While you’re reading this, I think you should count all of the ways that I have frivolously spent money that could have been saved for a down payment on a house.

A couple of days ago I received the Best Text Message Ever from Jen
“Hey just learned that the ppl across the street are renters. How do you think we should approach them? my google search did not pull much up. Do we make eye contact?”
Ha. Ha. Haaaaaaa.
I’ve enjoyed the comments RENTER post. Even the ones where people were all “I don’t judge, but yet, here I am judging you and your “choices” even though I really have no idea what your choices have been.” Seriously, I love the stories people make up in their heads with regard to my life. But, do you know what I really love? I love that people are happy for me and my family. If you’re ever in Cali, email me and I’ll have you over for Bean Dip and ridiculously expensive coffee from Starbucks.
The moving is going well. I mean, sure, there have been problems (LIKE CAT PISS IN THE CARPET. YUM.) but when I look at my kitchen, or at the beautiful view, or when I hear the birds chirping (Did you know that birds actually “chirp?”) instead of cars honking and sirens, I just take a deep breath, light a candle and smile.
I’m not going to let a little cat urine ruin my life.
[small voice]I hate cats[small voice]
I did have a moment of wanting to give up on this whole moving thing and run into the hills to live among the wildlife because OH MY GOD…lining the bottom of the cabinets SUCKS
If you gave me a choice between pretty much ANYTHING and putting that sticky paper down in the cabinets, I promise you that I would choose ANYTHING ELSE.
“Eat your own face, or put down the sticky cabinet paper?”
“Give birth vaginally to a child the size of Gary Colemen or line the cabinets with that sticky paper?”
“Watch The View or line the cabinets with sticky paper?”
(I know there’s a proper name for that stuff, but I can’t think of it at the moment, because I have RUINED BRAIN CELLS trying to line my cabinets with that sticky paper shit.)
I’ve spent the last 2 days trying to get my cabinets ready so that I can begin putting things in them and it is still not done because OH MY GOD THE STICKY PAPER IS OF SATAN.
PigHunter tried to offer me some “advice” on how to do it without frustrating myself.
That didn’t go over very well, because, well… I kind of hate him when we do anything “home improvement-ish”.
But don’t feel bad for him, because he hates me RIGHT BACK. And I don’t blame him. I mean, hello? Lining cabinets really isn’t THAT hard and yet, I had emotional meltdowns on the kitchen floor.
I’m happy to report that I was able to finally get each and every one of the cabinets lined with the sticky paper and ready to fill with all of our things. Which would be totally awesome if we actually had “things” to fill them with.
You see, we were both in a very “bad place” when we were asked to leave the house (because the landlord had sold the house NOT BECAUSE WE WERE EVICTED PEOPLE. I REPEAT, WE WERE NOT EVICTED. GOD.) and so as we were packing up, we made some bad decisions.
Decisions such as “let’s just throw all of our dishes and pots and pans and coffee mugs away, as we won’t have room in storage for all of this shit.”
Never pack while emotional.
We were due for new pots, pans and dishes anyway. We’ve had the same sets since we got married in 1990. I just never felt the need to spend money on things like “pots” because I save my money for frivolous things, like an internet connection! and meeting BLOGGERS! So, while it sucks at the moment, I’m actually looking forward to shopping for some new kitchenware for (not) my new kitchen.
But, before I even think about heading out to Target to go spend more money that could be used for a down payment on a home, I think I need to figure out what to do with all of the clothes until we get a new bedroom set.

(You think that’s bad? You should see the kitchen. “Organized and efficient” are definitely NOT one of the many qualities that I possess. )

74 thoughts on “While you’re reading this, I think you should count all of the ways that I have frivolously spent money that could have been saved for a down payment on a house.

  1. Bronwen

    That sticky paper sucks. Who says you have to use it, anyway? Is there some Contac Paper Law that states “Ye must use contac paper to line the cabinets?” I didn’t bother when we remodeled our kitchen. My cabinets don’t even care.
    You know, if you had a registry on Amazon, I’d totally buy you a housewarming gift. Hint.

  2. Heidi Hyde

    Funny stuff lady.
    I read through your previous post and that photograph from your window is beautiful!! I wish that was the view from our window. Instead we get to look at the really hip Bosnian bar across the street…We LOVE karoake night.

  3. lindsayc

    welcome home pighunter family! um could you just hang up most of the stuff in the closet? Add a lower rail and maybe a shelf or two and wait out the expensive dresser option?

  4. Average Jane

    As a long-time cat owner, may I recommend Nature’s Miracle for the cat urine in the carpet. It’s one of those enzyme-y liquid products that soaks in and breaks down the compounds that are causing the odor. It really does work – and it smells like baby powder, which should come as a refreshing change.

  5. Michelle

    I refuse to use sticky paper. I use that foamy stuff that doesn’t stick – still have to cut it but don’t have to smooth it down.
    Awww…come on – you were really evicted because you spent the rent money on bean dip and scratch off lottery tickets and you didn’t take the dishes and silverware with you when you snuck out in the middle of the night because it would rattle and make too much noise. Right?

  6. Itchy

    Never pack while emotional.
    I second that statement. Otherwise while taking all of your stuff to storage so you can sell your house due to a super fun divorce you may say things like “Oh I hate this living room furniture. I’ll sell it on Craigslist and make money for a new couch! Yeah. Because you can totally buy a new couch for $100.”
    So no…never pack while emotional!
    I’m glad you are enjoying (not) your new house!

  7. Missy

    I call it shelf liner. But sticky paper shit works too. And is probably more accurate.
    We moved into our place 4 months ago and our bedroom still looks like that. Should it not?

  8. Kristy

    I refuse to use the sticky paper, too. My cabinets are bare and they ain’t changing. As for the clothes, I’m not sure how big your closet is, but we have my husband’s smallish childhood dresser in ours and it works perfectly. It was to be temporary ’til we bought a new bedroom set. Temporary has turned into YEARS. I’m cheap. What can I say.

  9. Y

    Ha. I don’t really hate cats. I mean, I don’t LIKE cats, but I don’t hate them.
    I’m just mad at them right now because their piss stinks really bad.

  10. Karly

    I second the NO STICKY PAPER SHIT rule. Why? Why do you need it? You don’t! Maybe if you quit wasting your money on shit like sticky paper you could eat more bean dip. Wait…thats not how the saying goes…

  11. Karly

    Um, so I just proof read that after hitting post and well, does it sound bitchy? Cuz I didn’t mean it to be bitchy. I meant it to sound more like this:
    “Oh, poor Y. I’m so sorry that you used the sticky paper stuff. I don’t use it and my cabinets are fine. HUGS AND KISSES! Oh, and those people that say you should save your money are D-U-M-B. Love you!”

  12. Kay

    You know, I did the math, and if you would of refrained from bean dip approximately 360 times you could of bought yourself some killer pots and pans.
    Just sayin’.
    HEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰
    PS Paper plates and solo cups are my best friends! πŸ™‚ Now if they could come up with disposable pots and pans, especially after Mexican Chicken night, I would be so happy.

  13. Wacky Mommy

    Wild Girl Y,
    I know you spent the $$$ on sex toys shaped like dolphins and Hello Kitty. Do not lie to us.
    I’m glad you guys moved before us cuz seeing the crazeee comments on your post prepared me (sort of) for the shitstorm that followed on my blog and Hockey God’s. We’re moving inner-city to outer-city and getting grief about “what about the diversity? You’ll miss the diversity!!” which is a joke because 1) Portland is lily-white and uptight and 2) none of the people who are spouting actually *have* any non-white friends and 3) all the people who were living here when we moved in have now moved to the outer-city. (My new code word for “suburbs.”)
    For the record? Portlanders would like you to know they are not racist assbites? They just don’t like Cesar Chavez or, rilly, any minorities? No they don’t have to have a reason? But they love diversity?
    Idiot jerks.
    ps — I hate sticky paper too, there’s always that one section where it won’t match up.
    pss — sorry for the rant.

  14. Amy

    there is a product called Urine Off that kicks cat urine ass. Whatever is in it gets rid of the nastiness that makes cat urine come back again and again and f-ing again. I tried everything before I found it and it seriously did the trick.
    If this works for you, can I come over for a bean dip and ridiculously expensive coffee day too??

  15. Ninotchka

    Love the spousal hate bit. Guy and I had a very mild exchange this morning (about me being bossy, AS IF!) and then when we were making lunch plans, I ended our conversation with a cheery: “It’s a date with the wife you hate!” He didn’t think it was that funny. I thought it was pure genius! Feel free to use it, just give me credit the first couple of times. ha ha ha
    Glad you’re hear the birds chirping. I heard a particularly ambitious one this morning and I, too, thought it was absolutely lovely. πŸ™‚

  16. Ninotchka

    Glad you’re hear the birds chirping. I heard a particularly ambitious one this morning and I, too, thought it was absolutely lovely. πŸ™‚
    That was meant to read:
    “Glad you’re happy to hear the birds chirping.”
    Anna Sofia was screaming for a cereal bar and I lost my concentration. lol

  17. Mrs. Who

    Ok, I thought I was going to be the only COMPLETE slob who never uses that stupid, waste-of-time shelf paper, so it’s a relief that other people don’t use it either. Wipe down with some Fantastik and stick those dishes in there. Good go go. Now, got watch some reruns of “Gilmore Girls”. However, since you have done it already – I’m sure it looks fabulous! I would TOTALLY buy you a house-warming gift also. It’s funny that other commenter said that about a registry because I was all “Boy, I wish there was some way I could buy her something.” She’s had some shitty luck and could use some help. Think about it!!

  18. Preita

    God I hate moving. My husband & I have moved 4 times in the last 4 years. It’s so old already! Ikea was our best friend back in the day πŸ™‚ & Isn’t amazing how much moving costs? Our last two moves were cross country & for business but man, those were over 10K a piece (I don’t know if we could have done it ourselves for cheaper!)

  19. hello insomnia

    Moving sucks, but won’t it be so much better when you’re eating bean dip and lounging in that awesome backyard?
    Also? I would rather eat my own face than watch the view.

  20. Carrisa

    Go out right now to Target and register for all the things you want/need for your new home. Under an alias of course. Then tell us the alias and we will all go and buy you things off your registry.
    Sounds fun right?
    You think I’m kidding? I’m not.

  21. Meegan

    How did you get that picture of my bedroom?!
    “Tackling home improvement projects with one’s spouse is like masturbating with cheese grater. Slightly amusing but mostly painful.” I adapted that from a popular quote ’round these parts.

  22. Laural

    my bedroom looks like that except that we have a gigantic hole in the wall. (not the closet – just an exposed hole).
    and, maybe it’s just me, but I never ever line my cupboards. When we moved to this house it was dirty so my mom scrubbed my cupboards with Mr. Clean – and then we put our dishes in.
    As for the cat pee – we had the same here – and cat hair everywhere. I second the nature’s miracle. It works. We sprayed with that and then we got the arm&hammer sprinkle on stuff for the vaccuum. It was great.
    Then we got a kitten but she only pees in my shoes not on the carpet:)

  23. Paula

    I moved into my own apartment back in May (Im a renter too!!) and my bedroom STILL looks like a tornado hit it. Im so unorgornized and half my crap is still in plastic bins. lol.
    I hate moving, blah.

  24. Dana

    For what it’s worth, I hate the fucking sticky paper, too. It’s like flypaper for morons. I can’t get the shit to stick without little air pockets in the middle!

  25. schoolofmom

    Um. Is there supposed to be something wrong with the room in that picture? cuz my living room looks like that right now and I’ve lived here THREE YEARS. It’s probably because we rent and have kids all day long. πŸ™‚

  26. Cara

    Aah, shelf paper sucks. If you can find it, Nature’s Miracle is wonderful against the cat pee. So says me, a crazy cat lay-dee. Love the pics, hate the haters, congrats on your new place!

  27. Veronica

    That photo looks like my bedroom when we first moved into this house. Only we had big black garbage bags everywhere as well as the baskets.
    Glad the moving in is going well. Your house sounds lovely.

  28. jadine

    Hee! I love that lone black shoe in the foreground of the bedroom picture πŸ™‚
    Shelf paper? HATE! Well, love it once it’s in, but HATE the application process. I’m sure you’re familiar with the delightful way it adheres to itself (aargh!), adheres to one’s arm-hairs (@%#&!), and they way you find bubbles under it once you think you finally got it in (sigh). I’ll cheer for you when it’s done!
    Sorry about the cat pee, too.

  29. Gina

    I am so glad you are finally in your own place. I say screw the sticky paper…those heavy cans of bean dip dragging in and out will just tear it anyway. I hope you register at Target or make a wish list at Amazon or something. I want to send you something to celebrate!!!! PS Our Target has ridiculously expensive Starbucks…can you register there? I’ll have to check on the bean dip. Congrats, Y.
    And you know, God takes care of you. That is why he gave you TWO middle fingers for the haters that comment. Ugh.

  30. zdoodlebub

    It’s unanimous. Down with shelf paper!
    Still happy for you and your new home.
    (we gave away all of our baby items during not an emotional but a lazy move – I thought it would ensure a third child within nine months, but so far, we’re safe.)

  31. Helen

    I am coming to California ( L.A area) is that near you? I am a bean dip virgin..you could even break me in ( is that horribly rude sounsing, I hope so!) 3 weeks in California, in a nice hotel and a dream of meeting Y and eating bean dip ( is it nice? doesn’t sound to good ) I will bring Cadbury’s chocolate and salt and vinegar crisps…..

  32. Mish

    We use Nature’s Miracle for the “accidents” the cats sometimes have. Is good stuff.
    Hate shelf paper. Once lost a deposit on an apartment b/c we didn’t remove the damn stuff before we moved out. Of course, if the slumb*tch had bothered to make the necessary repairs, we wouldn’t have reported her to the city, they wouldn’t have found a page full of violations, and maybe she wouldn’t have been quite so vindictive when we moved out.
    So, can we send housewarming gifts?? Like say, maybe, bean dip?? πŸ™‚

  33. Kristy

    My apologies…I said “evictied” and you are right. Eviction is something entirely different. What the heck is the terminology for suckass landlord decides to sell and treat perfect tennants very unfairly? Is there a word? Let’s create one..much like “dooced” or something. I’m seriously just glad that you are where you are now and that things are better. I truly am.
    Good luck getting settled. I just went through this in May so I am having bad flashbacks…and if you wanna go to Target…by golly feel free. It’s your life..your choice. πŸ™‚

  34. Kristy

    I don’t smoke “crack” either. I understand coming to a friends defense but by making stuff up about someone else to defend? hmm..sad.

  35. Suzy Q

    There ARE alternatives to that nasty contact paper. Next time (I know, bite my own ass), ask the Internets! I Contact papered more apartment shelves than I can count, but when I moved into where I live now, The Container Store had some rolls of plastic with ridges shelf paper that is SO EASY! Gawd, it was like I found the fucking holy grail.
    And I can take it with me when I move, if I want! No want.

  36. Arkie Mama

    I am blessed with a mother who is OBSESSED with the sticky paper — so much so that anytime she’s ever helped me move, she goes immediately to Target, buys the paper and DOES it ALL!
    And it actually makes her happy and rosy and gives her this … glow.
    Anyway, if it weren’t for her, lord knows what our cabinets would look like because really I could rationalize anything rather than apply the freaking sticky paper.
    Oh, as for those emotional throw-aways? *raising hand*
    The clothes? Shove them into a closet and pretend they are not there.
    Good luck with the moving-in. Sucks, I know. The only part I like is the decorating. Organization? Blah. Pffft.

  37. Hazel

    Exactly what is wrong with the picure of the bedroom? I’ve lived in my house for 25 years and my bedroom always looks like that. You don’t need dressers. Just get a bunch of clothes baskets and large trash sacks for the out of season stuff. You think I’m kidding? I’m not! Enjoy your new home.

  38. margalit

    I use that shelf liner stuff that isn’t sticky, so it’s really easy to put down. You want a hint for next time? Measure the cabinet bottoms and cut the pieces out all at once, so you just have to plop them down and move on to the next cabinet. Because cabinets are all basically the same sizes.
    We keep Kosher so I use two different shelf papers for milk and meat, and that does tend to get annoying. But it makes it SO much easier for kids and babysitters and friends to put things away properly.
    And check out Marshalls and TJ Maxx for dishes and kictchen stuff, even pots and pans. You can get GREAT deals there on top notch equipment cheaper than Target. I’ve gotten some ridiculously great deals on knives, pans, and baking stuff at Marshalls. If you have a store nearby you can haunt it as they get stuff in almost daily. NEVER buy anything kitcheny at Bed Bath and Beyond or Linens and Things. WAY too pricy.

  39. supertiff

    dude. in the time it took you to write this post, you totally could have worked for 20 minutes at a fast food joint down the streete, and brought home about $2.25.
    which isn’t even enough for one damn coffer mug, let alone a pot.
    people are crazy.
    i’m happy to see how lovely your new place is, but i’m even happier to see that you seem to be in a good mental space, what with not letting the nay-sayers get you down, and such.
    i think someone said something to this effect on your last post, but it’s worth restating: the only thing that matters is the joy that you and your family feel together everyday. you could all be living in a shoe box, and you could still make it a positive environment…maybe not the optimal environment, but positive none-the-less.
    a wise man once said ‘ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.’
    and, sure. we need a little more than that.
    we at least need some ramen noodles and a shoe box to keep us out of the rain. but the larger truth remains: love is all that really matters, and no one could ever say that you’re not giving your children every drop of love that could possibly be squeezed out of your heart. and you and tony seem to have a really special love, as well.
    oh, crap.
    i’ve gotten all hallmark.
    this isn’t the real me, i swear.

  40. supertiff

    ok, i posted my comment before reading everyone else’s. so now i have to say GO REGISTER SOMEWHERE, WOMAN!
    otherwise, people are going to start sending you gifts that they picked out themselves, and you’re just going to end up with a lot more crap to keep in random baskets on your bedroom floor.
    almost everyone has a wish list…but, you? you actually have people who wish to send you gifts!
    there is only one logical solution here…tell us what you want!
    also, in the last comment, when i said it wasn’t the ‘real me’ because i got a little halmark-ish…
    i would also like to point out that it wasn’t the real me because of all the typos.
    i blame my boyfriend’s stupid keyboard, which hates me very much.
    i also blame the fact that it’s 3am here, and it’s a friday, so i may have just gotten home after being at the bar for 7 hours.
    can i win some kind of prize for longest and most rambly drunken comments of all time?
    i seriously feel like i deserve something for my efforts.
    perhaps you could just go make a registry at target?
    i would accept that as my prize…

  41. Kelley

    I don’t even know what that sticky paper shit is, but I already hate it!
    As for cats, I’m with you. Don’t like ’em. I have enough people treating me like staff, namely my children, without a pet added to the mix!

  42. Lotus Carroll

    Oh, yes. The moving. Blech.
    Both of our last 2 moves included “let’s just throw this crap away…” decisions. Most of them I lived with… a few I regretted many months later, once settled down and no longer suffering from cardboard box cuts and the feeling of impending doom.
    You would share your bean dip with people you don’t even know?! You ARE frivelous with the bean dip….

  43. crunchy carpets

    Oh…laughing so hard reading the anti-renter stuff…hee.
    WE ARE TRAILER TRASH!!! Whoo hoo!
    Snort…..and funnily…on our way to the big family and would KILL to be drunk right now!
    I hate moving.
    I hate that sticky liner shit.
    My house looks like yours….I am not an organized person either..but this place IS tiny and there is NO storage.

  44. Heather

    If you register at Target under Y and Pig-hunter you should get some fun stuff from people in bloggerland! They have some new PINK pans at Target and they look fabulous! I also like the red pan set so whatever does it for you.
    Don’t feel bad your room looks like mine and I’m learning to just deal with it.
    I am so up for some bean dip and live in So Cal so pick a date!

  45. alayna

    I’m happy for y’all, and I would be happy to come on over for some bean dip – I’ll bring the coffee! I, for one, can NOT believe people have the gall to actually voice some of those awful things – if you want to think it – fine! But keep it to yourselves, people!
    The pots & pans thing is what made me want to comment. The best pots & pans I have ever owned are from Pampered Chef – they are awesome! And have a lifetime warranty. Visit their website, find a consultant in your area, host a show, and you can get them all at 1/2 price – probably about what you would spend at Target, and WAAAY better. Okay, that is all for my bossy advice, but when you find a good thing – you want to share!
    Good luck with moving!

  46. Beth

    I’m really enjoying reading about your new place and feeling happy about your family getting to have some privacy. πŸ™‚ So when does the JesusApprovedSex begin? ;^)

  47. Candace Martin

    I really wish you were registered somewhere so I could buy you a big ole fry pan as a housewarming gift! I just got two nonstick caphalon from crate and barrel for 49 bucks………

  48. norm

    never pack when emotional
    OMG, so true. I left my castiron pans on a far-off island because I was emotional and air freight cost, like dollars a pound

  49. norm

    never pack when emotional
    OMG, so true. I left my castiron pans on a far-off island because I was emotional and air freight cost, like, two dollars a pound. And they were heavy.


    r u supposed to line the bottom of cabinets with sticky paper shit? I must have missed that memo. I’ve been renting homes for approximately 4 years now and have not once sticky papered any shit. Oops, better get on that then.

  51. M

    I am like so good with contact (sticky) paper! I am trying to find new/cool contact paper to re-do my shelves from when I moved in 20 years ago and all I can find is ugly stuff….so if your sticky paper is cool, post where you bought it.

  52. Caloden

    I had no idea there were sex toys made in the image of Hello Kitty. Gives a whole new meaning to the word pussycat doll.
    Congratulations on your new view! Ownership is all in the eye of the beholder.

  53. jeanie

    Hey – great view!!! I line the shelves with old magazines or newspapers – how very renterish of me – but hey, get a history lesson every time I spring clean!
    Welcome to your new home!

  54. Stacy Schor

    Ok, first of all, why is it a big deal to other people that you rent? They obviously don’t live in Cali seriously I mean, I live with my mom and I rent my own ROOM for god sakes ! theres nothing wrong with renting no matter how old you are and noone should judge you just because you “rent.” It’s your choice of living. And your choice of paying how you want to pay. It’s a Cali thing think of it that way. I mean, every house I lived in at the San Gabriel Valley are ALL rented ! It’s nothing ! I don’t know why these people e-mail you saying OH YOU SPENT YOUR MONEY ON CRAP WHEN IT COULD HAVE BEEN A DOWN PAYMENT BLAH BLAH BLAH don’t listen to them your family works hard for their money and renting, is nothing. I am so happy and proud of your family for renting right now seriously Y, you ARE the poster woman of strong right now and believeing what you believe well have fun in your beautiful NEW HOME ! we don’t have rented homes THAT pretty down here ! ha ha so enjoy it !

  55. KimberlyDi

    I can’t believe you’re in California because, I like, saw the pictures and thought, my God that looks like California, and I like, used to live in California.
    Mira Mesa Actually. Miss driving through Balboa Park on the way to the San Diego Zoo. I think. I was a kid then.
    How could you afford to buy a house in California? The little 3 bed 2 bath we used to live in is now selling for 400,000?!?!?!!? INSANE.

  56. Jackie

    Well, as long as you’re frivoulously spending money (heh) — I totally recommend Anti-Icky Poo for getting rid of cat piss stink. It’s a little expensive but totally works.
    Good luck getting settled!

  57. BOSSY

    Bossy uses paper towels to line her cabinets. And yes, it’s about as effective as you are right now imagining. (crumpled and torn who?)

  58. Lar

    I, too, made some bad decisions when we moved two years ago–we were really hurting for cash and both out of work suddenly, and we had a garage sale in which we sold many, many things. I wish I had a few of those things back, like my huge antique mirror and the piano. Those are kind of hard to replace. But I was really sick of my dishes–I don’t miss those at all.
    Have fun buying new pots & pans!

  59. summer

    Go register somewhere Y! I’ll be happy to get you some pots-n-pans and some dishes. Lemme know where you register at. And congrats on your new home. Enjoy it.

  60. Jennifer

    It brings me joy that your bedroom looks like ours, undecorated, full of clothes (in and out of baskets)…. of course, we’ve lived in our house 7 years, so I don’t even have the excuse of a move!
    Oh, and I don’t have the sticky paper shit in my cupboards either….

  61. Tammy

    Oh man, I wish I lived closer to you and that we were friends (hee). I would totally have come over and done your shelves for you. I love doing shelving paper. It is a sickness, I know. I can’t even open my mother-in-law’s cabinets because she did *such* a crappy job and it is painful to see. LOL.

  62. Shari

    I simply HAVE to put that paper down in my cabinets as well. It’s just NECESSARY. But I make my husband do it because I have enough reasons to melt down already.
    And we have had to move out of two houses because they were sold right out from under us, too. I empathize so much with your NOT EVICTED, PEOPLE! feelings. There is a huge difference! It still made me feel bad though. We finally gave up and moved into an apartment that is too small and where nothing works, but at least it’s not likely to be freaking SOLD.
    Oh, and we rent. Also want to smack people who look down on us for it. No one ever asks us why, they just assume we made bad choices. Well, here’s why we rent: because we refuse to pay 400,000 for something that according to our country’s laws, we do not actually have the right to keep!! If the government wants our land, they only have to pay us what THEY think is fair, and we’d be homeless again. Screw that noise.

  63. Jennie

    OMG, your blog is hilarious! And can I just say how much I am loving that you equate watching The View with eating your own face or giving birth to a child the size of Gary Coleman and The View is now advertising on you site. Made my day (obviously doesn’t take much).

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