Friday Night.

I earned this mojito.
It’s been “One of Those Weeks.”
Staph infections, ear infections, water in the keyboard, mud in the carpet, flood in the garage and so on and so forth.
I’ve been looking forward to Friday night, so that I could pour me a glass of that minty stuff and try to put this week behind me.
The new bumps forming on my son arms lead me to believe our troubles aren’t over yet, but I plan on enjoying my adult beverage and forgetting my cares if only for a couple of hours.
mmmm, devil water.

35 thoughts on “Friday Night.

  1. Mish

    You so deserve one! Or three! Have one for me too, since I’m not allowed to drink right now.
    Here’s to a better week next week!!

  2. M

    I’ll drink to that…I had one of those years so far…sick, antibiotics, followed by yeast infection, flight delayed and sat at the airport…and then my mom died. And the year’s only 11 days old.

  3. Pam

    I am seriously behind on reading your posts. I usually check every day, recover from my devastation if there isn’t a new post but today! I check and I am three posts behind!!!
    I missed delurking (even though I’m not technically a lurker) and the POX scare of 2008 and the mojitos!!
    How are you achieving the lovely golden glow of your pics? I am insanely jealous of Dooce’s ability to do that too. What’s the secret?

  4. Mama DB

    Girl, your pictures are beeeyoootiful. This one is gorgeous. Could be I’m swayed by the subject matter (it’s been a hellish week here too) but really, lovely picture.
    I hope the bumps are just a minor side-effect of the antibiotics or something VERY minor.

  5. Redneck Mommy

    Mojitos. They’ve kept sane these past two years. Minty wonderness.
    Looking forward to knocking back a few with you in person. Will life get any better than that? (Don’t answer that…it was rhetorical…)
    Best wishes to that kid of yours…

  6. Becki

    OOOHHHH, I love mojitos! I’m feeling you on kids being sick. My boys thank goodness didn’t get sick but I was off work for a whole week with strept throat. The exciting part (sarcasm inserted here) was that the boys were still on vacation. Thus I was stuck in the house with two sons fighting and being bored. Thank god for work!! I was never more happy than last monday to go back to work. LOL

  7. Becki

    Oh and interesting to hear about the staph infection. I work at a prison and we got a memo circulated about staph being an issue with employees and inmates alike. Nasty stuff. My son had it when he was 3, nasty bugger it was. He only had one sore, big and nasty as it was, right on his little bum. Ouch!!

  8. The Traveling Vineyard

    While I’m not a big fan of mohitos, I’m all for alcohol crutches of any kind 😉 Mine is either a box of red wine, or a nice tall long island ice tea. Hey look, it’s after noon here! Time to relax! Here’s to illnesses disappearing…

  9. jason

    We would have loved some adult beverages last night. Instead we had a vomitting toddler. Although that doesn’t even compare to your week.

  10. Missy

    My son recently had a bizarre rash on his elbows, knees, and lower legs that his pediatrican could not figure out. She originally said a staph infection, so we tried antibiotics and steroid creams (it itched), which actually seemed to help initially. After a week or so, the bumps were coming back, and looked worse.
    A follow-up visit resulted in a referral to a dermatologist, who took one look and said “Scabies.” Google it, you’ll pass right out. We had just gotten back from a vacation in Orlando not long before the rash appeared – we’re thinking our (very nice) hotel was the culprit.
    So, Dr. prescribed a cream to kill the scabies, then a steroid cream to help with itching, repeat the whole thing in a week, and voila. All better. His skin took a little while to heal, all the itchy-scratchy spots, but he’s fine now.
    And cheers. I’ll have my mommy meds tonight at dinner with friends and my hubby.

  11. jo anne

    molluscum contagiosum? I beleive it is a viral sort of thing. Not sure of the spelling. Google it. My nephew had them and I thought my duaghter had it(hers was impetigo). Maybe that is why the antibiotics are not working(becaus eit is viral)
    PS. delurking , BTW.
    Jo Anne from NY

  12. The Over-Thinker

    Mojito take me awaaaaayyyyy!!!
    Wonder what would happen if your poured some of “mommy’s medicine” on the spots?
    Kidding aside, here’s cheers to a better week and spotless days ahead.

  13. Amber

    Can I have one NEXT friday? which seems like a decade away, but anyways. I want one next weekend, friday & saturday because the hubbers is on VACATION BABY! 🙂 This is our home vacation, then in March its off to Disney. So i need my devil water before we take 3 boys to disney. 🙂 I WANT ONE NEXT FRIDAY DON’T FORGET ME!

  14. Jennifer

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