Urgent Care Doctor: 0 Mommyblogger: 1

Me: Hi. I think my son might have the chicken pox. Help?
Urgent Care Doctor: Doesn’t look like chicken pox, but it could be! but probably not! but there’s nothing we can do anyway! so just give him benadryl and calamine lotion.
Shorty Mom (in my comments): I took my son in for a visit when he got up one morning complaining about a headache and dizziness. He had a spot on his hip the night before that I thought was another bout of ringworm we suffered with through the summer. That afternoon he had more red spots and I cringed at the thought of chicken pox. His doctor said to keep him away from pregnant women but she thought it was a staff infection and not the chicken pox. Staff infection was right when the antibiotic she prescribed started clearing them up within a couple of days. The longer they go untreated, the more they look like a big pimple. Hope you get it figured out!
Me: (googles staph infection) OH SHIT. I think it’s a staph infection. (calls my doctor. My doctor says bring him on my lunch hour.)
Diagnoisis? Staph infection (waiting for the culture to come back to find out more… but starting on antibiotics now.)
The thing that pisses me off the most is that they could have started treating it that night had either one of the doctors listened to me when I pointed out the large bumps on his arms. “It started with THESE TWO BUMPS RIGHT HERE.”
Didn’t even phase them. I pointed them out at least 5 times and they just went “hmm” every time. Had I not written about it on my blog, I probably would have just kept waiting to see if they got better on their own because they specifically told me THERE’S NOTHING WE CAN DO. IT WILL CLEAR UP ON IT’S OWN.
I love you, oh readers of my blog. I really, really do. And because I love you, I am going to try really hard to stop writing about my family’s medical problems because, enough already, yes?

50 thoughts on “Urgent Care Doctor: 0 Mommyblogger: 1

  1. margalit

    Time to find some new doctors. They seem to dismiss everything you say and that’s unacceptable. Do you, perchance, have Kaiser? Because they suck huge gigantic donkey balls and they are out to NOT practice medicine as much as possible. Their motto is “We ignore all problems until you’re dying.” Don’t even ask me what they did to a friend of mine who ended up with neck, tonsil and throat cancer.

  2. stephanie

    Hey girl- I’m one of the others that have had the staff infection. Just remember, your boy hurts like hell girlfriend. I can best compare it when you were a kid and got the horrible sunburn that you couldnt stand for clothes to touch your body. Yes, clothes hurt, covers hurt. Everything hurts. Hope you get him cured soon!

  3. Jenny

    No! Me likey the family medical stuff because it’s part of what we all go through. You never know when information may be useful to someone. Hope he feels better soon.

  4. Kyla

    One of my blog readers diagnosed KayTar speech disorder…something the docs hadn’t even mentioned yet. So yeah, blogging is the new medicine. 😉

  5. Janet

    I’m going to start posting my medical stuff on my blog. You people are a wealth of knowledge.
    I took my 11 month old to an urgent care clinic last January on day three of a fever. The doctor never even uttered the phrase urinary tract infection. She ended up in the hospital on IV antibiotics for a progressive UTI. They really should replace the word ‘urgent’ with ‘don’t bother us.’

  6. Beth

    I agree with Jenny. Definitely keep posting the medical stuff because that way everyone can help each other out. And please keep us up to date on your son’s progress. Sending big-time get-well wishes!!

  7. maya

    stop posting about your medical problems?? if you hadn’t posted, you’d still be waiting and he could be infecting other idiotic pregnant doctors!!
    besides, who knows who else your experiences might help?
    i say post away!

  8. Katie

    I hope you’re starting to understand why we psycho-hippie types have pretty much sworn off doctors 🙂

  9. ShortyMom

    Glad to hear they’re treating him now. Son’s doctor admitted that if his “bumps” had been oozing that she could’ve sent off a culture but they weren’t. She also said she could’ve tried to send off a culture for the chicken pox but it would’ve taken five to six days to get the results back and by then the worse would’ve been over if had actually been the chicken pox. I know they stopped spreading once the antibiotics got into his system good and the benedryl kept him from itching. Hope he’s feeling better soon!

  10. Nina

    I hate going to the ER or any doctor other than my kids’ regular doctors. I LOVE my kids’ pediatricians’…all of them. We’ve been to other places in a pinch and 99% of the times were HORRIBLE experiences.

  11. Susan

    Don’t stop – we love diagnosing things. Makes us feel important. 😉
    I swear I know more than my pediatrician at times. I don’t mean to sound conceited, but when you are totally neurotic and paranoid like I am, you tend to do lots of research and learn lots of things… and then when you are told 9 times out of 10 by your doctor, “Wow, you’re right – that’s it!” …well, you get a little cocky, shall we say.

  12. angela

    oh, and did they tell you staph infections never go away. they can just come and go… a friend of mine got staph from her nephew and she passed it to her boyfriend. every couple of months, it come back and they have to antibiotic up.
    i’m totally scared of getting it because i’m allergic to penicillin.
    good luck!

  13. whoorl

    I can’t believe with all of the press about staph infections recently, that these doctors wouldn’t think to diagnose it. What if it had turned out to be a MRSA? He could have become gravely ill! IDIOT DOCTORS GAH.

  14. Dani

    Ohh staph. That sucks. My fiance has a staph colony (yes you can get a fucking COLONY that hangs around) and it was a bitch to get rid of. The upside is antibiotics will kick it in the butt. Just keep an eye out. That really annoys me that the doctors just sent him home. Staph is everywhere nowadays, especially in The Highschool. Thank god you looked up The Staph. See, being paranoid is good!

  15. Ree

    Obviously you can’t stop writing about medical problems, because hell, who else can diagnose them for you?
    Now, I’m asking myself why I didn’t have a blog when Mr. Hot was in the emergency room and they told me that he probably had an enlarged aorta and may die that night.
    It turned out to be bursitis in his shoulder.
    I still think we should have sued for mental anguish.

  16. Y

    Oh! And get this! He’s on the freshman basketball team and well, isn’t that where they can get it easily? From playing sports?
    Damn, REE. That’s horrible.

  17. Rachel May

    Y, you defiinitely need to tell his coach. It’s very possible that other kids have it from being in the locker room. I’m not saying it’s the super-infection, but that’s one of the main ways it’s spread.

  18. the new girl

    Apparently, you should NOT stop writing about them. It is such a good thing that you are diligent and inquiring and assertive with what’s been happening to you and your family.
    Medical professionals like this make me in.sane and it is a good reminder that you need to be an advocate for yourself and your kids.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Tracy

    Hrm. I dunno. Could be a new book in the works. “The Moxie Girl’s Guide to Medicial Diagnosis via your Blog!”
    Could make you a millionaire. That’s all I’m sayin!

  20. Christine

    A few years back my son had a big rashy dry patch on his stomach. I took him to a walk-in clinic because it was Saturday and apparently our regular doctor doesn’t work on weekends. [I know, the never of him.] The walk-in clinic doctor was all “that’s some kind of rash.” I wanted to say “well thanks for that little bit of information. I could have told you that and I don’t even have any initials after my name.” But instead I just took the antibiotics and went home. About a week later there was no change in the rash and he’d been on the medicine for more than five days. I took him to our regular doctor who took one look at it and realized it was an allergic reaction to the nickel on the button on his jeans. He sent us to a dermatologist who gave us some cream. Within a day it looked 90% better.
    I swear those walk-in clinic doctors went to some walk-in college where they give out walk-in diplomas. Crazies.
    You need to keep telling us about your medical problems so we can properly diagnose them for you. Hope your big guy is feeling better soon!

  21. Miss Britt

    Between this and the thyroid business, I think you may want to start considering a career in medicine.
    Can “google” be counted as a qualifying med school?

  22. Jessica

    If it’s staph, make sure that your family doesn’t share towels or anything like that. Staph is disgusting, easily spread, and sometimes dangerous. I know. We have it in our family. Every six months or so, either I or the husband will get a nasty sore that leaves a gaping hole unless we get antibiotics for it. Same goes for my family in California. We spread it all around before we left for the Midwest. Ugh.
    And doctors are just SO helpful with their diagnoses. *rolls eyes*

  23. sam

    And they say not to believe what you read on Teh Internetz. Pfffft.
    Glad YOU found out what it was (with a little bloggy help). Friggin’ doctors.

  24. norm

    Hey, Y, if you didn’t write about it you might not have got the idea from Shorty Mom! Go ahead! We loves y’all regardless of what horrible oozing disfigurations you have going on. *chortle*

  25. Elizabeth

    This made me so happy! It’s nice that we can occasionally help one another on the interwebs, instead of just disagreeing about childrearing and politics. I hope your lad is feeling better soon.

  26. Mrs Butter B

    I hope it isn’t the fatal one. And no, I’m not exaggerating. People on the east coast have been killing over. It hit our high school (where my girls go) and they closed school for 2 days to de-contaminate the school. And that’s minor.
    I don’t remember what its called, but I think its MRSA pronounced “mersa”. It is worse with kids/teens/older folks, and has been linked to SEVERAL deaths in 2007.
    Hate to be depressing, but thought you should know. Staph scares the poop outta me!

  27. Dani

    P.S. Don’t stop writing about health problems! They’re interesting! Trust me, if I ever start blogging again, that’s a major portion of what I’d write about too!

  28. AmyM

    Is a staph infection serious? How do you get one?
    I always consult Dr. Internet first. Always. Although it has turned me into somewhat of a hypochondriac of mental illness. But don’t worry, my brand of crazy is harmless. I think. Hold on…
    *goes to google.com*
    Yep. You’re safe.

  29. Jamie AZ

    Information sharing is great – keep doing it! 🙂 Glad to hear this is something that can be healed quickly with antibiotics. Hope The Freshman isn’t too sore.

  30. Stephanie

    Holy crap! What the hell is wrong with all the doctors around you? Where on earth did they get their medical degrees? I mean, it is great that you have been able to do your own research and (finally!) start to get answers to your and your son’s health issues, but that is so NOT your job. Grrr!

  31. Jennifer

    This is exactly why I made the law that doctors must listen to their patients! I’m guessing that the doctor’s country club membership has been revoked and she’s encountered more than one flat tire in the past few days. That’s what she gets for being a law breaker.

  32. BOSSY

    Yes, we are all virtual MDs. Hey, Y, come sign up for Bossy’s Road Trip. Bossy has seen the photos of your enormous backyard, she could pitch a tent!

  33. Stephanie Too

    GAH! That could very well be what my nine-year-old daughter has… at least the doc had the presence of mind to culture the one that had a head on it… ewww… I’ll know for certain Friday. But at least she’s on oral and topical antibiotics… Glad I saw this, doc mentioned MRSA and freaked us both out just a little.

  34. Alison C

    Hi Y,
    I was sent over here by zoot and I have spent the last few weeks reading through all your archives. (I’m not a stalker really 😉 )
    Anyway I just want to say that I love your writing. Your posts are so funny or very moving.
    After reading them all I just want to say that I hope you feel better soon ( and feel well enough to get back to Aerobic Dancing soon) and that you are all happy in your new home (and to all those people who are nasty about you renting? – Stuff them!!)
    Anyway lots of love to you and your lovely family and I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  35. chewie

    oh man! I’m so glad you figured out what it was.
    by the freaking way…when my kids got chicken pox there WAS something they did for it. They gave them an antiviral med and it made the case much lighter and shorter than it would have been otherwise. So THERE, walk in doc.

  36. pickel

    I actually fired a doctor before when he would not test my son for a bacterial infection that he DID have. It took us another FOUR months (and intestinal HELL) to get it diagnosed.
    There is nothing wrong with putting your foot down.

  37. oceanbug

    I comment now and then but I have been a loyal reader since youi began this blog.
    does that make me a lurker????
    I think a whole bunch of us “lurkers” spoke up on the raw cookie dough thing.

  38. Mama DB

    dude, crazy-ass doctors. I am glad you kept pushing for both yourself and your boy.
    Oh and I’ve commented a couple times in the past. But officially delurking. Hi!

  39. Linda

    My oldest son(12) had staph on his leg. Took him to the doc, and he nailed it right off the bat… no tests, just a script of bactroban and in about 2 weeks it was almost gone. I will admit I was pretty freaked when he said STAPH! Plus, his grandfather(whos battling cancer, and going through chemo) has MRSA and that made me just a little more paranoid. Just a wee bit.

  40. justmylife

    I thought it was just my doctor who didn’t listen to me. Glad to find out it is all doctors, I guess, but it is scary to think that doctors don’t listen to their patients. I have had the same symptoms and adding more every week, for the last 2 and 1/2 years and I have yet to be diagnosed. Glad you found out what was wrong and got started on meds. Good Luck.

  41. Shylah

    We got a note from Em’s school back in November-ish saying that staph was going around, and to be aware, blah blah symptoms, etc. Just before Christmas, she got really badly chapped lips. I make lip balm, so I just kept applying the stuff, but it wouldn’t get better, and then like overnight it spread up her lip to her nose, so I took her to the doctor and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t staph. I never would have guessed that it would manifest like that.

  42. federicoselero

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