Hide The Children! Here Comes The Renters!

On Friday we received the keys to our new house.
Our new rental house.
I only bring up that we’re renting again because a precious reader by the name of Alan had some Very Important Words that he felt called to share with me regarding the fact that I do not own a home.

But you will become the drunk woman with 5 kids, or the ex boyfriend, etc….because if its 90% as great as you are claiming that is it, you are still no more than a renter.
Doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc..OWN homes not rent them, and everyone in your neighborhood will be saying or thinking β€œthere goes those damn renters”.

I could be wrong, but I think Alan wants me to feel bad because I am A Renter. I think Alan is a RENTER-IST! (Alan’s all “no I’m not! Some of my BEST FRIENDS are renters! I just don’t want them living in MY neighborhood, because they get drunk and have kids all damn day long!)
Actually, that’s not the first angry comment I’ve received regarding the fact that we rent. This really seems to piss the random men off who happen upon my site while searching for things like “Stuff My Enchilada, Big Boy.”
Of course, every single time that I get one of these emails/comments, the person holds ME responsible for the fact that we do not own a home.
Roland’s comment is a shining example.

Losers cry and eat/waste money on bean dip/gameshowtryouts etc. , If you love your kids so much, go do something about it.
Winners do the math , suck it up and think about what matters and take care of business.
If you polled the people that have replied to your post, probably 60% own thier home, they didnt do anything special (like win the lottery or win on some gameshow), they just put thier home/kids above the me, me.
$8a day on starbucks/beandip is $2920 a year x (times) how ever many years you have been wasting money on rent/beandip. Not to mention that it had to cost something out of pocket to travel around to meet people from the internet, and interview Elaine from Sienfield.
Egocentricity should be thy middle name , if you only got paid $10.00 an hourfor every hour you have spent BLOGGING or reading BLOGS or met other renters who BLOG, I am willing to wager you would have quite the down payment.

(Winners do the math!)
I’ve never responded to the assumptions and accusations because I enjoy letting people make up stories as to why we don’t own a home. I mean, what would random assholes on the internet have to say if I told them that my husband allowed his crook of an Uncle to use us to pay HIS taxes for years and that we racked up tens of thousands of dollars in IRS bills and had a lien against us until we payed HIS UNCLES taxes off and that my husband didn’t stand up to his uncle because he didn’t want to cause problems in his family and that I was the one who had to threaten to report his asshole Uncle to the IRS and deal with the anger and hatred of his family because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and that when we finally paid the taxes off and had money for a down payment, home prices (which used to be in the 150,000’s) soared to the 400,000’s and we couldn’t afford that on one income.
See, that? Is boring. I much prefer the Bean Dip/Starbucks theory.
Blame The Bean Dip!
I have a lot that I want to write about The Move and The Joy that I feel in my heart to finally live in a home that I am not ashamed of, that does not suck the happiness from my soul, but SHIT! I am tired. The kind of tired that hurts, the kind of tired that makes you want to cry while you’re wondering aimlessly through the aisles of Target trying to remember what it is that you were there for in the first place.
Instead of more words, I give you pictures.
The View from my living room window

The new living room.
The Living Room.
The kitchen/family room?
The family/dining area.
(You see that thing on the wall over there? That’s an intercom system/stereo that blasts through every room of the house and also can be used at the front door. My boys think this is THE GREATEST INVENTION IN HISTORY and have already been banned from using it for 2 weeks due to the fact that they can’t stop talking into it and annoying the piss out of me.)
What G-unit will see every morning when she wakes up and every night before she goes to sleep
My Kitchen Window.
The view from my kitchen window
(The view from my old kitchen window was a giant motor home that was covered with a blue tarp and a pool that had no water in it, but instead was filled with TRASH.)
The view from my bedroom.
The view from my bedroom.
The crazy HUGE backyard which we will make beautiful. Eventually. Hopefully.
The Kitchen that I am not ashamed of because it does not have chunks of pressed wood falling off of the cabinets.
The new kitchen. OH MY GOD, THE NEW KITCHEN. It is small but you will never hear me complain because…NO FAKE WOOD THAT IS FALLING OFF BY THE CHUNKS.
More to come soon…

282 thoughts on “Hide The Children! Here Comes The Renters!

  1. Mrs. Who

    I know I am incredibly naive, but I am always suprised when bloggers post the cruel and nasty emails they have received from people. What RIGHT do they have to judge you? They know nothing about your life and the tough decisions you have probably had to make. Just delete them (the emails, not the people. although that’s not a bad idea) and know there are perfect strangers out here who think about you, worry about whether you have found a house yet, check your blog and sigh with relief that you have found such a lovely place. Hopefully, you will have much, much more time to blog now. Because I love to read your posts. Have a super day. You deserve it.

  2. jadine

    Howdy from a devoted lurker. Your new house is beautiful, as are the views from your windows πŸ™‚
    As for the inane commenters: f ’em. I never did understand why people (who obviously take the time to read regularly) would bother to post comments with the sole intent to hurt. That’s clearly the only intent, as they’re never the least bit helpful. I always find those comments mildly amusing and entirely pathetic (when bloggers share them), but then again, they’ve never been directed at me personally.
    Regardless, I love your blog, and I’m very happy for you and your family! So there!

  3. Y

    the comments ARE pathetic and I normally do NOT acknowledge them (except to forward them to friends and laugh about them with my husband)
    But I decided to share these because… they were funny? I don’t know.
    I just thought they needed to be shared.
    Blame the bean dip!

  4. Amy

    Y, your new place is beautiful. I don’t understand the anger from random strangers. Renting is not bad. In fact, I recently read an article about how many, many more people in CA are looking to rent because the costs housing in your state are so outrageous and the market has priced all but millionaires out. Not only that, but many landlords are welcoming renting families and allowing them to make small, personal changes to the homes because they know that there will be some pride and care going into said home. I say well done Y!

  5. adri

    those meanies are just jealous they’re not as cool as us renters are. i mean, have you heard those GEICO commercials? renters are the best!

  6. emily

    I do have to say, I love your little ‘fuck you’ to Roland with the Venti Starbucks drinks on your kitchen counter πŸ™‚

  7. Cheryl, the knitting Jungian

    I am always surprised when I get that look that renters get — that somehow I am failing as an American because I don’t own my home. And I *am* a professional with a doctorate even. Well past childbearing age.

  8. Karly

    So, that first picture? Of the view from the living room window? Dude that house has got some serious foliage going on. Do you think they are trying to hide from THE RENTERS? (I am totally kidding. TOTALLY TOTALLY KIDDING.)
    I heart your kitchen. Mine is of the fake wood falling off in chunks variety.
    Oh, and can I join in and say FUCK YOU to the people who send you the stupid emails? Because, seriously, people. Fuck you.

  9. kdiddy

    I own my house and am kinda poor. You can talk to my ulcer about how awesome it is.
    Owning is alright, but renting definitely has its advantages if you’re financially a little shaky for whatever reason. I really wish that we had held off on buying, but here we are.
    You know your life and how best to deal with it. I know I don’t need to tell you not to listen to those haters, but seriously, don’t listen to them. They do not live your life, they do not struggle your struggles, they do not care for your children. Fuck ’em.
    Also, your new house looks beautiful and I totally got a girl-woody over your kitchen which, for the record, is 800 times nicer than the kitchen that I own. I especially appreciate the fact that there are Starbucks cups on the counter. THAT’S YOUR WHOLE PROBLEM. πŸ˜‰

  10. geeky

    Congrats on the new place, it looks awesome. And for the record? We rent. An apartment. And I don’t even eat bean dip!

  11. jennifer

    Piss on them. My hubby and I live in SoCal and our income was $160k last year and guess what? We are RENTERS! We are renters because we live in an area where a nice house that would keep our daughters in the same schools would go for $450k – $500k.
    The housing market will go down in the next year or so and them maybe we’ll buy.
    Anyhow, back to you – if he doesn’t like it, he should shut up and hit the back button and go to the next blogger – maybe they own their shack. Sheesh.

  12. The Simple Family

    #1: I am an “owner slash winner” and my house isn’t that cute.
    #2: I am a winner but am bad at math.
    #3: See starbucks on that counter! Winners plug in the coffee pot.
    #4: I love the new house.

  13. Holly

    F the haters. If I could do it over again, I would still be a renter…renters are the smart bunch!
    I love hate mail…makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  14. Jessica Davenport

    I have to say I’m a tiny bit grateful for your moronic detractors because they inspired this post that made me laugh really, really hard at a time in the morning when my brain is not usually even functioning yet.
    I’ll never be able to afford a house (especially in CA!) and I’m tired of having to move because of various rental/roommate changes, but I guess if I just stopped eating that damned bean dip and reading blogs I would be able to… eat less bean dip and have blog withdrawal?
    I am so happy for you guys and your new house. It looks beautiful!

  15. Helen

    My name is Helen and I am a renter, will always be a renter and mostly I wish I wasn’t until something HUGE happens like the ceiling falling down, or the boiler dying and then HA HA ….we don’t have to pay for it! NA NA NA NA NA.
    And people who spend time telling other people how they should live their lives? Bugger off and work out what is making your life so Godawful that you have to pick on strangers and organised their world in order to make yourself feel better.
    Y..the house, divine! And also who is going to know if you rent or own? No-one that matters. Be Happy in that haven.

  16. Rhi

    Probably had you not bought those two coffees sitting on your counter, you could already own that house.
    I’m a loser renter too, but, you know what, I got a free iTunes song with my latte this morning, so there!

  17. Mamacita

    I am a HOMEOWNER and it is killing me. I wish I was renting again.
    As for the people whose sole purpose in life is to hurt others. . . piss on ’em. Then throw bean dip at them. Then put some hot coffee between their thighs and tell them to squeeze. Oh, wait, that crazy old broad got some money out of that one. . . .never mind.
    Seriously, there will always be people who live to bring others down. Believe me, I know.
    And your new house is beautiful. May you have many happy moments there.
    But right now, think Spring Bulbs. Plant them NOW.
    (Don’t buy the expensive ones; the Dollar Tree has crocus bulbs in an 8-pack and they’re beautiful in the spring.)

  18. Annika

    The only reason buying is better is “the investment.” In this real estate market buying is not an investment. It makes far better financial sense to rent, since you’re “throwing money away” either way (please someone tell me how a roof over my head is not worth anything). Plus, as far as I’m concerned as long as I’m throwing my money into the toilet someone else should be responsible for the plumber.

  19. steen

    Okay, so, that whole anti-renter thing PISSES ME OFF to no end. (See: my ongoing HoA issues.) There is a certain level of security in renting — as in, when a hurricane comes and blows the roof off, I pay nothing to fix it! If a neighborhood goes to shit, I simply move out of there. A renter has more of a responsibility to keep their houses nice because most leases kind of require it or homeowners will pay for yard service. (But typically only if you live in uppity HoA-controlled communities like I do.)
    Since we got married, everyone is obsessed with us buying a house and popping out the babies. GAH.
    Anyway. The house? Is bee-yoo-tiful. Most definitely a step up from the last house and, hopefully, Judy-free.

  20. nabbalicious

    I guess Roland and Alan have never been to California, where the only people who own homes are either celebrities or people who’ve lived here since the ’80s.
    Also, not all renters are sitting around getting drunk and popping out kids. I shoot heroin and kick my dogs. Don’t make generalizations!

  21. Margaret

    Oh, Y! It’s LOVELY! I’m so excited for you!
    And screw the haters. Owning a house doesn’t make you a winner. Owning a BMW doesn’t make you a winner. That guy is a schmuck and a douchebag who likes to think he’s a WINNER because of THINGS. When really, he’s just a schmuck and a douchebag. No big ol’ mortgage is going to make that moron a WINNER!

  22. TamiW

    You really scored when you found such a beautiful place. I know you will have many happy years in that back yard which will turn in to blogging fodder.
    πŸ™‚ TamiW

  23. hello insomnia

    I hate the elitist view that it’s incredibly easy to own a home and if you don’t then you only have bean dip to blame. Most of those people bought many years ago, when it wasn’t insanely expensive to own. I doubt many of them could buy in today’s market. We live in Seattle, where the median house costs $500K, so if we didn’t buy now, we would never be able to buy at all.
    You don’t have the outrageous mortgage of your neighbors and who cares what you spend your money on? It’s all about quality of life, isn’t it?

  24. Marmite Breath

    Gorgeous! I’m so happy for all of you!
    And more importantly, now all I have to do is bring the first picture with me if I ever come to SoCal, and then I can wander around trying to match up my surroundings with the picture until I know that I’m on your front lawn. I will have a “Judy Mask” on and will be asking the neighbours if they know you and also asking why is Y not answering the door when I can plainly see her silhouette through the goddamned glass.
    But yes, gorgeous house. Forget the stalker bit.
    PS) It gave me an idea though. You should be Judy for Halloween.

  25. Scouts Honor

    What fuckwads! Do not listen to them. They are probably very bitter that they bought high and now have negative equity in the home they (fingerquote) own (fingerquote).
    Yes, we own a home around lawyers and doctors, but we lucked out in buying a home in California at insane prices (with a hefty downpayment from the in-laws and my parents) and then selling it at ungodly prices before the bottom fell out. We sold our home for over a half-million dollars to what turned out to be drug dealers and pimps/hoes. Seriously Not kidding. I’m sure our old neighbors love those new “home-OWNERs.” (By the way, we had no idea that’s who we sold to!)
    So, pretty much the same thing as a lottery for us.
    As for your ass-weasal men commenters, I would hate to have the sticks in their butts dragging down my street. Judging people suck.
    Enjoy the house! The garden is going look great.

  26. zoe

    screw those assholes. i own my home and it freaking sucks. when it’s broke i have to fix it and pay to fix it, i have to mow my lawn. i own my home and your rental is 100x’s nicer than mine. i want a rental toooooo.

  27. Ginny

    It’s gorgeous, Y !! I hope you have lots of fun living there! Are your kids staying in the same schools? Of course, I worry about your high schooler, since I have one myself. You, Lena & Melissa from Suburban Bliss should start a Renters -R- Cool Club! You are all so happy now and that is fantastic!

  28. Tiffany

    You just rest your weary bones up and bask in the JOY of this new home!! Your house is beautiful and the neighborhood looks lovely and after you have been there for a while, I hope you feel like you fit right in. We moved to a smancier place 2 years ago and what I have learned is that people are PEOPLE. We all walk our dogs and raise our kiddos and all that junk. I will say that our crappier neighbrohoods had much friendlier and more helpful neighbors but our house and the peace and quiet here is lovely. Just enjoy!

  29. angiev70

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with such fucktards. Since they are such “winners” why do they have time to sit around reading your blog and then emailing you to explain how you should live your life? If that’s what a “winner” is like, then I’ll take bean dip eaters any day of the week. Maybe he meant he was a whiner?
    Anyway…congrats on that BEE-YOO-TI-FUL home! OMG…it is simply gorgeous! I hope you enjoy many happy and wonderful years there – whether as a renter or buyer, I don’t care – as long as you are happy and your children are healthy. Those are the main things in life.
    /senseless rambling

  30. magpie

    Renter/lurker here. I am seriously jealous over the first floor of your new house. Renting is the way to go, and that is why alan and other idiot-guy are wasting their time sending shitty emails. When in truth, they are just pissed off that they were stupid enough to buy a house and all the problems that go with it, while the rest of the smart ones chose (and it is a choice well made) to rent. They have to bitch about it otherwise they would have to admit their mistake–kinda like arguing vehemently even when you know your wrong. winner my ass!! stupid more like it!! Love ya–in a wierd internet friemdly way, and congrats!!!

  31. Denise

    Heh. Love the house. Love g-unit on the fireplace. Love that the boys have been banned from the intercom. Love the yard. Love the Starbucks on the counter. Love that you rent. Because I too am a renter in a nice neighborhood full of “professional winners who own their own homes” and I am damn sure the neighbors drive by every day and say “those damn lesbian renters with six kids!”
    Congratulations on your new home. Enjoy it – and the Starbucks. I’d suggest switching to guacamole though ’cause it’s better than bean dip.

  32. PeetsMom

    Great shots! Your views are amazing! No need to acknowledge the renter-haters, who in their right mind would have purchased a house in the last 5 years anyway??? Best wait for one of the hundreds of foreclosures coming down the pike!

  33. angie

    We rent but I don’t eat much bean dip and I’ve never had a starbucks. Go figure. πŸ™‚ We’ll always be renters, but I’m ok with that.
    Enjoy your beautiful new place, Y!! I certainly would.

  34. Annastazia

    Congrats! That house is way more awesome than ours and we are Homeowners. Besides, if you weren’t renters, what would Judy do all day? See, you’re helping your community, one crazy lady at a time.
    I want to see a photo of your whole family having Bean Dip and Starbucks while talking on the intercom. Seriously, an intercom? Dude!

  35. dana michelle

    I can’t see the pretty pretty house pictures at work (security issues). Gotta wait ’til I get home tonight.
    Can’t wait!
    P.S. Alan & Roland, do you both live in a cave? (Maybe the same one?!) I live in WI and even I know that the housing market in CA is outrageously overpriced. While building equity in one’s own home is, of course, the best idea on paper, it’s just not a reality for everyone. Even IF they forego the fancy coffee and bean dip.

  36. Heidi

    Nasty opinions come from assholes and those assholes need to keep their damn opinions to themselves!
    I’m glad your family is finally together outside of the watchful eyes of your parents, albeit nice that they let you live with them…it’s just better when you’re on your own.
    Beautiful new house! The kitchen is just lovely, but where is the Fridge? LOL

  37. angela

    Your new home is absolutely gorgeous! I love it and I know you and your family will too. And just so you know….the cabinets that you are “renting” are way prettier than the cabinets I “own”. Tell the anti-renters to suck it.

  38. norm

    Naaah. Deepsix the haters. Your neighbors are going to love gorgeous you and your gorgeous family AT LEAST because you are not the gang of six college guys with their 10 cars (8 functional) parked on the street and their regular weekend keggers that go until the sun comes up or the Sheriff’s deputy arrives (whichever comes first). I swear, they’ll bring cookies, because, you are not those guys. If you moved in across the street from us, we’d bring pie.

  39. Paula

    Y, the house is awesome! As for the haters, ignore them, they suck and are just jealous of you and your beautiful happy family.

  40. lizinsumner

    And some of us rent because our (now ex!) husbands walked out on us while our mother was dying of end-stage renal failure and diabetes and leave us with all of the bills so that we have to sell the house that we put the down-payment on by ourselves but we can’t until after our mother passes away so that we can pay all of the bills that our (now ex!) husband left us with along with our legal fees because the idiot thought he deserved custody of his child (which he would’ve had to kill me for first!!), whilst trying to avoid paying any child support and his (much smaller!!) percentage of the daycare costs…….{{{sigh}}}….there are so very many thoughtless, stupid people in the world that just can’t understand why the rest of us aren’t interested in their opinions……at any rate, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I hope you can enjoy your new home for a long, long, time…..oh, and ask the nasty know-it-alls how they explain the fact that 80% of the cith of Manhattan (NY, NY) RENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Amy

    Gorgeous home – I’m totally jealous!
    I’m glad you can just laugh off the nasty people. As I was reading your post I kept thinking “I hope I don’t get more readers on my blog, because I don’t think I could handle this sort of stuff on a regular basis.”
    I rent. Most of the people I know rent. We cannot move because the market is so high – so we are all trapped in our one and two bedroom apartments, with our one, two or three kids…. drinkin’ our Starbucks….

  42. Michele

    I so wish I could say I was a federal prosecutor and could arrest that asshat of an uncle. I so hope he is going to prison. Why do families suck? no idea.
    And my husband and I are educated professionals who rent. Oh, that would be because what we pay here in the nation’s capital for a one bedroom apt without even a dishwasher/laundry/parking could buy a $250,000 home. Oh, that would buy a trash can here, btw. So we rent.
    F-em. Why respond to someone just to hurt their feelings? What is the point?
    Good luck in the new hood! Great house! Wish I could rent one like that!

  43. Nina

    LOVE the new house! (and I would totally kill myself on that little step-up entrance thing..lol)
    And I just wanted to add that I OWN my home. Not because I did the math, but because I inherited it. This week is a prime example of why I wished I rented. Our a/c is out and we’re having to purchase a new one. Renters don’t generally have to pay for that kind of stuff.
    So, eff the haters! (Everyone that lives around me OWNS their home, and um, they suck! meth-heads and churchy old people…what a combo.)

  44. Ree

    OMGWTF is with some people. Beautiful house that you will make a beautiful home.
    And, my dear, I rented for YEARS. Even after the $ was rolling in. Why? Because the tax benefits / equity were not equal to what I could invest on my own.
    So there. Down with asshat haters.

  45. Candy

    I’ve rented, I’ve owned. There IS a certain stigma that people attach to you when you rent, but they haven’t walked in your mocassins, and thus, should keep their mouths shut.
    I guess we’ve(Americans) never quite gotten out of the idea that in order to be prosperous and successful in this land you have to own…well…land. Hell, if you weren’t a landowner throughout much of our history, you couldn’t vote. It’s a weird barometer to judge people by, considering how little land is left.

  46. Jenn

    Oh, yes, it’s so much easier to own than rent…until you default on your crappy adjustable rate mortgage and end up in foreclosure or having to file bankruptcy so you don’t lose your home. Douchefaces.

    I would much rather rent a gorgeous home in a neighborhood I luuuurve than own a crappy house with a crappy kitchen in a neighborhood I’m scared of. Ain’t no amount of bean dip OR Starbucks that can fix that shit. Not in the world.

    And I would so be banned from the intercom by now, too….that shit is SWEET.

  47. Kristin

    This is why I read blogs… my Monday was off to a bad start, but then I come here and learn that I am a WINNER because I own my home… it’s better than The Secret.
    Your house looks great… my daughter would hurt someone to get her 3 year old mits on those Cinders Mini-blinds.

  48. Phoenix

    Your haters are full of shit. If your children had no roof over their head and no food in their tummies, maybe it would be logical to bitch at you. But only if you were blogging still and taking photos of the um…Starbucks/bean dip everyday. But they have those things, so enjoy that Starbucks/Bean dip. πŸ™‚
    Lovely house, really. I hope you guys enjoy it.
    ps. I rent. Yum…Starbucks.

  49. Cheri

    NICE house! CONGRATS!
    And can I just say to that idiot who commented about being a renter – what an judgemental asstwat! I love how you response to that stupid shit! He needs a life… if he has the time to send comments like that to people he doesn’t know he needs to worry more about HIMself than you and your hubby!
    LOVE THE VIEWS!!!!!!!

  50. chickadee

    Congrats – it’s gorgeous! And I know it’s been mentioned, but I LOVE the Starbucks cups on your counter, telling Roland to go fuck himself.

  51. Laural

    That is beautiful! I love it!
    As for the renting/owning debating. Last I checked, as a parent the important thing is keeping your children fed and a roof over their heads. Looks like your new rood is pretty nice. Who cares if you are owning or renting?
    And, as for renting, my parents live across the street from the “rental house” in their neighbourhood. I’ve never heard negative comments about those people. It’s the owners next door that cause all the issues!

  52. Jenn

    Isn’t it great how random people think they know your life and situation better than you do? Congratulations on your awesome new house!

  53. JoJo

    I feel that you can live your life any way you want!!!But if you have no money, why don’t you get a job?
    And don’t say, “I have kids.” You have one left at home, get off your ass and get a J-O-B !!!!!!!!!

  54. supertiff

    hmm…well at least you can say that you don’t waste time that you could be earning money for your family by sending advice/hate mail to random internet people.
    what is wrong with people?

  55. Stephanie

    Ooooh… very pretty!
    Argh, those stereotypes and assumptions about renters piss me off. On my parents’ street, the nicest people on the whole block are their next door neighbors, who are the renters. (And the actual owners of that house are kind of jerks, so they are glad they rent it out!) As far as I am concerned, so long as you and your family have a roof of your head, it’s nobody’s damn business whether you rent or own. Both renting and owning have their pros and cons… you just have to do what works best for you.

  56. superblondgirl

    I am SO JEALOUS – your new place is gorgeous. Screw those renter haters. I rent. I rent a very shitty apartment where the fake wood is falling apart and the bathroom caulking separates from the tub the second it is recaulked, and I so dream of renting something better. The reason we don’t own? We just don’t make enough damn money, houses are too damn expensive, and my credit is awful. Screw you renter-hater people!!

  57. Marilyn

    Y, I’m so excited for you. That house looks fantastic and the neighborhood is a dream. The fact is, in this day and age, buying a house is HARD. We got ourselves in under the wire but just BARELY. Because by the time our house was finished being built, it had already appreciated nearly $100k and we never would have been able to afford it. Thing is, renting isn’t as bad as a lot of people would make it out to be and there are quite a few big bonuses to it as well (never worry about a roof leaking again!). And don’t listen to that turd who wants you to get a job. Whatever. Turd.

  58. Marie Green

    The balls of some people!!!!
    And, I love the house! I especially love the walled in yard- it’s so charming. I am very very excited for you.
    Blessings and happiness!

  59. teachbroeck

    I rented until I was 33…some of us don’t have 10% of a 9347594679467 dollars as a downpayment! Some of us have to pay for SCHOOL LUNCHES AND CLEAN UNDERWEAR! Who the hell cares if you rent or own at what point in your life…..I am DAMN jealous of the WHITE PRETTY TRIM!!!

  60. Jen

    OMG!!! Beautiful place and I’m with everyone else – ok, so here in lovely Colorado, we bought our house 2 years ago and it’s barely worth what we owe on it… there’s about 15 foreclosures in our neighborhood and had we waited, we could have paid like 1/2 price on the place we’re in!!! So either way, someone is always screwed, I swear.

  61. Kris

    Roland can suck it. Anal retentive bastard. He’s just pissed because he can’t afford his craniorectal inversion surgery.
    We own and struggle every month to pay the mortgage – let alone try to fix anything that breaks. (That’s the one upside of renting – something breaks and YOU are not responsible for fixing it.)

  62. Indygirl

    Delurking to say…Absolutly Beautiful! Congratulations.
    I love your attitude towards the rude, elitest comments. Those commenters apparently didn’t have a mommy to sing to them. πŸ˜›
    And btw, I also LOVE renting. I’ve heard all the lectures etc. But quite frankly, I dont’ want to deal with the maintenance that comes with owning. I don’t want the headache of dealing with the whole buying/selling shebang if I want to move across country. No thank ya, I’ll stay a happy, proud renter who actually *gasps* contributes productively to society.

  63. Laura

    I can’t believe people don’t have anything better to do than to type up nasty judgements. They should get a hobby, or download porn. As a fellow renter, I think the house is gorgeous and I hope you and your family will be splendidly happy there.
    Some people are just mean.

  64. Andrea

    Good for you, Y, and thanks for sharing. We were so excited for the photos!!! πŸ™‚ I think we have the same dishwasher and range…rock on!
    There’s great light through those back windows with a great, private view too! CONGRATS

  65. Andrea

    PS Roland needs a big punch in the vagina!! Honestly, why the judging, people?!
    I’m excited for Y and I’m just an internet fan!!

  66. Tammy

    I love your new place. I just want to say this…we were in almost the same boat you were in and had to rent instead of buy and are still renting. But we too moved from a crappy home into a new home and lost or zest to buy. We were comfortable. We were happy and we got lost in the happy and spent money on the happy fixing a back yard we did not own. I think had we stayed in the crappy we might have owned sooner. I cant say for sure. Be happy to have a nice place, be happy to have a place of your own once more but dont get lost on the happy. Home ownership is a very important thing I think. It’s important to have the security for your children. At least that is where I am coming from.
    ( Tammy a renter in California)

  67. Nicole

    The new house is gorgeous! And you know what – as long as your family is happy then what does it matter to anyone else? I mean HELLO! They have a roof over their head don’t they? We make very good money for our age (high in the average income levels) and there is NO WAY we could afford to live in CA.
    As they say –
    “One Hundred Years from now
    One Hundred Years from now
    It will not matter
    what kind of car I drove,
    What kind of house I lived in,
    how much money was in my bank account
    nor what my clothes looked like.
    But the world may be a better place because
    I was important in the life of a child. ”
    And you are doing one hell of a job raising your 3!

  68. anne nahm

    So happy for you! The house looks absolutely beautiful!
    Those inset letters really pissed me off – I am also a renter and it has been hard to hear everyone from my neighbors to the bag boy at Vons tell me I’m an idiot not to buy. Everyone has to make different choices, and everyone I know (those with whom I’ve discussed housing) (which was quite a few because people were real eager to tell me how they were able to afford the average $600,000 price range in our neighborhood) in California who didn’t have their house entirely paid off pre-1970 – has a loan or an equity line of credit that have terrifying conditions. And I suspect some of those people are now up pretty late at night trying to figure out how to get out of their ARMs.
    A loan appraiser from my Mommy & Me class told me she thought 90% of people who took out loans in our area in the last five years will lose their house. None of that makes me happier, but I’m really glad I don’t own a house under those conditions.
    So come on over, bean dip is on me!

  69. Melody

    That is so so beautiful Y, and I am so happy you guys got that house!! I was thinking of you all weekend and hoping your move was going well (is that stalkerish of me?).
    It really kills me (for lack of another word that gets my point across without cussing) when people are so freaking judgmental about renters!! I, for instance, am one, and I am thankful right now for that! As if everyone that OWNS their home and does not rent has no problem in the world, and yours too could disappear if you would just pay $550,000 for a 3 bedroom house. I’m sorry, but I think all the hundreds and thousands of families that are losing their homes right now because they got in over their heads beg to differ. I don’t want to strap myself with a $3000+ mortgage just because it makes my neighbors more comfortable. And besides, people are buying and selling houses so freaking fast that I don’t think most neighbors even realize (or care!) if you rent or buy. All they care about is that you respect your home and your neighborhood- which doesn’t matter whatsoever if you are paying mortgage or rent. I highly doubt you would have spent 10 years being unhappy with your last house just so you can find a nicer one that you can trash yourself. Yeah, that makes sense. πŸ˜‰
    We’ve rented for 12 years now (not the same house) and we only have 2 kids (we don’t spend all day having new ones) . And I’ve never been drunk. Blows those theories to hell.

  70. Y

    Hey, JoJo– where in the hell did I say we have no money?
    You’re either new here or just stupid– I have a job.

  71. Molly

    You don’t have to justify yourself, Y. You’re a great family, your new place is awesome, and we’re very happy for you!

  72. Les~

    CONGRATS on the house! Have fun decorating it and loving it with the family! I betcha those two imbeciles that wrote don’t have families!! Just sayin’…

  73. mel from freak parade

    Congrats on the move. The house looks awesome.
    As for the letters…people are morons. I live in SoCal as well. My husband and I own this house…..but we struggle every month to pay for it on one income. We considered selling it and renting, because in CA renting is more feasible…but the housing market took a dive and we would be selling it at about $75,000 under what we owe on it. We are stuck.
    Sometimes renting is the more responsible financial decision for your family.
    Enjoy your new house and pass the bean dip!

  74. SleepyNita

    Hey there! De-lurking to say that I am an “owner/winner” in a $700,000 house that I luckily bought a few years ago for $229,000. The fucking mortgage still gives me an ulcer daily and sometimes I wished I rented because it is so much EAISER to have some other ass-wipe take care of all the repairs. Yeah and I have crap cupboards, purple walls and brass hardware, blech.
    I too indulge in Starbucks and Beandip, and I disowned all financially irresponsible Uncles YEARS ago πŸ™‚

  75. Lisa

    Your new home is beautiful Y! It’s going to be the best thing for you and your family. I’m so thrilled you found such a great place. Karma is a boomerang and it’s come back to you. πŸ™‚
    People are assholes…as we all know. Life would be boring without them.
    We rented for years before we got married. We bought our house the year we got married which was only made possible by ‘Dad’ who gave us the down payment for it. Worthy of note: our home was being rented when we purchased it and has a rental home on either side of it. We’re in a great family neighbourhood and couldn’t be happier. It doesn’t bother me that we have renters on either side of us as long as they’re good people and look after the property. Life could be worse. They could be the home owners, slobs and jerks.

  76. brandy

    Delurking so say the house is beautiful, and I am so happy for you guys. Forget all the mean people, this is you and your family.

  77. Katie

    First congratulations on the beautiful new home! I’m so thrilled for you! (Not that you’ll get the chance to read 90+ comments since you are moving!)
    You’ve probably seen this article before but if not, here you go: http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/2007/07/16/renting-vs-buying-the-realities-of-home-buying/
    We rent our home. Because like you, we live in an insane market bubble where a 4 bedroom/2 bath is easily half a million. You want a good neighborhood/school district? Add another 150,000. So we rent for half of what a monthly mortgage payment would be. Who’s the idiot here?

  78. Karen

    Hey? Did that kid come with the house? I’m a homeowner and I didn’t get a cute little kid with my house. If the kid only comes with rentals, I’m all for renting!
    God Bless!

  79. SleepyNita

    P.S. Maybe those assholes live where houses are practically free, like a shit neighbourhood in GoatFuck, Manitoba (just an example, no offence to the Manitoba peeps)

  80. Mish

    The house is beeeyooouteefullll!!! Lovin’ those Cinderella blinds (Gabi must LOVE them!) and the intercom cracks me up! πŸ™‚
    As for the fucktards, you don’t need to justify jack to them. If they don’t like it, they can go read/comment elsewhere. Idiots.
    (We do own our home, and got incredibly lucky in order to get it. And have been shelling out $$$ ever since. Oh yeah, it’s nice to say it’s “yours,” but it SUCKS when things need fixing!!)
    Enjoy your new home!!!!!!!

  81. Cheryl

    Your new house is beautiful. I love the big windows over the sink in the kitchen. That house is yours for now. Whether you are paying the mortgage or paying the rent. Enjoy.

  82. Jamie

    Screw all the folks who give you a hard time about renting. You live in CA, where the cost to purchase a home is just crazy! Plus, does it really matter?! If you are raising your children well, keeping your house nice and enjoying where you live, what does it matter? And why does it matter to them??? Your new home looks like a dream come true for you and your family – enjoy it!

  83. Sugared Harpy

    Welcome to the Renter’s Club!
    After my split with my husband, where I was a homeowner, I am now renting. Renting a house I found on Craigslist.
    I could have either paid $$ on rent in this great 3 bedroom house or a shitty apartment. I could have bought a house for double my rent.
    No, thank you. I’m not in a position to live like so many others, precariously on the cliff where your mortgage and home improvements of the unexpected variety cause ulcers and stress. For too many people I know, and for me who has been there before, one thing wrong could fuck with all that “security” you think you have in your home.
    And folks who say it’s security, ummm, not if you default at any time in those 30 years you are paying for it. You aren’t secure until it’s paid for.
    And for those who say you are throwing away money renting? You are paying interest to a bank; I am paying money to my landlord so I don’t have to pay property tax or for things to be replaced or fixed (new water heater, window screens, and carpet since I’ve been here).
    I am saving and investing $750 a month by renting and not buying. And I am wagering that if I add up the cost of property tax, upkeep my landlord has had to shell out this year versus my rent money, and interest on their loan, I haven’t paid nearly as much as I would if I owned this house.
    And I live in a great house, with a great school. Renting is a fabulous, secure choice for me right now. Buying is great if that makes more sense to your situation. I hate the one size fits all model…the sentimental value of owning a home doesn’t equate to financial security.
    Y, ENJOY THAT HOUSE!! It’s gorgeous.

  84. Mrs Butter B

    Beautiful, darling, simply beautiful!!!
    For the renterists out there: Out of curiousity, do you know how many people file bankruptcy because they have a change in employment status (ie, layoff, downsizing, etc) and can no longer afford house payments? Do you know how badly that subsequently affects your credit?
    What about satisfaction? Do people who own homes (re-read as “owe for 30 years of subsequent debt regardless of the changing demographics of the n’hood, your health, your wealth, etc) have more enjoyment in life?
    We choose to rent. Choose. We are able to move when great job offers come in (which we have done several times now and love) and expose our kids to a variety of climates, social spheres, and cultures.
    When we outgrow or tire of a home, or the n’hood, we simply look, find what we want, and turn in notice and move. No stress, no dependency on a good agent, or a seller’s market.
    By renting, I pay for what I use. Leasing cars has been accepted, even encouraged, by wealthier groups for years. Why purchase something that immediately loses value, holds risk of being ruined, or that may not fit your needs in a few years?
    While some real estate purchases are considered investments, for the average family, they are not. Typically the average family is looking for something within their price range (although most agents oversell and have families commit to too much monthly debt, causing the family to incur more credit card debt, and the ruination of quality family time, as both parents are then required to work in order for the family and their lifestyle as they know it to continue), close to work/schools/etc.
    For properties to be investment worthy, they typically are undeveloped areas in areas planned for expansion. Not already built homes near schools. Those are typically depreciating from 20 years after being built.
    Perks of renting? 1) flexibility- you have a relative that needs full time care? You can easily move in with them, move near them, etc, with minimal fuss and stress financially
    2) Not market dependable- there are always houses available, always people that don’t quite want to get rid of ownership of the house Grandmom grew up in, but don’t want to live there either
    3) I could go on and on and on.
    There are downsides to renting, yes, like STEREOTYPING of ignorant, prejudiced and narrowminded people. But for us forward-thinkers, it is very practical. And environmentally conscious, as we are willing to recycle, rather than have an all new, “my very own” creation custom build for us.
    And yes, there are landlords. And some of them are evil. But worse than landlords are butthole neighbors.
    And at least if I’m renting, and I happen to rent next door to Alan or Roland, I CAN MOVE. Quickly. Not like the sucker that buys the house next door to them and realizes they’re stuck next to Hell itself.

  85. Kris

    I’m wondering where “Alan” and what’s-his-nuts live. I’m guessing not in California. My brother is an officer in the military and RENTS – OMG! because seriously who can afford a 4 bedroom home in CA even with a housing allowance. I think your new home is awesome and I am so happy for you. Enjoy!

  86. Amanda

    Re: Tammy – Home ownership does not equal security for children. I know a family about to lose their home because his hours have been cut and their home payments are high. It’s ok to fix up a yard you don’t own, you still have to live there. I spent $20 and fixed up a nice little corner for my kids to plant veggies. It’s ok to be happy where ever you live – even “get lost in the happy” for a bit – life is too short.

  87. Veronica

    Your house is gorgeous!
    Can I ask a silly question? Ummm we don’t have bean dip here and I don’t drink coffee, so what can I blame my rental status on?

  88. Preita

    Being a californian (again) and looking for a house to buy I don’t think you need an excuse. Winners do the math? Well then this “winner’ just figured out that most people want me to pay $500 per sqft for a house. Excuse me, “condo”. Sadly I just sold my house in Ohio (3000sqft) for 189k.
    Have fun in the new house! Have wild monkey sex & screw the hate mailers! Why judge someone’s life that you don’t even know? People are so weird!

  89. ella

    Wow! The new house looks beautiful. ANd the blinds in Gabby’s room couldn’t be more perfect.
    I’ve often discussed your blog with my husband. And even though we BOTH work, if we lived in California we’d be renters too. (we live in Texas). A very good friend of mine who made a very good income and has a wife that also worked moved to Atlanta so they could afford a nice home and not a cardboard box. They tried to buy out there but it was crazy.
    So you did the right thing. And when the dishwasher goes out you call the landlord to fix it. How cool is that?

  90. Katie

    I’m a renter.
    When people ask me why I don’t buy a house, or why I’m wasting “dead money” on renting, I tell them that until they give me the money to buy a house, they can shut the hell up.
    When it’s time to buy, it’s time to buy.
    Until then, enjoy knowing that if anything breaks, you don’t have to pay. *grin*

  91. Shauna

    In this day and age most homeowners are a paycheck away from being renters! Screw those people and enjoy that beautiful house!!!

  92. Becki

    Wow!! What an asshole. It’s kinda painful to think that’s what some people think of me because I rent. Although the fact that I am a single mom who gets no support from their loser daddy, who by the way quit his job just so he wouldn’t have to pay child support, would never be able to afford a home. Alan can get off his high horse and go read the Wall Street Journal or something high class like that, that i’m sure lowly renters wouldn’t be reading and therefore make him more like us than he would ever care to admit. πŸ™‚

  93. Jeanette

    Your house is beautiful, and some people can be real assholes. And for the record, owning a home is a lot of responsibility, taxes are ridiculously high, maintenance is expensive and it can be very stressful. Yep, homeownership is not always what it’s cracked up to be. Maybe some people see renting as a waste of moneybut then someone else has the responsibility and the headache.

  94. girlplease

    Shit girl. That house is huge. Congrats on the move. Glad you found something you well deserve.
    It’s really easy for people to judge others when it comes to money and how they live. I don’t throw stones because I live in a glass house.

  95. Girl on a mission

    Wow- that’s a man for ya!
    Talk about trying to ‘make a point’ want you to hear it loud and clear.
    Everyone is going to have an opinion, and, more are going to try to convince you to buy rather than rent. But, either way- it is the NOW moment you are living in- and right NOW, you do what is best for the goose…and not the gander. Right NOW, you are happy and that is evident when you speak about how happy your kids are and you are with you house. Right NOW, you are financially able to afford this beautiful house, and right NOW, you are probably smarter than most because buying a house has so many other attachments and expenses with it. Lawn mowers, lime for grass, snow blowers, deck/fence stain, tar for the driveway….flowers, etc. When all you have to do is move it- and poof, you have your dream in front of you. The NOW moment is the best thing when it makes you happy.
    Don’t worry about opinions and other people’s ability to make you feel like crap. Its KARMA- it will bite them in the ass someday- and they would have forgot that they made your life miserable for one second.
    Cream rises to the top!

  96. angela

    okay, now i feel bad because of all the comments i make about the “renters” that live on either side of me…. if they’d keep their trees off my trees, i’d have nothing to complain about, though.
    and as for those losers who actually had time to figure out how much you spent in bean dip and starbucks over the last 10 years, a big ol’ fuck you! get a life!
    your new house is byootiful!

  97. hdw

    And here I thought there were really BIG LIFE ISSUES to deal with, other than leaving crappy comments on someone’s blog about whether they rent or own.

  98. Helga

    Tell those haters to SHUT THEIR PIEHOLES!! YOu go on, sweetie, and enjoy your new space. You deserve THE JOY!! And you know when you have THE JOY!! Most people don’t…

  99. Chasity

    There is nothing wrong with renting. If some asshole has nothing better to do than try and take you down when you are feeling good about this. It is probably because they are really ugly, have no friends and even their family dislikes them. However, you are a wonderful honest and real person. Pretty, too. They are just jealous because they might own a house but they know you have happiness with family and friends that they will never have because they suck. You rule. Love the house. Hate the rent haters.

  100. Kim j

    First of all. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You deserve it.
    Second I hate when people ask why are you still renting? They should mind there own business. But since they asked and all, I tell them, just so I could see the look on their face when they find out why. So once I have told them that, we rent because it’s cheap and the townhouse we live is small but is filled with love. I then follow that with, we had twin boys, one of which was born with VATER syndrome. He is an amazing boy, and even though he spends alot of time in the hospital and is poked and proded every. single. time. this wonderful child still has a smile on his face. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. He and his brother are my one true happiness. So if it means not owning a home because my husband and I would do just about anything to get him the medical care he deserves then we will rent for as long as it takes. It is none of their business that we still rent because all our money goes to having to fight tooth and nail to get his surgeries covered, or our expenses while we stay with him during his hospital stays. Surgeries that he would have to endure until he stopped growing. Surgeries that we would have to travel 5-6 hours just to get to LA children’s hospital. (by the way we love you Dr. Skaggs) to see that amazing boy, who at two days old we were told would not make it through his first surgery that night who came out like a champ, smile and be healthy. So yes we rent. We rent because they do not know what is going on with people that they so willingly gave their advice too. We rent because that surgery that he would have to have twice a year till he stopped growing, gave us the best and worst year of his BIG but short life. The best: We seen a child who always had to fight for every breath he took. A child who for the last year of his life ( The worst: yup thats right he is now an angel) was finally able to have a year where he wasn’t sick every darn month, who didn’t need his ventilator 24 hours a day and who was becoming the smartest little thing in the world and the boy who along with his brother would come and cover me with kisses and tell me how much they loved me. So yes we rent, and it doesn’t matter if people rent because you had IRS problems or we had a son with medical problems, that fact of the matter is they are not the ones paying your rent so they should stay out of it, unless they are asking so they can give you the down payment to own a home. OK I will take a breath now. LOL!!!
    I am so sorry i went on a rant, but you can see how much that question bugs me.
    Soo congratulations on the new home (rental) I hope you have many days, months and years filled to the brim with happiness and love there.
    Kim j

  101. Renae

    We are getting constant pressure to buy. What people don’t get is that we pay a very, very low rent plus hubs house with his ex got foreclosed on. Plus we love our landlords and they take care of all of the crap stuff and we just decorate and enjoy. And we have the flexibility to move with a months notice if we want. And we are saving so much freaking money – money so I can stay home with my future kiddos. Go Y! Have fun in that new house!

  102. Krissy

    Renters are not the scum of the universe, contrary to your “fans.” Screw ’em–I love your attitude! And your new house is beautiful! I hope your family loves it as much as you do. And I hope that many wonderful moments occur there. Because YOU DESERVE IT. And PS: Starbucks is a necessary indulgence that you rightfully deserve from time to time because you’re raising three (adorable but challenging) children. Enjoy your new home! I’m so excited for you!

  103. Tiffany

    Congrats on the house! We are renters too….and I get LOADS of crap from my family about it….But until we can afford a 4 bd home in the area of town we live in we wont be buying….and I refuse to buy a house in an area of town I dont like so we will continue to pay our ridiculous rent and be the *losers that dont own a home*

  104. kylie

    LOVE the house! Congrats! Can’t wait to hear more!
    Ignore the haters, they are obviously unhappy in their own lives and get perverse pleasure in bringing happy people down. You deserve every bit of happiness! Again, congrats!

  105. Michelle

    I can’t believe that people really take the time to write and say such awful things simply because you are renting. Tell them to go mow their lawns.
    We are currently renting and yet we own a house too. So what would they say to me? I would say that in our situation I wish we could stop owning the damn house but no one will buy it – think one of those jerks would want it?
    Photos are lovely!

  106. Donna

    Your new home is beautiful. I am so happy for all of you. Enjoy making new memories in that wonderful place!

  107. Tracy

    The only thing I don’t like is that raised tile entryway. Why? Because my drunk ass would fall off the damn thing. Other than that, it’s beeeeyoutiful. And fuck the haters. Who gives a shiz what they think.
    Dude, I totally just said “fuck” but censored myself on “shit”. That is fucked up.

  108. Candace Martin

    you’re hilarious.
    jo jo sucks.
    your house looks great! did you know it comes with a free kid just inside the front door! free with first months rent….
    wish I could come to the housewarming party, I make a mean nine layer dip.

  109. eve

    de-lurking to say that your new home is beautiful!
    and also to say that the “anti-renter” comments really burned me too. so and i are also renters, and the grief we get for it is unbelievable. we’re both working adults, going to school, saving what we can. we don’t buy thousands of dollars of bean dip. we also don’t have any endowments from mommy or daddy. we were closer to buying a couple of years ago, but the market exploded (while pay rates didn’t), so we’re farther away now than before. and we’re not willing to leverage ourselves to the hilt for a half-million dollar 2-bedroom/1 bath apartment in the silicon valley. i don’t know who decided that home ownership is the end-all/be-all, but i wish they would keep their opinions to themselves!!
    anyways, best to you and your family! πŸ™‚

  110. Danielle

    I am in lurrrrvvvaaa with your new HOME.
    We moved last July and we had the decision to buy or rent. We decided to rent and it was the best decision we could ever have made. If we would have bought a house that we could afford, we would be in a terrible neighborhood. We rent in a beautiful neighborhood and live in a luxury condo a mile from a school graded A. Our kids our happy, we are happy.
    I still feel like they are going to figure out we don’t belong here and kick us out but so far they don’t care as long as we pay them money.
    Your new hood rocks!

  111. Meegan

    You know what? People who have a lot and haven’t struggled to attain will NEVER understand. Some of them have empathy, and thank God for them. But some of them are just jerks. When you are struggling and you make sacrifices every single moment of every single day, you occasionally find a teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy way to splurge. Like buying BEAN DIP! Good LORD! You’d think you were hiring a pricey babysitter and going out for fancy Italian/Sushi/French food every week. But no. You were spending few bucks on BEAN DIP! Holy crap, those people who are telling you to sacrifice the BEAN DIP so you can buy a house? Those people should fuck themselves. IN THE BUM. Jerks.

  112. margalit

    People that dis renters don’t live in LA or SF or Boston or NYC where the prices of houses are completely out of sight that people on one income can’t even begin to afford them. I rent, but I live in a house that is assessed by my city for 1.25 MILLION dollars. And believe me, it isn’t worth 1/4 of that. But it’s a huge piece of land, almost 2 acres, and that is what makes it so expensive.
    Renting is fine. In CA, it’s too hard to own your own home, which is being played out by the number of foreclosures seen. Better to be out of debt and able to afford nice digs in a nice stable community.
    You did great!

  113. Jessica

    wow that place is beautiful… even though i’d probably fall off that raised entryway too (sober).
    i’m a renter… and so i KNOW it’s not easy to afford to own a home. even in the lower priced places. funny how the hypocrites can judge you for taking time to blog and/or read other blogs… wonder how they know so much about you?! hmm maybe because they are doing just what they are judging you for? could be?
    anyway, who cares???!!!? you are moving into an awesome home where all 5 of you can be soooo happy and comfy. congrats!

  114. Thumper

    We rent…how the heck are any of our neighbors going to know that unless we tell them? And gee, while they’re suffering the $500,000 mortgage, we’re only paying half of what their payments are. It doesn’t always make sense to buy a house. Not everyone wants to own a house. People who make judgments based on renting..I hope their nipples crack and then invert so they can’t scratch away the itchiness…

  115. Lotus Carroll

    Love your new home. I’m glad you found something that makes you happy.
    That’s all that matters!
    We rent our home too, and are planning on buying when we have some debts paid and the market is sweeter.
    Have fun in the kitchen! πŸ™‚

  116. incognito

    I’m not even gonna comment on the assholes. Let’s talk about your PICTURES! OMG Y! I lurve your house! Luh huv IT! Girl – after you rent a year or so, you should totally talk to the home owners about buying that pad. It’s suhweet! Congrats to you and the familia.

  117. psst

    Guess what Y – I bet these two twits that commented are REPUBLICANS. Their comments have very similar langauge to those repubs who think it is so damn easy just to go make money and be wealthy like they are. Now, do you understand why you don’t vote the likes of these fucking pieces of garbage into office?

  118. chanelireli

    I say screw Roland and Alan. Your new home is beautiful and I LOVE IT!!!! Plus we can’t afford a house on one income so we rent too. (shhh) πŸ™‚

  119. Angel

    Congratulations! It’s lovely πŸ™‚
    I really don’t understand the Blog Flamers. Crap, it’s expensive to own a house (and we live in a cheaper area/cheaper state). RENT YOUR HEARTS OUT, I say πŸ˜‰

  120. Susan

    1) Alan needs to fuck himself.
    2) Roland needs to fuck himself AND learn how to spell “their” and “Seinfeld.”

  121. supertiff

    oh my god, i feel totally irresponsible for being the first comment after jojo, but not paying enough attention to make a response.
    hey, jojo: i have two jobs, two degrees, and i live in my parent’s basement. i’ll be thirty next year, and I’M A RENTER!!!
    (i know. they make me pay. it’s craptastic.)
    anyway, come on over and lay your fuckwit attitude on my and leave Y alone. at least i deserve the ridicule.
    or, you know, walk into the bathroom, stick your finger down your throat, and see if you can purge and flush some of your negativity down the toilet.
    renters and people with money issues don’t hurt the world as much as negative attitudes and the spreading of hatred do…of that much, i am sure.

  122. Chief Family Officer

    Having gotten some rather strong hateful comments myself in the last week, I just wanted to say that I admire your thick skin πŸ™‚ And of course, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on the house!

  123. Nicole

    My husband has a little ol’ “M.D.” behind his name and we rent our house. Alan can put that in his pipe and smoke it. Might make him more fun.
    Congratulations! It’s beautiful. Yay for sex under your own roof!

  124. Felicia

    ohh, I know the IRS story all to well. We had 200k worth of liens on us. What a nightmare. We just got out from it. Finally. Those guys can just take a walk off a short pier. Because with the market the way it is it is smart to rent!!! What about all the people who buy home just to rent them to make money? No renters no extra income!!! Or the people who buy a house and then can’t sell the first house. What do they do rent it. I hate stupid people. The house is so pretty. Good Luck!!! and have a beandip party and post pic. =)

  125. CharmingDriver

    YAY!! It’s beautiful!!
    “the kind of tired that makes you want to cry while you’re wondering aimlessly through the aisles of Target trying to remember what it is that you were there for in the first place.”
    Also, you went to Target for beandip – Duh, heh.

  126. Rachel

    I don’t understand people who leave nasty comments. If they don’t like your blog, they should leave. Your new house is beautiful! Enjoy it, enjoy your nice neighborhood and enjoy your Starbucks and bean dip!

  127. Sueb0b

    Who are these fucking fuckheads, anyway? And has anyone else ever been so crucified for so long over some damn bean dip?? In California, I could quit drinking coffee and eating completely, and I still would not have enough for a mortgage payment.

  128. Sasha

    Your house is so beautiful and perfect for you. I love that Gabby has princesses to wake up to and you have a huge kitchen. The intercom is awesome. God has blessed you (finally, lol).
    Oh, and I’m sure those assholes left mommy and daddy’s house and moved straight into ownership no?
    I own my home and I live by two renters. We have the people who don’t exist next door (renters), the normal people across from them (renters), the wannabe gangbangers across from us (homeowners), the sweet old lady (homeowner)who keeps to herself next to the wannabes (wonder why?, lol) and the bestest neighbors (who are homeowners too on the other side.)
    So their theory is BS. Jealousy is so ugly isn’t it? You enjoy your home because home is where you make it and it’s yours because you pay one way or the other and you can’t take it with you, right?
    I am so happy for you!

  129. Brandy

    The new house looks fabulous, CONGRATULTIONS!
    As for the rent vs. own debate, well, everyone has an opinion. But, to demean and insult someone for a choice they’ve made, is predetory and anti-social behavior. I woder what their ex-wives have to say about that? *G*
    Enjoy the new home!

  130. vickie

    To whoever “pssst” is:
    Your comments are just as ridiculous as JoJo’s. Talk about flaming stereotypical attitudes. It wouldn’t make a difference if you were talking about either party. And I wondered how many comments it would take before renting became the Republicans’ fault.

  131. RM in MA

    Congratulations on your new home. A home is a place where you create a kind, loving, and peaceful environment for your family. Makes no difference whether you rent or own, it is still a place that is all yours. Looks like it will be a fun house to decorate.

  132. KimberlyDi

    Some people out there are stuck with mortgages and would lose the house if it weren’t for RENTERS. Buying a house in this market isn’t the investment it was 5 years ago. In fact, too many people that have bought recently have a house that isn’t worth what they paid for it. Mr. Starbucks/bean dip hating jerk can choke on his own naivety.

  133. Missy

    I am happy for you. The home is lovely, your children are lovely, you are lovely. Congratulations. You are going to make so many wonderful memories in your new home.
    As for the dicklicks who feel it necessary to chastise you for renting… You are just pathetic, sad, small.
    Congrats, Y. I can’t wait to see pics of the kids in the backyard!!! πŸ™‚

  134. jojo

    I’m glad I gave you hens something to cluck about…….hahahahaha!!! Your Mommy job, sounds real hard…..sit around and watch the neighbors, blog about useless shit, and eat bean dip all day …..oh yea…. too bad your little tit sucker is not nursing…that would give you something else to do, wouldn’t it? What a bunch of LOSERS!!!!!!!!

  135. Lauren

    As they said in Clueless “WHAT- EV-ERRRR”! *makes a W on her forehead*
    And if you DID own a home and blogged about that, some troll would call you materialistic yuppie scum. Or if you worked to have the two incomes t 99.9% of families need to own a home, they’d accuse you of being an awful mom for neglecting your kids for your own selfish career amibitions.
    Know what? Winners don’t spew hateful vitriolic half-witted nonsense on blog comments. Are we supposed to admire him for his financial genius? 10 to 1 the same guy is saving money on Starbucks so he can pay to see a naked boobie for once in his life.
    HA! See! Two can play at that hateful comment bullshit! πŸ˜‰
    The house is great and you’re great and who the hell cares how you got into it. Wonder what these people who say to all the non-home-owner refugees in third world countries? I mean, they don’t EVEN RENT! :O
    Assholes are everywhere. Ignore them. Have fun in the new place!

  136. Y

    Um, jojo.
    I have a job that brings in a paycheck.
    Like, a JOB job.
    But, I’m kind of glad you’re mildly retarded and didn’t get that the first time because it’s fun watching you try to insult me.
    haha. tit sucker. goooooooood one.

  137. Janet

    Just wanted to say congratulations on the new house. I just wonder how many of the OWNERS who have been so snarky to you about renting have gone belly up in the last couple of months because of the housing problems? Don’t let them get you down. I admire you for living within your means and giving your children a beautiful home to enjoy!

  138. Wacky Mommy

    Oh honest to gawd why do people have to act so goofy and throw the insults around? I miss the freedom of renting. I miss being able to pack up and go. I miss having someone to call when the toilet breaks. I call my husband now when our toilet breaks and he says (i’m quoting here): “Fix it.”
    I don’t know how to fix a toilet.
    We’re moving, and it will all be hanging on will our old place sell? What if I can’t deal with cleaning and no one wants to buy it because we’re slobs? What if they read this blog and realize my neighbor is psycho? And hello huger mortgage and more taxes.
    Pretty view from where you are.

  139. Therese

    If all the nay-sayers have been watching the news lately, even the money EXPERTS will tell you that renting sometimes makes more sense than trying to strap yourselves into buying a home. There have been a lot on the sub-prime mortgages and the fact Americans are defaulting on home loans in very large numbers. You do what you can afford for your family. And you are providing them with a very nice home, which is all that counts.

  140. AmyM

    Hey, I rent too! And I blog. And read blogs. And I really love bean dip. And alcohol. Especially alcohol.
    But alas, I do not have a job.
    So if it makes you feel any better, I suck worse than you do.
    At……… least I don’t…. over use…. periods….. like…..some people…. because….that is…..a…..huge sign of…..being ….farking ……reeeee…..tarrrrr…..ded.

  141. Leticia

    Congratulations! The new place is beautiful. I’m so glad everything worked out….and thta you didn’t have to hire Judy for a realtor. HA!

  142. Leanne

    Y – your new home is gorgeous! Much prettier than mine and I own! Sheesh. Some people. ENJOY your new home and enjoy the many days of entertaining that you will soon do πŸ™‚

  143. Stefanie

    The Bean Dip is THE MAN! And THE MAN is trying to keep you down. The Bean Dip is trying to keep us all down!!!
    The new house is just completely fabulous in all ways. Has the fabulousness sapped the energy from G-unit? Is that why she’s laying on the tile entry way? πŸ™‚

  144. Carolyn

    Congratulations on your new home–regardless of how you came into it, it’s still a home for your family and that’s the important thing. It’s beautiful and I’m sure you’ll all love it!
    Glad to see some good karma came your way. πŸ™‚

  145. Nicki Bradley

    I haven’t read the rest of the comments but damn, this guy is totally ignorant. I’ve owned two houses in the recent past and NEVER AGAIN will I invest in the total money pit that is called home ownership in the current economy. If that guy “does the math”, he could probably see that one could invest, even conservatively, and make more money than a house would earn. So I’m currently renting even though we could afford to own without a problem and have NO plans to EVER own a home again. I *love* having someone else responsible for all the crap – the property tax, the association fees, the pool and yard maintenance, every time the A/C or a major appliance breaks, etc. I love that we can move when we want without worrying about the tanking economy and houses that don’t move. Thanks but I’ll save my hard earned money for REAL investments and let my landlord suck it up and pay for this money pit himself! Good riddance. Never mind that some of the worst neighbors I’ve EVER had were “owners”, go figure.
    Your new house is absolutely beautiful. It must be so amazing to have that kitchen, do you worship it daily? Enjoy every minute in your new place. I would love to be your neighbor.

  146. Glennia

    When I was in 3rd grade, the teacher asked us what made a house a home. The other kids said things like people, pets, a yard, toys. I piped up and said, “Love”. If your home is full of love, it is your home whether you rent it, own it, or take it by squatter’s rights.
    Congratulations on your beautiful new home, Y. You deserve it.

  147. jerry

    Your new house is everything you and your family deserve! You have a good husband, wonderful sons and a beautiful baby girl. MOVIN’ ON UP!

  148. linde

    The house is awesome! I love all the windows in the kitchen.
    About the intercom system….take it from someone who grew up with one. The boys will learn to despise it. Do you know how easily you can spy on them with it? Oy vey…the one at the door when I was dating was the bane of my existence.
    Have fun with it. Also…have fun with the Jesus approved sex….

  149. DogsDontPurr

    Wow….you sure get a lot of comments!
    Congrats on the house!! It looks beautiful! I really don’t see why anyone would have a problem with you renting. Heck…there are movies stars who rent homes in Malibu for $10,000/month and up!
    You go girl!

  150. Xerxes

    Congrats on a new home. Theres nothing wrong at all with renting. A home is a home no matter where it is or if you own it or not.

  151. Karen Rani

    People like Alan need a great big kick to the balls.
    The house is gorgeous and let me just say, that it doesn’t matter if you rent or own (short of the fact that I’m jealous that you have someone to call if something goes wrong – haha) – the fact of the matter is you guys LOVE THOSE KIDS and have a great marriage. I’m lucky enough to know you on a personal level and Alan is clearly projecting his own insecurities on you and your happiness. Fuck that noise.

  152. lizinsumner

    Wow! Lots of debate over owning vs. renting….just had to get in on it! I’ve rented and I’ve owned; right now I rent. Lest anyone forget – the vast majority of “home owners” out there right now don’t really OWN their homes….they OWN a mortgage. The market up here around Seattle isn’t quite as bad as southern CA but it’s bad enough…as far as I’m concerned, it’s too risky and too over priced right now. The only reason that I can think of that would make me want to own right now is so that I could paint my walls something other than white. But, the last house I owned? The walls were – you guessed it!! – WHITE. So, while the home-“owners” are mowing their lawns and re-roofing their houses, I’ll be down at Starbucks relaxin’ with my latte. As for security for your family???!!! Buy a good mutual fund – historically, the stock market has always out-performed the value of real estate. Me, I’d just as soon leave my security in my 401k. I’m with Nicki Bradley a couple of posts up!!!!

  153. jess

    My husband and I don’t want to own. Besides, as soon as you own, you can never have bean dip or Starbucks again: You’ll be too busy saving money for the furnace going out or the roof needing replacing or the front steps falling off the house–or whatever else happens that you have to fix and pay for when you own your own house. *laughs* It’s hard enough owning cars!
    I agree with you, Helen (from way up there). Sometimes it sounds nice to own until we find out what the neighbors are like or the area goes downhill or a bear takes up residence behind your building and you realize one thing: I can move and I won’t have to put up with this or worry about selling this thing.
    That said, my parents just bought their first house and are pretty danged excited about it (even though they don’t buy bean dip or drink Starbucks–probably don’t know what Starbucks IS–they couldn’t afford it on their pay until now.) Not everyone wants to own a house nor can everyone afford it, even if they don’t eat bean dip or drink coffee.
    Sheesh. Why can’t people find anything better to complain about than other people’s personal choices?

  154. l.c.

    the house is beautilful and coming from a person that owns a home-its not all its cracked up to be. sure i own my home, but its not a huge deal… home is where your heart is. i know its so clichΓ©, but its the truth! i love the home, gabby looks comfy, the boys love the intercom and you’ll be having the S-E-X without your folks under that same roof!! woot-woot!!!!!

  155. Natalie

    Dude — my boyfriend’s mom lives in Riverside County, and she owns her home. She’s a secretary for a law firm. The only reason she owns her home is because she’s been living in Southern California since, like, I dunno, 1802 or something, and she bought her house for like $120,000. Yeah.
    We’ve said that we’ll only buy a house when we have enough money to pay someone else to do all the yard work, at which point we’ll probably have enough money to pay to fix the roof when Godzilla comes by and eats it. πŸ™‚ Your house is gorgeous. Be sure to bring some beandip over to your new neighbors so that they don’t fear catching rentitis.

  156. Kristy

    What a pretty house! Congratulations!
    Owning your home doesn’t make you a winner; it only makes you a homeowner. Not everyone measures success in the accumulation of goods and property. Shame on the commenters who dare to measure others by their standards.

  157. me

    A few months back, the New York Times DID THE MATH and found that renting a home in CA in the current real estate market is a far better financial move for the next 4 years than purchasing a home in CA. Also? Our financial adviser also DID THE MATH and came to the same conclusion. Guess what? We are home renters too ALL BECAUSE OF MATH.
    Bravo for renting, it’s a smart move in an unstable real estate market. I gotta say that it’s awful nice to simply call someone else to fix the plumbing/leak/appliances free of charge. It’s also kind of nice not to have to watch our home value depreciate in a soft market.

  158. anon

    You’ll probably never going to get to this comment but I’m a real estate finance/banking atty in CA and I think renting in this climate is best. Too bad your commenters haven’t bothered picking up WSJ or NYT Business to give a half-second thought to the state of the lending industry these days.
    Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you about was CAHFA loans. If you want more information, feel free to contact me at the email address I left.

  159. lily

    First …love your family…..i too had a daughter after two boys. They are 15, 13 and my daughter is 4…she was a surprise and a blessing..
    Second….although my husband make over 100 thousand a year…his divorce put him in allot of debt, $700 a month for 7 years. Until we finish this loan, we will be renting. I wish we could own but i’m not ashamed of renting. Good luck with your new house….it’s looks great!!!! and the view…..

  160. lily

    First …love your family…..i too had a daughter after two boys. They are 15, 13 and my daughter is 4…she was a surprise and a blessing..
    Second….although my husband makes over 100 thousand a year…his divorce put him in allot of debt, $700 a month for 7 years. Until we finish this loan, we will be renting. I wish we could own but i’m not ashamed of renting. Good luck with your new house….it’s looks great!!!! and the view…..

  161. Lisa

    Wow, you’ve already got like a gazillion comments but I just wanted to de-lurk and say WOW, awesome view!
    And I can’t believe that people would have such pathetic and empty lives of their own that they take time to actually chastize you for being a renter. WTF?
    And seriously…home ownership is not all it’s cracked up to be. I have friends who rent and don’t have to deal with all the crap my husband and I have to as home owners. In the past 10 years since we have owned our home we have had to replace every major appliance, a new furnace, new windows and new sewage system and we still have to put up a new fence in the backyard and side the house. Anyone want to do the math there? If we were renting our landlords would have paid for all that. Thats all in addition to our mortgage. blech.

  162. Jenny H.

    I freely admit to FUCKING NOT HAVING READ ALL YOUR COMMENTS. So there. Not because I don’t love you, but because I am so tired of hearing mean comments.
    It is unbelievably difficult to admit, to anyone, let alone a group of people you don’t even know, that your life has gone to hell in a handbasket.
    And? That sometimes that is the answer to all of your prayers.
    We have never met, but I love you. Cause we are going through the same thing.

  163. beenie

    My husband and I are in our 30s and we rent. Maybe when we find a house that’s NOT under 1,000 square feet, NOT in the guh-het-TOE, and not so old that our heating bill would be four times what we currently pay, that will cost us little enough money where our…
    mortgage payment
    property taxes
    …will be the same amount as we currently pay in rent, then maybe we’ll be able to buy a house.

  164. Kay

    Well the only reason I bought a house is because I found one CHEAPER than rent. Rent has it’s advantages, home ownership is overrated.
    For example, depending on your age and how settled you are, renting is your best bet. Either you die paying house payments or rent? What is the difference?
    That being said, I fart on Roland and Alan’s heads and wish you and the family happy days ahead in your beautiful new home, who gives a F$#(* if it is a rent home or the one you have to pay taxes on?

  165. Michelle

    I totally agree with Eliza… owning a house does not make it a home. Regarding the pics, I really love how much greenery the house is surrounded by. So pretty!

  166. Kay

    And I CAN fart on their heads because I am full of bean dip and cheap wine. It is hard to buy bean dip and cheap wine as a homeowner though because I am responsible for Roto Rooter bills now and well, you know how the bean dip does.

  167. Rachel

    As someone who has owned a home and is now in the process of losing that home, I’d rather rent. When you own a home there is all kinds of fun stuff that nobody ever tells you about. Like property taxes and supplemental property taxes that are like thousands of dollars, that you don’t have because you just spent every penny you have to buy the damn house. Plus when you rent, if something breaks, the landlord fixes it. When you own your home, you have to spend your money on home repair instead of Big Gulps and sunflower seeds. Be proud you rent. You could still be living with your parents. Like me.

  168. cindy

    I haven’t commented before but I just want to let you know I think you’re home is beautiful and you and your husband are doing a good job and doing right by your kids. It is so easy for people to judge what it takes to make a life and do what’s best for your kids. Living in southern california, I know how hard it is for REAL people to buy a home – it is extremely difficult. I am a struggling renter myself. Yeah, we could probably make enough money working several jobs and 80 hours a week but then what time do you have left to give your kids? There is always a price we pay and I think you are doing the right thing. Your children live in a home that mom & dad love each other and they feel safe and secure. THAT is most important. Congratulations on your new home, I think its BEAUTIFUL.

  169. mandy

    You are so sweet. When I read that someone was mean to you, is bugs the crap outta me. Why are people mean to nice people? Life happens to us all, my dear. It isn’t always pretty. Don’t feel like you have to defend yourself to people who aren’t here to support you. Some people have no idea how hard life can be. They think if you do, “this” and “this” that will = prefect life. That is someone who has had it easy. Guess who ends up with a stronger character? (hint: not them)
    Isn’t that what life is all about anyway?
    I am happy you are comfortable in your new home.

  170. Kristy

    Congrats on your new home. I’m a rather silent reader/observer at your blog. I am always this way for the most part for reason. People write about their lives but don’t always want to hear the truth. For me the truth is…whether you rent (as I did for half of my adult life) or own (as I did for the other half of my life) or lease to own (which I am currently doing and recommend because you get to try out the house, make sure everything is in working order, try out the neighborhood etc. and know all of these things prior to purchasing) the bottom line is this. Housing prices are insane where I live too (Tampa Bay, FL), but more so here the taxes and home owners insurance are major issues due to hurricanes. However…the thing is…choices. We all make them. Sometimes good sometimes bad. As a former full time renter I worried constantly about renewal of leases, whether I’d be asked to move without notice (we all know you are familiar with this), etc. There’s good and bad in every choice. But one thing the miserable commenter mentioned that I agree with is….appropriation of funds. We all make choices about how we live, how we spend money etc. It does seem somewhat frivolous even to me that while you always had this complaint about money and not owning a house and those miserable former cabinets….you kept doing the same things expecting a different outcome. This was fascinating to me. But I don’t and never did judge this because I think many people do this. I have been guilty of it myself. We don’t like something in our lives but we do little to nothing different yet hope for a different outcome.
    I say be grateful for your family….I don’t have one. So if I ever got evicted, as happened to you, I’d be on the streets wishing I had those crappy kitchen cabinets back. We all have so much in life we take for granted. Learn from your experiences and move on happily I say! But please also know that all of your lifes outcomes usually can be traced back to a choice somewhere. Your husband made a poor choice to trust that Uncle obviously. Shit happens…and we all make poor choices somewhere in life. I think what irritates these people is that you never admit that anything is or was your fault. It’s always someone else’s fault….never yours. We’re all responsible for where we are in life. I think owning vs. renting…it’s a choice and personal desire. If you wanted to own bad enough you’d work ten jobs, quit spending frivolously..etc. It’s choice. I’m not saying working ten jobs is a happy lifestyle either….not saying that at all.
    Best wishes to you…and your family. And know that when you put your life out there…you have to expect commenters…good and bad.

  171. Y

    Kristy (PoeticaL! How are you? Long time no comment!).. just wanted to say…we were NOT “Evicted”.
    That is all.

  172. burnurcomputer

    Wow! Love all the comments. I own a home, BUT it was super cheap compared to the markets that you all live in! I have rented many times in the past, and I can say that I like owning a home because I can paint the walls. I know, so poetic right? I didn’t have cool landlord who would let me paint πŸ™ I have nothing mean to say about renting. Who gives a rip in the long run? If you can pay your bills and have a good quality of life—sweet! If you just want to post rude random things in Y’s blog…may I offer that you need to spend more time at work actually working? This is from a home owning STAY AT HOME MOM, who is also educated as a nurse. I love Y’s blog and if you don’t….well, shove off and go read someone elses. Plus if we stay on this topic we will NEVER get a fresh blog adnd I for one hate to have my morning routine tampered with πŸ™‚

  173. Lulu

    Your new home is beautiful! You know, when you shared the “hate” mail, I got so angry. I thought, “How dare these assholes pass judgment on you!” I suppose we all put ourselves out there when we blog. And perhaps they are entitled to their opinions. But I wish you and your beautiful family the very best. And despite you being a stranger, I am soooo happy for you! As for the dickheads, a big “F- YOU!” to them.
    Congratulations girl! You’re movin’ on up πŸ˜€

  174. Melissa

    YaY Y!!! I’m SOOO very happy for y’all!! It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!
    To the “renter nay-sayers” …. well …. F’em! When they come and live in YOUR shoes, THEN and ONLY then, will they be qualified to pass judgment on you and your living arrangements!
    I have people in my life like this … like THEY are SO freakin perfect!! They’ve NEVER been late on a bill in their ENTIRE life… Stuff like that!! If it were THEM, they’d do THIS or THAT!! WELL GOOD FOR YOU, I say! Guess what?? You’re NOT me!!!!
    I’m a renter too. Just because my hubby makes pretty decent money, doesn’t mean we’re “loaded” financially, and can afford things! We have big bills. Not frivolous bills either! We struggle to get them paid. Sometimes are pleanitful, and sometimes are thin. We do NOT have credit cards, we do NOT think that as long as we have checks in the checkbook, that means we have $$ to spend!! If the funds aren’t there, they don’t get spent!!
    Tell ya what else. As a renter …. when something breaks down, guess what? I don’t have to pull MORE money out of my pocket, that I don’t have, to get it fixed … Nope, I just call my landlord [who is AWESOME, btw] and it get’s fixed!
    Sure, one day I’d like to own a home. But if I did at this point, I’d lose the thing, should anything major ever break down!! Money can only be spread so thin!!
    So never mind all those nay-sayer’s Y!! You ARE doing what is best for YOUR family!! :0)

  175. Mary

    I don’t get it–why does anyone care whether you own or rent your home?? I’ve never read this blog before, I know nothing of your circumstances, but I’m happy you have a home–and it looks like just a great one, at that.
    This is like the Mommy Wars–if you don’t make exactly the same choices that I do, somehow my judgment is threatened. Are we in high school, where the “cool kids” all think alike, listen to the same music, etc. etc.? And many of these people seem to be raising children–are they passing along these narrow ideas and judgmental attitudes? Reading some of these “do it my way or you’re stupid” comments is embarrassing.

  176. Christy

    Wow, its almost like those people have never had any financial emergencies – I’d like to live in a world like that. Obviously, they missed the part where you were struggling to find work, or injured your neck or when your van was wrecked & the person at fault wouldn’t pony up with insurance. Of course Starbucks is the only reason you’re still renting. I’m happy that you’ve found a place where you can be happy. We tried renting super cheap – the house was ok but both our cars were broken into plus the crack den (literally) next door made us scared. So paying a little (or a lot) more to rent a place where you can be secure & happy is ok too. We’re working on preparing to build a house but it’ll be a tough road ahead.
    As for those guys, I guess money matters have become the only socially acceptable judgement left. Since now we have to tolerate any other ethical or religious decision people make, money has become the final thing that has a definite ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. And if you’re not financially secure, you must be wrong (i.e. stupid, lazy, careless). What a load of crap.

  177. Skyzi

    My rental is way nicer than a house that I could afford. I am smart enough to know that a mortgage payment is not the only cost to consider plus I have someone to fix my stuff. Small children=broken stuff= hello Mr. Fixit (this becomes a critical sticking point when your husband is the opposite of handy).

  178. oceanbug

    The bead dip dude can go to hell, clearly he does not live in So cal like us!! People are soooo quick to judge others.

  179. Darci

    Blame the bean dip. heh heh
    Damn, Y! Your rental house is way cooler than the one I own. I’m seriously jealous. Congrats on your new pad!

  180. Jenna

    Hey, man. Your “rented” home is nicer than the one we own. (Though we ARE getting new carpet today in my brand-new-office-to-be and I feel really super stoked.) We all have blog haters for various reasons. I just wasn’t aware that you could be hated on for being a renter. Goodness, I just don’t get it. We have some renters at the end of our street and they’re SUPERBLY wonderful people with the nicest dang dog I’ve ever met. That said, we were renters for a dang long time before we bought!
    Down with the haters! I bet they’re jealous of your kitchen.

  181. margie

    I have a sinus infection and I KNOW it’s because of bean dip. DAMN the bean dip!
    Hey Y! Make shirts that say “BLAME THE BEAN DIP!” and we can buy them! I mean you can blame soooo many things on bean dip!
    And we could have a mascot – another poster mentioned “Bean Dip Dude” – I would so totally buy that action figure!!!
    Hugs to you girlfriend. Don’t let the DIPS get you down!!! SMILE LADY!!! You have a right to smile today!!!
    Love to your sweet family!!!

  182. Vixen

    I rented the same house for the last 10 years. It was the only thing possible for me and my family. It makes me a good mommy, because I took care of the kids within my means.
    But I LOVE the BEAN DIP theory. I am totally borrowing it as the reason why I have to rent still to this day (couldn’t be the fact that I cannot afford to move away and to buy a condo here (San Diego) would be more than we could afford and it would be difficult to fit us all in!
    Congrats! Your place looks great!

  183. Colby

    We own our home, but I’m telling ya what, there have been times when I wished I was a renter. Keeping up on home maintenance can be a financial burden… to the point I can’t always enjoy starbucks or bean dip.

    Your home is beautiful! Don’t let the words of others get you down. At least you rent in style!

  184. The Simple Family

    Kristy, are you smoking crack? Y was not evicted. Their landlord SOLD THE HOUSE. Selling a house and saying “byebye because you no pay the bills” is not the same thing.
    “…But I don’t and never did judge this because I think many people do this”
    That was just judging. You just said that she didn’t do anything to get out of the situation. This annoys me to no end. Do you know her personally? I DO. Do you know what goes on outside of what she writes here? I DO.
    She has done her best to better her life and the life of her family.
    Please stop smoking the crack. The fumes are very strong.

  185. Vickie

    Here’s the thing: I think it is really unfair to take pot shots (excuse the pun), saying someone is “smoking crack” simply because they erred and said Y was evicted. Kristy put out a pretty long comment about her OPINION on this whole thing…last I checked I THOUGHT opinions, both in agreement and disagreement, were welcomed on blogs as long as they are obviously not intended to hurt. Her comment was neither rude, obnoxious, nor insulting. She expressed her opinion about what she saw unfolding in this situation. But as soon as that opinion differs from what somebody else thinks, even if it’s presented in a rational, uninsulting manner (she even wished Y the best with her new home), then the commentor becomes a target for everybody else to gang up on. Y even clarified right after Kristys comment that she wasn’t evicted — and she didn’t really seem upset about it..in fact, I have rarely, if ever, seen Y get all bent the hell out of shape over a dissenting comment.
    Honestly, it’s those people who feel like they have to run to her defense everytime somebody says something that are the biggest pains in my ass.

  186. Kathy

    I wonder if Roland calculated how much it cost him to read your blog enough to know that you rent, have kids, buy coffee and bean dip and interview people?
    I’m guess he’s spent oh, roughly 1000 hours reading your blog times $10/hour is 10,000 bucks! Think of all the money he could have saved by not reading your BLOG and doing something productive like wacking off.

  187. Jess

    Congrats on the new house it is beautiful. Don’t let the butt munches get you down. Some people just need to knock other’s down to feel better about themselves. Fuck em.

  188. Ombra

    1. That house freaking rocks. Beautiful.
    2. Our neighbors across the street rent, and they are by far our favorite neighbors in the entire neighborhood.
    3. I had no idea people actually categorized other people as renters and buyers.
    And 4. those people doing that much judging need to perhaps spend a little more time not being ginormous jerkfaces.

  189. The Simple Family

    Well if both agreement and disagreement are allowed, then I’m allowed to disagree.
    I rarely “stick up” for any blogger but if I feel like sticking up for someone I really AM friends with and talk to on a daily basis, then I can.
    The biggest pains in my ass are people who say that commenters can’t stick up for their friends. Well, that and people who double park.

  190. Luka

    whoo hoo on the new digs! πŸ™‚ ya know – nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. so don’t let internet assholes make you feel bad about ANYTHING! πŸ™‚ whoo hoo, the place looks great! πŸ™‚

  191. TamiW

    Since you have nothing better to do, like moving, unpacking, and settling in…I tagged you for the “8 Random Things” meme on my blog. When things settle down in your house maybe you could do it?
    πŸ™‚ Tami

  192. Daisy

    A good rental is better than a lousy mortgage. Or lousy home. The Starbucks coffee on the kitchen counter is enough to make me feel at home! Enjoy the place. We rented a little duplex for nine years and made so many family memories there.

  193. san

    Hi, I came over from Kim’s website… just wanted to tell you: we rent, too. An apartment. Everything else is unaffordable for a young couple in CA.
    I love your house… and yes, I saw the Starbucks on the counter πŸ˜‰

  194. vickie

    I never said you weren’t allowed to disagree. I said that taking pot shots and jabs that are rude and obnoxious at people you don’t agree with is the issue. There’s an obvious difference between sticking up for your friends (which I already said that Kristy’s comment didn’t warrant a rally to Y’s defense) and making arrogant commentary while you’re doing so.

  195. AngelNicki

    Dude, I am a 28-year-old single woman who can’t even AFFORD to rent! Not even an apartment! I am staying with relatives right now because although I work full time I can’t afford my own place yet. I’m going to school full time also, so someday maybe I can at least have the HOPE of my own place! I think its pretty stupid to insult people who rent. What is the big deal? Actually, I know many people who started out renting their homes, and then liked the homes so much, they struck a deal to buy the homes from the landlords. So… just chill!

  196. Nila

    I’m so happy for you Y. It doesn’t matter if you rent or own. You’re providing a good home for your kids and in the grand scheme of things, that’s what matters most.

  197. Kimberly

    It’s a beautiful home.
    Screw the renterists! I’m a renter by choice. And every time i get the boring old equity speech, I feel compelled to remind the person giving it to me the hassle of that time when their plumbing spewed everywhere. Or the suprising cost of a new fridge. Or how much that new roof cost….Equity my ass!

  198. pickel

    I see that you visit me often and this is the first time I’ve had a moment (okay, not really but I’m stealing it) to visit you. I’ll say that my best friends parents have rented their entire lives and are just fine with it. We only chose to buy because the rent of the the apartments/houses around us is just as expensive as owning….and because we relocate and it pays to own.
    kudos on the gorgeous digs. And, I like the new avatar.

  199. ela

    Holy crap – what a load of b.s. – I hope there is a special place in hell for turds, who write vile and disgusting things to bloggers of all stripes.
    Y. – your HOME is beautiful, and deserved. Truthfully, owning a home is a pain in the ass! I have seriously been wanting to go back to renting for a few years. Someone that owns a home is usually a bigger asshole/lug nut than any renter would ever be. Assho**s mowing their lawns 24/7 -lathering their cars with more love then their children, destroying the environment with all their friggin’ lawn chemicals. Oh, Y. – to bear some of the burden of the jack bites that would write you such things.
    God Bless – and don’t let the bastards EVER get you down!
    What do you want us to all get you for your house warming!? πŸ™‚

  200. mickey

    What a beautiful house! Screw the people who have issues with renters- we’re some of the coolest people around. I can’t afford to buy a house, and it wouldn’t really make sense for me to since I have no kids, don’t plan to have kids, and wouldn’t have anyone to leave it to in the event of my death.
    We’ve never met, and I found your blog by accident, but from what I’ve read you seem like the kind of person I could be friends with. I hope you & your family enjoy every minute in your new home- you deserve it!

  201. Jessica

    wow Y!! you hit the jackpot on this blog! tons of comments! the funniest one?? that would be the one where jojo tells you to get a J-O-B… wouldnt it be nice if people actually got their facts straight BEFORE trying so hard to insult people? if they take as much effort to actually read your previous blogs as they do to come up with the not-so-witty insults, they would KNOW that you have a job. Not to mention all of the other things that you have had going on in your life. But hey, if it werent for people like jojo, you wouldnt have even had the chance to post this particular blog. so… YAY FOR MORONS!!!

  202. Jen

    The house is BEAUTIFUL! As far as I’m concerned, a house is a house. We finally bought our first house and believe me, there are days (and days) I miss renting because it’s nice having someone else responsible for repairs! Well, if you are lucky enough to have landlords that actually repair things right away. So anyway, it’s a NEW-TO-YOU HOME, whether you are renting or not, I hope you and the family enjoy!

  203. Sandra

    Gosh, I don’t drink starbucks or eat bean dip. . .in fact I rent my mothers back house. . .I must be the worst kind of renter ever!!!!!
    But hey, I do ejoy not having to live paycheck to paycheck only to make some people happy!
    PS. Your new home is beautiful!

  204. elismsue

    You go, Y!! That looks nicer than the first home I owned and then had to sell for less than I put into it.
    Sometimes, for many people, renting is the way to go.
    Your new “rental” is as nice as they come!

  205. Jenny H.

    So, can we really have t-shirts made?
    Because I would TOTALLY buy one.
    As long as it was available in a larger size. I also have “The Bobs” and have a hard time finding shirts that fit. Without making me feel like a big fat ass.

  206. robyn

    OMG, we totally need to throw a coast-to-coast “our new homes kick aaaaaaaaaaaass” Smirnoff par-tay! With photos! And Jell-o shots! πŸ™‚ CONGRATS!!!

  207. mauniejames3

    when I first staarted blogging there were three men who made my life miserable…so being the coward I am…I stopped…then one day I said “who cares what they think”…I bet a lot of people out there are wonderful…your letting that mean spirited moron get under your skin…I adore your house..whether you own or rent it’s yours for now..
    the very best of luck to you and your family

  208. Melissa

    I love your blog. You crack me up! We bought our house 8 years ago. It was a serious handyman and I fell in love w/it. There was a HUGE Christmas tree in the front yard that I hated and when I told my Dad we were going to take it down, he was like “don’t do that, then everyone will be able to see the house!” Little by little we have remodeled and ‘it’s come a long way baby!’. My Dad actually stopped comming over in disguise! kidding. But seriously, if we had to by our house now, we would never be able to afford it.
    Thanks for keeping be laughing and sharing your life. I’m definately hooked and I don’t care if you rent, own or live like a gypsy – I don’t come here for that, I visit because …. YOU ROCK GIRL!!!

  209. Kristy

    aww man….for the record I erred in stating the word Evicted. Y certainly pays her bills and takes care of her family…good golly anyone that reads anything here knows that she loves and adores her family.
    What is the word for suckass landlord sells house and makes tenants move? I chose “evicted” because evicted means made to leave in my mind..but I see the error of my wordage. Trust that. My apologies to all ruffled feathers…

  210. Kelley

    I have just scrolled to the bottom cause I don’t know if I wanna know what these people have to say.
    I am a renter.
    Boring story that no one wants to hear: We sold our home to pay for our sons horrendously expensive therapy that has made all the world of difference to his prospects and life.
    Story we tell morons: We choose to invest our money elsewhere and more wisely than in property.
    Hugs to you, and your new house looks lovely.
    Now I will go back and read what the others have to say

  211. Mom101

    How did I miss this? I just laughed so hard at the enchilada line.
    Tell those guys to read Suzie Ormond and all the real estate prs who are telling you to rent these days.
    Then tell them to read the dictionary and learn how to spell “their.”

  212. Dani

    I have a lot of friends in California. Only ONE of them has a house and that is because his dad left it to him. It’s in a gorgeous part of San Fran and even though he is making fantastic money, he couldn’t possibly afford to buy a home where he lives now. Or anywhere NEAR it. In CA and a lot of other places, the reality is normal people can’t afford homes, unless you live totally out of the way. The median house price in CA is nearly $500k and only 59% of people own their home. The only state with more renters is NY. Keep on rentin’ dear, there are millions of others just like you!

  213. Hanna

    The average home in my town is priced at $495,000. Yes, that’s less than any home in Metro California, but for a Colorado resort town of 15,000 people where the average annual income is $40,000 ( I make about $24,000), owning a home really isn’t a choice for some of us. My parents rented until I was in high school. They finally acquired their own home through a housing project. My parents are total granola crunchin’, organic food buyin’, banjo-strummin’ hippies ( I don’t think they drank starbucks still their 50’s) and I don’t consider them frivolous people at all.
    I am in my mid twenties and work full time to support my toddler without the help of her daddy. I fantasize owning a home one day, but until then, I will live in Renter’s Hell (most of the hell is based solely on the type of landlord and the quality of your roommates, not the fact that you eat bean dip).

  214. mrs darling

    Y, your new house is gorgeous. It upsets me that people dont think you have the right to everything every one else enjoys because you rent. Your comments show just how many people do rent. Its terrible that people feel they have to judge renters or even home owners for that matter.
    I am a home owner and I want to kindly say that not all home owners are in debt or one check from losing their homes. In an attempt to stick up for renters (which I think is right and good) there has been a lot of erroneous remarks made about home owners. I just wanted to put my two bits in.
    I live in Oregon one of the more expensive places to live in the states but not nearly as expensive as California. We own our home free and clear. My husband and I are both in our 40’s and have no debt. He works a blue collar job in the trades and we have only ever had one income. I am a stay at home mom.
    Our house is five bedroom, three bath, around 3000 sq ft and valued at about $500,000. It has been totally paid off for several years now.
    So owning home is not all a bad thing and we’re not all unhappy and ready for bankruptcy:)
    And renting a home is not all a bad thing and all renters are entitled to bean dip and starbucks as much as the next person! πŸ™‚

  215. Shylah

    Re: Kristy/PoeticaL (and I know I’m late to the game, but I have too much shit going on and I’m behind)
    It pisses me off so much when people minimise/invalidate someone’s plight by telling them how much worse it could be. You shouldn’t complain about your weight because at least you’re not 400 lbs and housebound, or I should be happy that my baby’s recent diagnosis was “just” epilepsy and not the black fucking plague. You had/have every right to the fears and frustrations you felt, and anyone who comes along and tries to make you feel guilty about your feelings is just trying to make themselves feel better about their own miserable existences.
    Your house is beautiful, and I say be proud of it. Personally, I’m living in a teeny studio apartment with my little girl, and I’m THRILLED about it. Know why? Because I’m finally doing it all by myself – no low-income housing, no Section 8, none of that. It’s tiny, and I’m RENTING, but by gods, it’s mine.

  216. Alora Cheek

    I love your story. But then again that’s probably because I’m one of those evil renters. You know, the ones who pretend to fit in by mowing their lawn regularly and being nice to their neighbors. MuhahAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  217. Lily

    That first pic you loaded — the view from your living room window(?) — explains everything. Talk about gorgeous! Wow. I am so glad for you that you got to do that, and I hope it brings you peace just to look out there and enjoy it, and see no shadow of the crazy lady in your parents’ neighborhood too πŸ™‚ Love the Starbucks’ cup on the counter, too, for added irony. As one loser renter to another — I salute you! You scored, bigtime. In the view category, at the very least…

  218. laura

    Gee, I’m a renter. I had no idea the neighbors all had a freak out before I moved in. No wonder the only people who have invited me over to dinner are also renters. (We won’t mention that they’re in the NAVY.) And here I just thought I was avoiding throwing away thousands of dollars on a new roof or a new heater, etc., etc., etc., and when something’s broke, I get to call someone else to deal with it!
    Anyway, that’s just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Seriously — why would anyone even care???

  219. Jen M

    Okay, you’ve had a bajillion comments here, so I’m not really adding anything new. I just love that guy’s email. So hateful! So misspelled! So totally gay! (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
    My house, owned by me and a total fucking monkey on our back, totally wants to date your house.

  220. Shelby

    Your new home is beautiful! Congratulations! I can only hope that one day we, too, will be able to rent something that nice (basement suite renters here!). πŸ™‚

  221. mary

    OMG I am pissed off after reading the comments you say you were left…
    what assholes!
    I am so happy that you found a nice home!
    Good for you

  222. Jennie

    “I could be wrong, but I think Alan wants me to feel bad because I am A Renter.”
    Ha ha! You’re killing me.

  223. Amity

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