Let’s play a game of “Which is Worse?”

Ripping a 7 second odorless fart that sounded like a machine gun with a car backfiring at the very end or unleashing a series completely silent burps that smelled like chicken nuggets that had been marinated in apple cider?
I suppose I should ask the two women who had the pleasure of standing on either side of me while at the elliptical machine at the gym.

45 thoughts on “Let’s play a game of “Which is Worse?”

  1. Jen

    The burp is worse. Anything with foul odor takes it, hands down.
    I want to go to the gym with you. That right there is entertainment!!

  2. Jerri Ann

    The burb…definitely the burp. My edition of Which is Worse for this holiday was….”getting caught playing Santa or getting caught screwing Santa”???? OOOPS!

  3. Adams

    I just died in your arms tonight! I love this kind of story!
    Oh my goodness! Can you imagine the stories both of these women are telling tonight to anyone who will listen?
    “…so anyway, after this chick ripped a cyclone, she let loose some burps that smelled like they came from beyond THE GRAVE…”

  4. grammice

    With the husband I’m “lucky” enough to get SBD’s.
    I’ll take loud over Silent But Deadlys’ anyday!

  5. Danielle

    This is awesome. Hopefully this will be your biggest problems this upcoming year!
    And I think that farts are Super Funny and would vote that they burp that stinks is much worse.

  6. Bill

    From my experience I wear headphones so the McCider belches would be worse although if your were doused in cheap perfume and reeked of cigarette smoke too you’d fit right in at my gym. Not that I wear that much perfume, but a guy’s got to smell nice, right?

  7. Candy

    Yeah totally the fart. Just the sound alone makes you wait in anticipation of the smell. Someone with bad BO could walk by and you’d totally be blamed for it.

  8. FishyGirl

    Ah, the burp, definitely the burp. I’d simply giggle over the fart, but stinky things are baaaad.
    You are seriously funny. Hope you got a laugh out of it, too.

  9. josey

    hahhaha!!!! thanks for the ab workout!!! 😉
    btw, as long as you didnt burp and fart like that at the same time, i’d forgive you. (then again it might not matter cause you’d have imploded! LOL!) did anyone lay low or duck when they heard the machine-gun fart? HAHAH!!!
    …im crackin up as i walk outta the room still…ROTFL…!!

  10. Christine

    Thank you for that. I can always count on you for a morning lol. This time, though, my employer is going to make me pay for the new keyboard. Damn coffee.

  11. Lauri

    You must come & work out with me at my gym ( The Y) because it smells like cabbage & feet… no one would ever be the wiser.
    I have a love/hate thing going on with the eliptical….

  12. Eliza

    The important thing about this post: you were at the GYM! And it’s not even January yet. I tend to go to the gym regularly in January, then…not so much. By December, I’m swilling egg nog and thinking how I’ll hit the machines again next month. So, you totally rock.
    Are you feeling any better?

  13. Anna

    The burps are far worse, because smelling a stinky burp (especially from someone you don’t know) is always disgusting. And a loud machine gun fart is always good for a laugh.

  14. Laura in Michigan

    Now if you could just make them smell like yellow cake. Oh wait, that’s under your boobs!! : )

  15. mauniejames3

    either way at least your working out…I have hubbys cold and have not really moved in three days…but if I were to vote it would be the burp..I even think that word is funny…burp..it’ sounds like
    what it is….maunie

  16. Sarcastic Mom

    Y – I think that I just crapped myself laughing b/c I just clicked on the “skin this” drop down menu for the first time… and thought, “Huh, will this actually change her background for me?” But I was unsure that I was getting the point, b/c there sat, “Jay Mohr” and surely, that can’t have anything to do with backgrounds?
    So, I clicked it.
    And holy jumping vaginas, Batman! There’s Jay Mohr.
    Fucking hilarious, Y. I need to live here at your site lately. You make the depression go away for a little while!
    Love & Kisses on your face:

  17. Brian

    A seven second fart? You’re a champ!! That thing was a piece of art fer cryin out loud.
    I really hate teh ones that slip when you’re doing the squats. All that extra weight & pushing, well . . .

  18. James

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