that most jobs suck and I should just stay put…
    And hopefully this will make you feel better: My entire life my family has gone through what you mentioned in the first part of your truck and it seems that I’ve inherited it as well. We got a consolidation loan to pay off our credit cards and finally see the end of the road with that – well now we have to replace our furnace unit and that just really sucks…More credit? Gah!

  4. mmc

    OMG. We had that EXACT truck just a year ago! Except ours HAD gotten the paint job…several times…different colors…..on different parts of the body. It WAS the S & Son truck – in fact….hubs actually burned a cd (yeah, he put a cdplayer in the pos) with the themesong….my kids could hum it.
    It was a really good work truck, and we sold it for 1700.
    Good luck.

  5. ktpupp

    The part about it being in your name is weird, but I’d be grateful otherwise…
    My husband is currently riding his bike to work, rain or shine, night or day, because we can’t afford to fix his car or get a second vehicle… If his boss gave him that rusty ol’ truck, at least he’d be able to get to work without risking getting run off the road or having to bike in the rain or soon to be snow… 🙁

  6. Nopoodle

    Ah Y, that just sucks. I totally understand about life being one step forward, two steps back. I live the same way.
    My husband must be the second hardest working man alive, if yours is first (And I’m not going to argue you that one).
    Be careful about accepting the truck in his name. We had an employer many years ago do the same with my hubs. Bought him this fancy fancy car we couldn’t afford, and put the lease in his name. Two months later they fired him without grounds. We were stuck with a $450 car payment (this was almost 20 years ago so do the math) and eventually had to have the car repossessed. Our credit has never recovered.
    Also, won’t you have to insure it yourselves?

  7. girlplease

    the whole ‘put it in your names’ sound really shaddy. i would ask a lawyer. do not do it.
    and i understand y, about the shit hitting the fan and killing good times. we just got our tax bill–it went up $500. i can kiss another haircut goodbye.
    i’m *this* close to looking like the girl from “the ring”.

  8. Mellissa

    Can’t you still take your trip and buy the dryer later? If it’s not too cold yet, your clothes will dry fine on the line. I only use my dryer maybe once a week in winter, and once a month or less the rest of the year.

  9. Y

    Yeah, we should be grateful, but my husband is insulted.
    Maybe because all of the other employees who have a “company truck” are riding in style.
    Or because they just gave us a piece of junk that they had laying around in the equipment yard to “shut him up”
    It’s not that we think we’re “too good” for that truck (hello? We drive older cars) it’s that to get my husband’s hopes up, as if he’s getting a “company truck” (meaning, they pay insurance, they pay maintance blahblahblah) only to give him a piece of junk (GAS HOG) that’s been sitting in a yard somewhere.
    So, sorry if that makes us seem ungrateful or snotty, but in a company where the foremen get $20,000 bonuses at Christmas, my husband feels pretty damn insulted.
    (p.s. we HAVE to get a dryer now. I can’t live without a dryer, but I still have time to save for Vegas. I just get all irrational. But? For now? Hair Products? Have to wait a couple of weeks.)

  10. Nancy

    Your husband’s boss or company or whatever is an IDIOT not to treat “their best operator” with respect. People work hard, paychecks aren’t enough, sometimes respect makes all the difference in the world between a good job and a crappy job. I’m sorry that happened.

  11. chris

    i think the truck itself can be sucky or not sucky depending on your perspective. but there is really only one way to treat someone who honestl works hard, day in and day out (your hubs)- and that’s with, as you say RESPECT! (maybe we should burn aretha’s anthem along with the s&s theme?)

  12. Louise

    Putting it in your name– so you pay the insurance, pay the gas, pay the repairs? Yeah, that’s not a company truck. That’s a “Hey, here’s a piece of crap for you to take care of but we still get to look generous”. I mean, if there’s no difference between him driving that truck and driving his own vehicle, why keep it? I’d (possibly respectfully… probably not, but that’s just me) decline their “generous” offer.

  13. Amy

    What kind of leverage does Tony have? Can he look for another job? He obviously is doing a great job, so it would seem he could get another offer. I’m not saying he should change jobs, but it’s really great to have another option, when you go in and respectfully decline the truck and ask for the raise instead.
    I’m sorry, Y. There is nothing worse than being under-valued at work, especially when you are working your ass off. I was always taught that if you work hard, it pays off, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to always be reality.
    Tony deserves better, as do you.

  14. reese

    Y, you want hair products? I”ll send you hair products. I love that shiny mane of yours and would like to start a “Support Y’s Shiny Mane Wildlife Fund.” 😉
    What happened to your husband is insulting, simply for how little they value a man who works tirelessly and loyally for a company. It’s sad 🙁

  15. Nopoodle

    It’s not about you being “too proud” to drive that truck. It’s about Tony’s hurt feelings.
    Come on, we all feel it so much more when someone we love gets hurt. I can take pretty much anything anyone dishes out and then just call them assholes and move along, but if they wound my husband or kids I could literally disembowel them.
    I’m the Mama Lion…don’t mess with my pride.

  16. gc

    That really sucks what Tony’s company did. You both have every right to be upset.
    As for booking a flight, is driving up out of the question?

  17. Valerie

    Wow that is just a slap in his face if you ask me. If they value him as the best operator in the company than they should treat him that way. I would respectfully decline the truck.

  18. Aitch

    Which is the best line ever. I’m sorry Y, Tony does deserve more and it sucks.

  19. Mrs Darling

    My husband has driven a company truck for about 10 years now. The door is a little wonky when it shuts but it’s a white truck with the company logo and looks 100% better than that pic.
    Usually a company truck means they pay the gas. Are they? And how in heavens name would it benefit you to have it in your name. Don’t even consider such a thing. The whole idea of a company truck is to have a vehicle that they keep up for you and that the gas is paid and there is positively no travel or upkeep expense for the employee.
    If you put that in your name all of that is null and void.

  20. Yolanda

    That sucks- and its nothing to do with the truck itself but the fact that they didn’t have the dignity to treat him as kindly as they treat his coworkers. It is almost better that they just not even bother rather than give someone something substandard.

  21. lex

    And, I may be wrong here, but I think that the truck would be treated as taxable income if they transferred into your name. So the value of the truck would be like a “bonus.” Gah.
    Oh, but they did put a shiny box in the back. How nice of them to make the rust stand out just right.
    It seems like a practical joke, not a perk. That’s not right. At all.

  22. kimmie

    That sucks ass… is not fair at all, not to mention it does NOTHING for the company’s image. I can’t believe that they are that stupid. I would retalite and have decals made up for the truck with the COMPANY name on it! that’ll learn em!

  23. Girl

    I’m gonna make like it’s 1993 and call that truck a hoopty. That’s right! I said hoopty. Tony totally deserves a better truck, Y. I wouldn’t be puttin’ that hoopty in my name. You’ll be toolin’ down the road and the transmission will be 2 corners back.

  24. Jessica

    i’m with all the people who said to decline it!! there is no good reason to have that truck in your name… and, it doesn’t even make the company look generous. it makes them look like ungrateful cheapskates. tony should go in tomorrow and tell them that he talked it over with you, and that you have both decided that you do not want that truck in your name because you can not afford any maintenance/gas/insurance… especially since they couldn’t even give him a raise to help with that. plus, it could kill your credit, as so many other people have pointed out. just don’t accept it!

  25. Michelle

    What a slap in the face! I would be so offended and quite honestly hurt that my employers didn’t think that I was worth more than a beat up old junker truck.
    I agree with Jessica wholeheartedly- decline it due to it’s age and the fact that you can’t afford the upkeep. That’s absolute bullshit.
    I’m sorry but I just can’t get over feeling hurt for Tony- he busts his ass for these people and this is what they do for him??? I would be heartbroken and pissed for my husband.
    I have to hand it to you though- your sense of humor is what keeps you all going. Better to find something to laugh about than fall apart, right?

  26. debutaunt

    Girl. I swear I’m going to figure out how to put a paypal on my blog so your funny ass is going to Vegas one way or another DOGDAMNIT! You think I’m kidding, but I soooo am not. If I can get people to send me new pantydrawers (which they did), I’m sending you to Vegas. Maybe even twice.
    That company truck – bullshit. Fuck them. I’d give it back. Seriously shady about the “put it in your name.” Here’s a giant turdsicle. Put it in your name will ya?

  27. Dawn

    Wow. That is fucked up!! Even my heart breaks for him. It’s never good to see someone angry but by God, if you ever had a reason to be pissed, you have one now. I can feel your pain for your husband through this post.
    Tell them to take that truck and shove it.
    To bad he doesn’t have another job waiting or he could tell them to shove that too!
    Okay, rant over. Poor guy!
    Hmmmm? Just for safety sake you might consider putting up a disclaimer before the post that says anything in it that may appear to be based on actual events in purely coincidental. You know, just for entertainment and shit!! Don’t want Tony being Dooced. (Especially since there’s a pic of the “company truck” and all) EVERYONE knows who you are. Of course, you can always slice and dice my post and tell me to suck it!! That would work too.
    Best wishes to you!

  28. David! Ninakaye's Husband

    I have to chime in on this. Sorry but I know the feeling I have been off work for 2 weeks and I am one of the best people not the best but one of the best. We sustainded a lot of damage to our house in hurricane Rita and I am going to have to buy a new house. so I walk in my first day back and say I hate to say this but I am going to need a raise now that I am going to have to make a house note. His response was verbatium ” I have done everything I can do for you!” This after the guy said if there is anything I can do let me know. I make a whopping $11.32 an hour and pay in insurance and taxes prob 5.17 per hour of the $11.32 and live with a family of 4 on 38 hours 6.15 an hour as a department manager at Home Depot and that is the best he can do.

  29. Eden

    I would be pissed for you! That’s beyond messed up and neither you nor your husband deserved that slap in the face.

  30. suzie

    that totally sucks. 100% we’ve had a similar situation going on at our house for years and it breaks my heart into pieces, because my husband is the nicest, most talented and hard-working man i know (since i’ve never met yours!) i’ve been trying to get him to quit for years, but he has always been too macho (my words, obviously) to quit and not add to the household income. but guess what? now that i am going back to work he finally, FINALLY told them to shove it and woohoo! unemployed husband. we’ll make due, and his happiness is worth it. i hope tony gets the respect he deserves soon, or another company realizes what a catch he is and steals him away.

  31. Joelle

    I won’t lie. I skimmed. I had to get to the comments to say WHAT THE HELL? You’re going to Vegas, come hell or high water. How much is the plane ticket? Can you come up Friday? Mike and I could pick you up in the morning on the way up… We’ll figure it out. You’re going. I’m putting my foot down. 😉 And I gots BIG FEET, ho!

  32. Joelle

    Ok, now that I’ve read the whole entry…. those DICKS! I can’t believe they did that to you! I’m sorry, honey. I’m just shocked that THIS is how they appreciate your husband. @#$%!
    That’s it. Now you REALLY need to go to Vegas. 🙂

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