You know how I said “I have an ultrasound today at 10:40”?
Scratch that.

Like, how can I get mad at THAT FACE? And, yet, part of me wants to chuck her out the back door and lock her out for making me cry and panic and say very bad words whilst throwing things and sweating because I’m running everywhere looking for my keys (which, by the way, I STILL HAVEN’T FOUND.) and for LAUGHING AT ME while I was doing all of those things.
So, no ultrasound for me today.


  1. hed

    Hopefully, you made it there.
    But here’s a funny story just because…
    See, I had a semi-pressing engagement (Lunch with an old high school friend I hadn’t seen at all since high school.) And I ran all over the house tearing it apart, looking for my damn keys. Could not find them anywhere. This was shortly after I had Lily, so I was really freaking out, because I could not be disorganized and still be a mom. I mean, What if there was a fire or something?
    To make matters worse, we had one of those stupid doors in our rental house that you needed a key to unlock it just to go outside. So really, I was stuck inside my house with no way to get out! With a baby! Aaaaa!
    So, realizing after about 20 minutes of looking that I wasn’t going to find them in time, I called the restaurant, explained the situation, my friend called me back and rescheduled our lunch meeting.
    So, I’m sitting on my couch, talking on the phone. I’m lamenting on how I can’t leave my house at all, to my best friend, when I feel something itchy in that soft spot between my shoulder and boob.
    I should not have been holding my keys while trying to put on deodorant, because I somehow deposited them in my bra strap without realizing it. This was after I tore apart the intake floor vent to the furnace, reaching in as far as my arm could go, to see if maybe they fell in there at some point.
    So yeah. Keys in bra. Great. Could be anywhere. You just never know!

  2. Y

    haaaa, -H.
    And, I was able to reschedule for Monday.
    No keys = no ability to lock front doors and in my neighborhood, that’s NOT an option.

  3. geeky

    oh yeah, you definitely want to lock your doors. glad you got to reschedule for Monday… hopefully Gabby will tell you where the keys are before then 🙂

  4. Ms. Q

    Oh, Yl! That is too funny. Frustrating. But funny! I’m glad you were able to reschedule.
    In my life, every time something like that happened, it happened for a reason – like the time there was a fatal accident on the freeway right where I would have been right at exactly that moment except I wasn’t because my husband somehow took my set of keys with him to his office and I had to wait for him to ride his bicycle all the way home and give my keys to me. So you see, I could have been killed except my (ex)husband was an idiot. But he saved my life probably so I guess I owe him one. So, who knows? It could have been divine intervention. Or just a terribly inconvenient coincidence! And how can you be mad at that adorable girl?! Not possible!

  5. Emily

    hey! I’m just a random reader who wants to lend you support in figuring out your health issues! You are a strong woman, and you’re right to not let these doctors with their fancy know-it-all degrees tell you how YOU feel. My friend’s ankle was killing her with pain for over a year and seriously about 4 doctors told her it was in her head. Then, after an x-ray they saw that she had a fracture in one of her ankle bones THE WHOLE DAMN TIME! And fractures are easy to see, most anyone can see them. Just a case of doctors not taking enough time to pay attention to their patients. SO You tell, ’em.

  6. Colleen

    Ohhh man…little stinkpot! When my sister was about 2 or 3, she locked my mom out of the house and watched my mom try to get back in.
    I’m glad you’re getting that ultrasound on Monday…I’ll be thinking about you. Be sure to hide you keys from yer little stinker (but remember where you’ve put them! LOL)
    Have a good weekend!

  7. jenny lee

    places to look….(not that you haven’t already but i know how this goes)
    empty your purse
    under the couch
    under the entertainment center
    in a toy box
    follow gabby around to see what she plays with and look there
    couch cushions
    in any back pack
    in the boys room
    did i mention the toilet
    good luck

  8. Beth

    My son used to hide the remote controls for the TV/VCR when he was about Gabby’s age, and we’d occasionally find them in the couch cushions, or even under the couch after they fell down through the sleeper sofa mattress frame inside. Eventually we just started keeping them on the kitchen counter, which, although not exactly convenient for people sitting on the couch, at least kept them from getting lost. What a crazy time. I still can’t find a couple of items that my son took off with and it’s been a few years. These days I keep my keys on a hook by the door, not to keep them safe from my son, but to keep them safe from myself! Apparently I have a habit of setting things down anyplace, so I have to keep the important stuff where I can see it. ;^) Hope you find your keys soon!

  9. katrina

    My 2 year old brother buried the keys in the front garden. We only found them four years later when we needed to dig a grave for the guinea pig.
    I hope you find them soon!

  10. Nopoodle

    When my daughter was about 2, she took them and placed them neatly into her diaper pail. Oh yes…it was definitely the last place I looked.

  11. maria

    Cute face! Ultrasound tomorrow? Love the little glasses. My husband loses his keys all the time, asks the son (2 year old) where he put them but ultimately it is usually the husband

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