My Neck, My Back, My Vicodin’s My Crack

I want to write all about my MRI experience, but I am too busy obsessing over a question that the Technician with a Personality Deficit asked me when he looked at my face as I was about to lay down on the table.
Is that permanently tattooed eyeliner?
Obviously, something about my eyeliner struck him as odd (or tattooed) and well, I was stunned for a second because “what’s my eyeliner got to do with any of this, man”?
I tried to act like I wasn’t at all thrown by the question and was all “hahaha! Um, no, it’s not! It’s Revlon! I’m too chicken to tattoo my eyelids.”
Now, I can’t stop thinking about it and why he asked me that. If it were a standard question, would they not have that on the official form of questions, right next to “have you ever had brain surgery?”
Was he just so impressed with my perfect eyelining skillz that he couldn’t resist asking if it was professionally done?
I just don’t know why he asked me that (WHY DID HE ASK ME THAT?) and it’s going to bother me for days.
Speaking of days
My doctor will not receive a copy of the report for ten working days, which means that for at least another, what, two weeks? I will not know what is wrong with my neck.
That’s just too long to wait– Especially when the thought of living with this pain for another MINUTE is too much to bear. And not knowing what’s wrong is starting to scare me. What if it’s something serious? Like, “eyeliner that has been permanently tattooed onto ones eyelids” serious? (That is me, not letting it go!)
Lena’s all up on my jock strap to go to a chiropractor. She swears I just need an adjustment. And it’s hilarious to me how DISTURBED she is that I haven’t booked an appointment yet, because IT WILL WORK! YOU WILL BE HEALED! GO FORTH AND GET THINESELF ADJUSTED!
She’s probably right, however! I am afraid to SNEEZE for fear of paralyzing myself! The thought of letting someone hold my neck in their hands and TWIST IT without first knowing the results of the MRI make me so scared that my vagina feels weak and is trembling.
Luckily, Lena knows how delicate I am when it comes to my body and is being patient with me. (Patient, yet, disturbed.) She remembers the time that I actually claimed my kidneys were “shutting down” from standing in line for seven hours. And I was serious. I was all “My kidneys are faaaaaiiiiiiiilllllling! Standing in line has cost me my kidneys!”
If I can be serious for a minute, I can’t wait for ten days. I don’t think my body can take it. The lack of sleep and exercise is wearing me down. Not to mention the pain.
I plan on speaking with my doctor tomorrow. He doesn’t know what’s going on, as he’s been on vacation and it was an urgent care doctor who ordered the MRI. Hopefully, he’ll have mercy on me and expedite the test results so that we can figure out the problem and fix it.
I just want to be fixed so that I can enjoy the summer with my kids, so that I can sleep. (What time is it? 2am? It is!)
God, I miss sleep.
And sex.
And the ability to touch my chin to my chest so that I can draw attention to my double chin.
Ah, the little things, people. They’re what make life so great. Enjoy them while you still have a healthy neck because tomorrow you could try to get all fancy in the gym and TEAR THAT SHIT UP.

64 thoughts on “My Neck, My Back, My Vicodin’s My Crack

  1. Chuck

    He asked because some tattoos contain iron and in an MRI the iron gets removed… and takes skin with it. Alot of tattoos done in jail are done useing India Ink and a MRI will pull the iron out. Safe to say they figured you were not an ex con eventually.

  2. Kathy

    There were people in the control room looking at that MRI as it was being done. Believe me, if there was something drastically wrong (brain tumor) a doctor would have been called immediately to see if he wanted more pictures and other angles. Relax.

  3. Nancy

    I concur with both comments above. Chuck was right about the tat … take it as acompliment that you put eyeliner on flawless! Kathy is right about a Dr. being called if they noticed something serious. They can’t say to you when they see something, but they can call the Dr. if they suspect something.
    Try to relax ( I know easier than done) … I am all for Chiropractic treatments, but since you had an MRI, I’d wait too. The Chiro will take x-rays .. but that doesn’t show if there is any any tissue damage.
    Have a martini and rent a movie =)

  4. Maya

    I wouldn’t go see a chiro, personally. I know the people who go really believe in them, but I was having some serious back pain and went to one for a while and it didn’t help one iota. I have had serious neck pain before and there’s no way I’d let someone pop it.
    Just my opinion.

  5. kim

    i hope you feel better soon! very soon.
    and honestly, i think lena’s right and this is probably just something harmless that you googling made it all horrible. and man, will i be sorry if i’m wrong. in so many ways. but i know i’m right so GO see a physical therapist/chiropractor whatever person. they’re usually better than docs who like to cut open people… anyhow, sending a huge hug your way… 🙂

  6. Nina

    maybe he thought it looked so good it was permanent? I don’t know. my mom has tattooed eyebrows and my aunt has tattooed eyeshadow, blush, and lip liner. I’m not sure if she has the eye liner done or not.
    Yep, we’re white trash. hehe

  7. silverblue

    Chiropractors can do wonderful things for back and neck pain, but I absolutely would not go to get things cracked by one until you have your MRI results and recommendations.
    I find that having a chiro who’s hot and Canadian work on my back helps me to feel better though… I’d recommend looking into that for later down the track. 🙂

  8. geeky

    Like Chuck said, he probably asked about the tattooed eyeliner because tattoos and MRIs sometimes don’t mix well. And, I’m sure he was impressed with your flawless application 😉

  9. zdoodlebub

    My parents took me to a chiro a lot when I was a kid – claimed it helped with my severe asthma and allergies. Then my dad had to have back surgery for a slipped disc. And he swears he knows the moment it happened – when he got cracked by a chiro. My mom still goes. I go occasionally, but don’t let them do the manual-twist-cracky-thing. Just sayin.

  10. Janet

    Just wanted to pipe in and wish you luck. I have had neck and back problems since I was ten years old resulting in a spinal fusion on my lower back (at age 10) and a ruptured disc surgery on my neck (about 10 years ago). In between those two surgeries, I dove into a 4 ft pool and broke some vertebrae in the middle of my back. I have been to chiropractors- I’ve done it ALL actually- and while for some people they can be very helpful, for other back/neck problems it’s not a good option.
    I know money is tight for you right now, but maybe you could consider getting a professional massage to help get you through until you get the MRI results. No matter what the issue in your neck is, the majority of the pain is coming from muscle spasms.
    Nothing is worse than beck or neck pain. What has turned out to help me the most (after YEARS of trying everything from acupuncture to chiropractors) is a course of steroids and physical therapy. I’ll be thinking of you- good luck, Y. xo

  11. anita

    Don’t MRIs use magnets? I think there’s some sort of issue with the magnets and tattoos. Heh – what you can learn on House.

  12. Jenn

    My MIL had an MRI back in March and her neck was so bad that her doctor called her that afternoon. So, um, the good news is that maybe if something is horrifically wrong, you’ll know right away! Otherwise, TEN DAYS? Is BS.

  13. Amy

    Chuck is right. My husband has had several MRI’s and has a tattoo and they ALWAYS ask him when he got it and if he knows if it was leaded. There is an issue with lead and MRI’s.

  14. Karly

    There is no freakin’ way an MRI should take ten days to report!! Keep bugging your doctor and he’ll call for a verbal report rather than wait for the paper copy. 😉

  15. wendy

    A lot of the answers you get from your hospital in your blog sound like total BS like Jenn said. Honestly I’ve had them myself and gotten an answer from my doctor back within two days, sometimes even the next day. I believe that if people just speak up and insist that that is completely unacceptable and it DOES NOT TAKE TWO WEEKS to read an MRI or get back bloodwork or get back the results of ANY test, then this kind of nonsense would start to at least dissapate if not completely disappear. Insist in person that this is not acceptable. Every hospital/clinic has posted Patient Rights available to each patient, and waiting half a month for results which may or may not require further treatment is a medical atrocity. Just my half nickel opinion.

  16. stepmomof2

    That sucks having to wait so long for the results, but I do agree that if it was something MAJOR they would have let you know. Now that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something wrong that’s causing the pain. It should just ease your worries to know that it is not life threatening. As far as the chiropractor goes, I have been and it has helped. I was freaked out at first by the whole neck “adjustment” but I must say it felt really good. I wouldn’t be brave enough to have it done if my neck was actually hurting though.

  17. elise

    You should go see a chiropractor. Go see an Activator chiropractor, and then you will have absolutely no cracking, no manual adjustment, nothing that is scary in any way whatsoever.
    The 85 year old women see Activator chiropractors. I swear, it’s not scary at all. And all the ridiculousness about “well, my sister’s husband’s cousin’s friend got REALLY hurt by a chiro one time” is such annoying bullshit. How about this? My best friend just got scheduled for three unnecessary surgeries after her first miscarriage. Her doctor may have messed up the lining of her uterus now, thus making it even MORE difficult for her to get pregnant in the future. Also! Another super close friend recently (last month) got prescribed the wrong medication for what was wrong with her! She went into seizures and couldn’t breathe! Whoops! Guess you better never go to a doctor again, either!
    Everyone needs to cut out all the chiro-fear bullshit. Any health professional makes mistakes OCCASIONALLY, just because they’re humans. However, medical doctors kill and hurt an astronomical amount of patients each year, while chiros generally get all the grief for virtually none of the spilled milk.

  18. Ryann

    Definitely DON’T go to a chiro, there have been many instances of people getting strokes due to chiropractic neck manipulation. I mean, it’s not common, but it’s not a one-in-a-million shot either. I put a link to an article about it from Quackwatch (excellent site) as my URL, check it out if you’d like.
    And yes, he totally asked about the eyeliner because of the possibility that it might be mixed with ferromagnetic metals and therefore be dangerous. Also, according to Google, permanent makeup often contains more iron oxide than typical tattoos, so that might be why he asked specifically about the eyeliner.

  19. Kat

    Y, do NOT go to a chiropractor.
    As someone who lived with excruciating back pain for years, I’m telling you, asking you, do not go to a chiro.
    They can actually make the ituation worse.
    If they adjust you and pop a disc that they say is out of place, back in, it an actually pinch off more nerves and cause problems.
    Please wait for the MRI results.
    I know you hate the drugs, I hate the drugs, but you do not want to possibly make that any worse than it is.
    A chiro I saw for my back and neck pain, said he could fix my scoli.
    He adjusted me and when he did, he pinched off several nerves and now those nerves are dead.
    Because of him, I have no feeling in my left foot at all.
    Please wait Y, please.

  20. April

    NO CHIROPRACTOR. Seriously Y. My Dad has had 11 years of herniated discs, slipped discs, degenerative disc disease. And prior to finding all of this out he used to go to a chiropractor all the time. Both of his legs now feel like they are asleep all of the time and he has a morphine implant in his stomach with a catheter to his spinal column to control the pain. The chiro might relieve some pain…or he might seriously eff the place up. I second and third whoever else has said, please wait on your MRI results. I’d hate to see something worse happen to you.

  21. elise

    That’s right, live in fear. Live in fear.
    If I was hateful and mean, or a fear-monger, I would link to article after article of how medical doctors have killed people with their prescriptions, or ruined people’s lives by refilling prescriptions long after they should have. Or, if I REALLY wanted to hit home, i would link to amputations, stories of dying on the surgery table during “routine procedures”, or awful takes of misdiagnosis leading to years and years of pain and misery and hopelessness. All because when the doctor punched in your symptoms into his PDA, it came up with the standard thing, and he thought, great! Now I can go play golf sooner and get this annoying lady out of my office.
    My dad is a doctor. I grew up in the medical world. My brother-in-law is a doctor. My brother is a PT, my sister-in-law is a physician’s assistant. I don’t dog the medical world because they can and do work miracles. But they make a lot of mistakes, too. They certainly aren’t infallible. And this view the general public has, that medical doctors are perfect and can be trusted at all times, OMG don’t go see ANYONE ELSE BECAUSE WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN OMG?!? Is at best naive and uninformed and at worst completely ridiculous and unintelligent.
    Please have some common sense, people. Don’t go posting about this one thing that might have happened when you went to acupuncture or a chiropractor unless you want to post about the 17 bad things that definitely DID happen when you went to the doctor that first, no second, no, tenth time.

  22. sarcastic journalist

    I am with Elise. Chiros have helped me greatly. As I said before, it is the Activator method that I find awesome.
    Also, since we’re fear mongering over here, I’d like to point out that one time, I had a constant pain in my abdomen that lasted for seven months, an excruciating pain.
    My doctor advised one thing, saying that anything else was impossible. I had an MRI, a colonoscopy and laproscopic surgery before we found out that SHE WAS WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.
    But I still go to gynos. So please. Don’t spread the fear or hate. I went to my chiro yesterday and now I’m pain free for the first time in a month.

  23. Kait

    My chiro doesn’t do any neck cracking. He usually just uses pressure and kind of a funny angle to help. Otherwise, he is a godsend, and there is no way I would be able to walk with during this pregnancy without him – my pelvis was screwed up. Now it’s happy, and I have very little pain.

  24. Jessie

    I was going to say… but everyone beat me to it (at some odd hour in the morning!!!) that he probably asked because it’s rumored that some tattoos have a reaction to the MRI. Something about magnetic stuff (same reason you can’t wear jewelry).
    Plus, evidently… most women don’t wear makeup to get an MRI done 🙂

  25. Jackie

    I know where you are coming from and let me tell you …… buy some ice hot patches and put those bad boys on your neck. I’ve been down with my neck and back where literally I couldn’t walk or lift my arm and those suckers helped even when he pain pill and muscle relaxers did not. They are worth the money trust me on this!!!!!!
    I’m with you on the chiropractor thing. I’m not going to one no matter what people say. I have herniated disks in my neck and back so they can suck it!
    It the icey hot patches don’t work try devil water!!!! j/k or get xanes. hehehe
    Hope your feeling better soon.

  26. Margaret

    Well, you know, everyone seems to have an opinion about the chiropractor thing. I had really paralyzing severe neck pain a few years ago (and live in fear of it coming back) and tried a bunch of things including physical therapy, so I don’t have any advice but I did want to just offer some sympathy for your pain! Ouch!

  27. ella

    I LOVE my chiro. Most of his treatment is muscle stimulation, heat packs and massage! He will do some adjustments but not unless I want him to.
    If your neck hurts that bad even gentle massage can aggravate it making it feel worse. I’d try heat/cold compresses first, see if that helps.

  28. Chuck

    God I hate to get involved with this issue.. BUT. When I herniaterd a disk my Dr. said take some pills you will be fine. I went to a chiro and he had a fit and called the dr (who was like 50) and tossed a wobbley over the phone.. Then made him sched a MRi or he was calling the state board.. The chiro couldn’t help me but he reconised was a GP was clueless about.

  29. emily

    wow, well hope your neck gets better! When you get better you should take a vacation and relax a little. check out Pampered Passions. it is a lingerie site…make it like a mini vacation at home? Maybe that’s too sexy? But they do have a contest for a free trip to the Bahamas. That would be nice.
    anyway, feel better and get a babysitter and take a break!….ya and u already know about tats and MRIs i guess….

  30. Mrs Butter B

    CHUCK- dude, that’s scary. Absolutely scary.
    As for the MRI results, 10 days is excessive. We normally get results back within just a few days. I’d call the dr’s office persistently until I get the results (once in the morning, once mid afternoon) because if you complain enough, they’ll probably handle it faster so you’ll stop calling ha ha.
    Seriously though, there’s always a tech watching- if they had seen something that warranted emergency response, you wouldn’t have been able to leave. They’d be liable like crazy if you walked out of there and were paralyzed later.
    Typically if you’re given that amount of time to wait for results, its because they either didn’t see anything wrong (it might just be muscular and need time to heal) and want to push you down further on the priority list so your dr doesn’t have to rush and work you in to tell you “hey nothing shows as wrong” or because they didn’t see anything urgent wrong, but want to examine it closer.
    Most muscular problems go away with 30 days IF you don’t continue to strain them, worry about it so the muscles stay tightened up, etc. Just take your pain killer regularly or call and get something less strong if it makes you sick. Taking your pain medicine relaxes your muscles and your stress level and gives the muscles a chance to heal without pressure.
    Or so I’ve been told.
    Glad to hear things went well and you’re coping. Do you have access to a hot tub? The bubbling of the jets helps my hubby’s back when he throws it out.

  31. randi

    I think tattoos interfere with MRIs and X-rays… Allegedly. So maybe he was just looking out for your best interest. Feel better!

  32. Susan

    I just wanted to say hope you kick that neck pain’s ass very soon. Good luck with the doctors. I’d bring you some get-well-soon-cookies, but you’re kinda on the other side of the country : )

  33. Kat

    It’s not fear mongering at all. The results of her MRI are not in, and if she goes to a chiro who says he can fix it without actually knowing what is wrong, yes, it could possibly make it worse.
    There’s nothing fearful about being cautious and waiting on test results.
    Sometimes after an MRI, the doc will tell the patient to go to a chiro, but at least wait for the results first.

  34. Sandee

    Hey Y … from experience, complete MRI results do take about 10 days but they usually get preliminary results way before that… You should bug them!
    Another thing… if it were something serious, you would of known by now. The technician must call a radiology Doc to examine the films before the patient is released. Don’t worry ok? *hugs* You must of pulled stuff doing those fancy moves 😉

  35. Kyla

    Oh man, Y. I can commiserate. My two year old has had to have two brain MRI’s…and it took 2 weeks to get the first one back. I was all “OMG BRAIN TUMORS AGH!” every minute of every day until we heard the results (seriously, I have blog archives to prove it *lol*), which weren’t normal, but not “OMG BRAIN TUMOR.” either. Hang in there.

  36. Tammy

    How much of all of this is STRESS related from the way you’re life has been lately?
    I am just saying your mind and body work together and have a way of saying ENOUGH.
    What you’re going to be able to do about this I am not sure. Just a thought.

  37. Chrissie

    MRI’s are the worst. Been there, done that. My new trend is ultrasounds and mammograms (ugh).
    I share your fear of visiting the chiro so don’t feel so bad. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  38. FlippyO

    I’m with the chiros are great & the wait until you get the results from your MRI people both. Don’t believe the scary chiro stories (elise went into all of that, so I don’t have to), but no good chiropractor wants to work on your neck anyway while you’re waiting for MRI results. My chiro was the one who sent me for my MRI when my pain wasn’t getting any better after a week. In fact, he INSISTED, made his office call and schedule one ASAP, early the next morning. I, uh, could’ve waited until, say, afternoon.
    Anyway, my point here is, my chiro got a preliminary report faxed to him within an hour of my MRI. Please, please ask for one and do not let them get away with the two weeks crap. It’s ridiculous. Here’s what my prelim report looked like – & note the time at the bottom of the report. My MRI was scheduled for 7:30am, so I probably wouldn’t have been done until a little after 8…and my chiro had the report at 8:54am.
    I’m going to repeat myself here, but don’t even bother thinking about a chiro treatment right now. They’ll want to know your results almost as badly as you want to know them, before they’d be willing to touch you. Well, a good chiro, that is. I can vouch for the activator technique too. When my brother learned that, I was so happy that he didn’t have to adjust my neck anymore, because I’m not good with the neck relaxin’ business.
    Anyway, good luck…and go get those results!

  39. FlippyO

    Oh, uh, er, I read your posts in order, and didn’t read your last one before I responded. Ugh, the pain is horrid and sadly, I feel your pain. Normally, I’m pretty empathetic, but this time eversomuch moreso. I hope the extra ickiness has led your doctors to get those MRI results.
    Feel better. Pain sucks ass.

  40. girlplease

    dude, i feel bad that you had to justify yourself about the whole chiropractor thing. do what you think is right. i went to one before and it hurt. now i just deal because the MD’s alternative is to shove a needle wayyyyy into my sacroiliac joint.
    i said joint.
    maybe that’s what you need?
    smoke ’em if you got ’em. :p

  41. Abby

    Dang..people respond with a quickness up in this mug. I’ve had quite a few MRIs myself and totally knew the answer as to why you got asked that question…so I clicked to comment and BAM..the first response wins. Those sons of bitches. I was all proud n shit, too.

  42. Sara

    So this is my first time commenting. I must say that I love your blog and I read/check it on a daily basis.
    I hate to say this, but no news is good news. I know you’re hurting, but if it was really bad, you’d already know.
    My youngest daughter just passed away from a severe stroke. She had a MRI, and we knew within hours of it, the results.
    Anyway, I hope for the best for you.

  43. Tracy

    Not saying you should or should not go to the chiropractor…but our chiropractor (hah!) was able to call the MRI place, get a summarized report of the MRI, and determine what was up with my husband’s MRI before his doctor was able to look at it (10 days for him too), and he was able to start treatment immediately that provided relief right away.

  44. Danielle

    From Wikipedia (thats a source, right?)
    “Iron oxide is a metallic substance found in some pigments of tattoo ink, because this ink is embedded under the skin it poses a greater risk because the iron particles will be strongly attracted to the Tesla magnet in the MRI machine. These days professional tattoo inks contain little to no iron oxide particles, however cosmetic tattoo ink (permanent eyeliner, lip liner, etc) often contains measurable amounts which have been shown to cause reactions to MRI scans. If this ferrous ink is embedded under your skin and you go for an MRI scan the magnet will attract the miniscule molecules of iron in the ink and they will try to exit your skin. This often causes tingling, discomfort, swelling, itching, and can lead to nerve damage if the iron oxide pigment particles are able to exit the skin shearing a nerve upon exit. As daunting as this sounds, reactions are quite rare and none have been officially documented stating permanent damage arising from a tattoo and an MRI encounter.
    See? No officially documented reports. That should make everyone feel better.

  45. Susan

    I like chiropractors and have used them off and on for years, but with serious pain like you’re having – you are smart to wait.
    Also, I will echo the others’ sentiments that if there were anything life-threateningly wrong seen in the MRI, they would’ve alerted you immediately.
    ((((HUGS))))) and feel better. I can’t imagine how awful you must be feeling, and how frustrated!

  46. lisabc

    Yvonne, it sounds like it’s probably muscular pain with perhaps a subluxated vertabrae. Especially since it started the day after you had a strenuous workout at the gym. Muscle spasms are excruciating. I’m surprised the doctor didn’t prescribe you a muscle relaxant as well.
    I’ve been a registered nurse for 14 years and I do go to a chiropractor and I believe in it. Chiro has helped decrease my neck and pelvic pain significantly over the years. I also believe in accupuncture and see a Chinese trained doctor of accupunture. It’s certainly something you should consider also to help relieve the pain in your neck if you are up for it. The needles have never cause me any pain and usually relax me so much I fall asleep and wake up quite refreshed after a session.
    The radiology tech probably told you that it takes 10 days for results as that would be the latest they would get to your doctor. Good luck and keep your adoring minions posted with your news. 🙂

  47. Mrs Butter B

    Oh, and have you thought about yoga? I heard if you’re leery of Chiros (which a lot of people are, apparently, yet a lot of other people swear by them, I don’t know, I hate to hear my own thumbs cracking, so I doubt I could handle my spine cracking ha ha), then yoga is a great way to stretch out the tension and stress AND encourage your bones/tendons/muscles to relax.
    Just a though. Still loving ya, still praying for ya, still waiting with ya for some results….

  48. Sarah

    Ok, I know everyone else had told you about the tatoo/ iron/ MRI sucking it out of your face… BUT, it’s also because the metal in tattoos sometimes show up on MRIs causing an “artifact”… which can be mistaken for marks on the brain and such of the techs aren’t aware of the real cause… Also, please do be careful of chiropractors… My mom had back pain, and swears by chiropractors being able to manage her pain (though she did later have to have corrective surgery. I however had a small stroke in my twenties, and my dr. told me under NO circumstances to go to a chiropractor because, and I quote, “they could snap your neck”. Uhhh… enough warning for me! Good luck, and hang in there… it WILL get better 😉

  49. kimblahg

    Haven’t read earlier comments but sorry, just one more chiropractor comment. I don’t think a reputible chiropractor would treat you right now unless he had reviewed the MRI and X-Rays and determined it wasn’t a problem that would have to be taken care of surgically. If you have a ruptured disc, no amount of adjusting will help.

  50. nila

    I used to go to chiropractors all the time, until I read an article in Self magazine about women having strokes after having their neck adjusted. Something about women having smaller necks and the sudden twisting severing arteries, or something like that. Maybe you should try a nice soothing massage.
    If your pain is that bad, you should go to the ER instead of urgent care. I remember when my grandma was sick, my mom was going to have to wait for test results for a week and she couldn’t stand waiting. I insisted that we go to the ER and by that afternoon, we knew what was wrong. They won’t let you out of the hospital ER until they do all the tests and know what’s going on.

  51. FlippyO

    Bah, I don’t know a single person who’s had a stroke after seeing a chiropractor. My brother has had thousands of patients (and his partners, thousands and thousands more), and not a single one has come out worse for wear.
    Anyway, enough of defending chiropractors…how are you? Where are you? What did the doctors say?

  52. Sensible One

    A good chiropractor will take x-rays before starting any kind of treatment. That will give you a quick view of what’s going on in there, and he or she should be able to tell you right away if they can do anything for you. Honestly, that would be my first step. Then, if they can’t help you, I’m sure they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. I’m surprised that wasn’t recommended to you at the urgent care in the first place.
    Speaking from personal experience, that first visit can be scary, but the way chiropractic treatments work is fascinating, and I swear by it now.
    Good luck Y!

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