Imagine how much fun PIGHUNTER is having!

When I wrote that last post, I was sleep deprived (still am!) and high on the Legal Drugs (still am!). For the “record”, I did not mean to imply that I am against chiropractors, because I’m not. I just mean to say that I would rather not have any kind of treatment until I know what is causing the pain. The last thing I want it to make it worse, you know?
Last night, after I finally was able to go to bed sometime after 2 in the morning, things took a turn for The Weird and Scary.
Long story short, my body went into shock from the pain.
(Hey! Let’s play a game. Every time I use the word “pain” you get to sock me in the throat!)
Of course my mom wanted to blame the vicodin (you’re having a reaction! Stop taking the drugs! Just pray!) But the ER nurse said it was NOT a reaction to the vicodin, but my body’s way of trying to deal with the overwhelming (rhymes with) Rain.
So, today I have appointments with 2 doctors. Funny how a little a little bit of uncontrollable shaking can make people take your pain seriously!
Whoops. I said it. Go ahead. Sock the SHIT out of me.
You know you want to.