I think I need a pair of “fun pants!”

WannaBe Writer’s Block strikes again.
I keep sitting down to write about things. Things that have happened to me, things that my children have said that have made me laugh, things that they have done that have nearly decapatated me. Things that have happened to friends of mine (OMG! My friend from high school won $100,000 on Deal or No Deal and he invited me to his celebration party!) Things that have happened on TV (Peter from the Amazing Race is AN ASS. Did Jeffrey have outside help to finish his collection? HAHA NEW YORKS REACTION TO GETTING REJECTED A SECOND TIME BY FLAVOR FLAV!)
But everytime I write, I end up hitting “delete” two minutes later.
OMGZ! We're yawning at the same time!!
Because… boring! And also lame.
Maybe tomorrow.
(But seriously? Did you watch Flavor of Love? AWESOMENESS)

37 thoughts on “I think I need a pair of “fun pants!”

  1. Desiree

    Well, the thong feast made me laugh so hard I cried so I think I can live off of that until your writer’s block calms down. You know what though? Coming up with funny and inventive and unique stuff EVERY DAY is hard as hell, especially when you aren’t being paid for it so RELAX sweetie, and don’t let this get ya down.

  2. The Aitch

    I know exactly every single thing you’re talking about.
    New York is one scary bitch and the reunion show will be interesting. I think peter has the hots for the beauty queens.

  3. Brandi

    I was wondering where the hell you’ve been lately. Wannabe writers block does indeed suck (allthough, I do not include you among its many sufferers). I on the other hand have be dealing with this disorder since forever. However, much to the dismay of those who read my blog, I keep typing and posting about, you guessed it – NOTHING.

  4. Stacey

    If you actually took that picture WHILE driving…you are NOT boring. You’re totally living on the edge, you wild thing. Write about frappuccinos for me. I love starbucks posts.

  5. Jessica

    Dude! As soon as she acted all goofy on the boat, you could see his demeanor completely change. He was done but tried not to act like it since she was “looking so hittable.” Heh. Again, hit and left like the first season. I was actually mad at my closed captioning for spoiling the ending. They previewed the end where he says,”Your time is up,” but my closed captioning put New York on the end.
    I am looking forward to the reunion show with flying water bottles and fast moving crazy ass hoochie mamas after New York. heh.
    Wow, I’m kinda sad to have so much to say about Flavor of Love, huh?

  6. emilie

    Y! I LOVE FLAVOR OF LOVE!!! please, write about it! none of my friends watch it and i need someone to discuss it with.
    new york is f-ing hysterical. she had more mood swings than i could count.

  7. teachbroeck

    Seriously MY NAME IS SARAH and when Peter from the AR says her name over and over I whince! The lady is a rockstar competetor with a fake calf….give her a freaking break. THEN THEN his response to her asking for a bit of break is him saying it is a GAME for FUN! Peter and fun are oxymorons. And Peter is a Moron.

  8. Y

    emilie, you need to read the recaps on vh1 celebrity blog. and TEACHBROECK OMG. I HATE HOW HE SAYS HER NAME REPEATEDLY.
    “Come on, Sarah”

  9. julianna

    Awwww… I don’t mind 🙂 What I do when I can’t think of anything to say is I make, remake, and remake a video and then post it and then make fun of myself. Worked this last post. Then people don’t realize that what i just said really is about 4 lines long.

  10. Jenny

    I want to go find the creators of Project Runway and MAKE THEM SHOW ME THE LAST PART OF THE FINALE.
    What’s gonna happen?!
    Eeeee. I’m a dork.

  11. Beth

    OMG, I am hooked on Flavor of Love. I started watching one night because nothing else was on & now I can’t miss it! New York is freakin’ crazy! I can’t wait for the reunion. My husband thinks I’m nuts.

  12. Type (little) a

    It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E to see NY flip out on Flav. Although I know she was nuts, and never should have seriously been in the running (twice!!), I don’t think what she was asking him was out of line, just how she said it. Cause seriously, no dude who wants to do me gets to fuck some other chick the night before.
    And that whole “Who’s in control?” shit. Yeah she deserved it, but Flav is a dick. All that stank coochie done gone to his head.

  13. Jenn

    Oh my God, I know – what is wrong with Peter? Total ASS! I like when he was all “hurry up!” to his poor 1-legged girlfriend and then she’s like, “I can’t go any faster” and he’s like, “I don’t expect you to, I’m not telling you to”
    Um, hello, you were just yelling at her to hurry up you idiot! He never even looks at her, he’s always looking away. He sucks!

  14. Kyla

    I totally feel the same way…I’m going to have to buck up today and come up with something…because its been too long!

  15. tea

    ohhhhhh I hate Peter too. “Sara, come on Sara” she is running as fast as she can! I want him to be dumped-heh.

  16. Brandi

    I am so out of the loop. I don’t watch any of these shows. Flavor Flav gives me the creeps. I think it has something to do with the gold teeth. My show is America’s Next Top Model.

  17. Izzy

    Read my most recent post where i widge and worry about boring people with the things I consider writing about when my inner genius is on an extended vacation, which is a LOT. According to the comments, I should just write what I want. And so should you. You’re funny and gifted even when you’re writing about nothing in particular 🙂

  18. Alexandria

    I hate that B**** New York she a drama queen. Boots cool she remind me of myself. Delishish would be cool as a friend & I’d beat Krazy’s A**. I just love FLAVA FLAV. I loved it.

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