Party in the Back.

One of the hardest things for me to deal with regarding how my body has changed due to The Hash&trade is the havoc it’s wreaked on my hair.
My hair used to be very important to me. I would spend a great deal of money to have it cut and colored. I wouldn’t think twice about dropping a wad of cash on products to keep it healthy and full of shine.
Oh, the shine. It was so very important to me.
I had pretty hair. It was thick, smooth and very straight. I loved to get cute, stylish cuts. I loved my hair, I really did.
Until I started losing it. And it became course and dull and FRIZZY.
Picture or Video 1922 copy
I took that the night before I was supposed to get it cut by MY STYLIST.
You see, I had an appointment scheduled with My Stylist on Tuesday at 10:30. I was so excited. I was going to cut it all off and get a fresh new look! But, here’s the thing. Somehow, between the time I woke up in the morning, to the time it was supposed to leave for my appointment, I FORGOT ABOUT IT.
I realized around noon that I had missed the appointment and felt all desperate inside, so I went online and googled “hair salons in my city” and found one that had 5 reviews and they were all very positive! People said things like “I love the atmosphere and all of the girls do great work!”
So I called and asked if there was someone who could take me as a walk in and they said “yes! come on in!”
I walked in all hopeful because FIVE AWESOME REVIEWS!! I walked out hopeful still because although I wasn’t too happy with what I saw, I thought “surely, it’s just the way that she styled it! Nothing that can’t be fixed with a thick round brush!”
I tried. The Lord knows that I tried, but I couldn’t get the cut to make any sense at all. Basically, it’s like two different cuts on one head of hair. Or something like that, I don’t know, I CAN’T EXPLAIN IT, so, let me just go ahead and show you.
Picture or Video 1994 copy
Picture or Video 1993
That is the part that I tried to fix, because WHAT IS THAT? HELP ME UNDERSTAND, INTERNET.
Picture or Video 1990 copy
Picture or Video 1992
It’s like she took the scissors and cut one layer at the top, added a little fringe and said “that’ll be $40, please.”
I’m trying to find the positives to having a Cut That Makes No Sense.
Hey! At least I can still wear it up!
Picture or Video 1997
Or! If I want to get really crazazy, I can do a Faux Bob.
Picture or Video 2001
Picture or Video 1998
I know that “it’s just hair” and “it will grow back!” But I just wish I hadn’t let her cut so much off because, what if it takes FOREVER to grow back, with the hashimotos and all? (There. I said it. I’m afraid it won’t grow back.) I probably should just go have the “party in the back” cut off and get a cute short ‘do, but the ROUNDNESS of my face is stopping me from doing that.
Maybe I’ll just go buy a fancy Banana Clip from Target and wear it up in style for the next 6 months while I wait for it to grow out.
*edited to add*
I think The IDEA of the style is great. It’s just poorly executed. I think I may do whatWhoorl suggested and go back to my stylist and have her blend the layers. That just may work (and if it doesn’t. I’m totally chopping it off). Man, it sure is going to suck having to face her and admit that I cheated on her.

115 thoughts on “Party in the Back.

  1. whoorl

    Make an appointment with YOUR stylist, and have her texturize those layers so they blend better with the overall length. It will look great!
    You still have gorgeous hair, Y. (Though, WTF, 5-star stylist?!)

  2. Melissa

    I agree with whoorl. In the first picture, I didn’t think it looked that bad. The other pictures, though, I can really see the 2 cuts for the price of 1. You’d look really cute with the bob…just not a faux one.

  3. Dani

    It isn’t that bad, I promise. I have that exact same haircut and it takes some getting used to and a little growing out but it is really versatile. You do need some texturing though. Anyway, I think you’re just gorgeous no matter what you do with the hair.

  4. margalit

    I agree with Whoorl. Get those layers in the back taken care of by YOUR stylist, and have them all blended in together and it will look great. You’ll be beautiful with a bob, though. It really suits you!

  5. Corina

    Oh no! I agree with the other commenters that it doesn’t look as bad as all that . . . but I got the exact same haircut, two haircuts on one head, a bob and a fringe and felt it was the end of the world. Imagine your haircut, but with CURLY HAIR. It took me two more haircuts to fix it. I say: Take a day or two. Breathe. Don’t rush into an emergency hair fix (that’s what I did, hence three haircuts in two days, the second to fix the first butchery, the third to fix the first two disasters). Live with it a few days while you wait for your stylist to forgive you for missing your appointment. Promise to tip her well, and then make her fix it. And I also agree with kellie, it looks adorable short. Try a bob!

  6. Lori

    I’m missing something, because I think it’s very cute. A little long, still, in the back, it looks like she was worried about taking too much off. Like she wanted to leave you with long hair still, but give you those cute layers long from the crown, wisping around your face—anyway, I love the way it looks, I am completely missing the hate and confusion!

  7. barnmouse

    I think if you’re unhappy with it, you should go back and have a senior stylist fix it for you (for free!). I agree with the majority here that I think the bob is adorable! If you can get up the nerve to do it, I think you should! πŸ™‚ I’m like you in that I loooove my hair. It is super thick and super long and it took YEARS for me to actually go to a stylist to have it cut because once? When I was 16, I went to this horrible lady who actually BURNT MY SKIN OFF! Chemical burns! Fun! She put the straightener on my head and then walked away. She just walked away! My stylist now can NOT believe she did that. When he said that I knew he was the right one for me. But really, if you’re unhappy, go back and talk to the owner! Or the head stylist! Or someone! You’ll probably get it fixed for free! And free stuff is almost always good. πŸ˜‰

  8. Chlorie

    If you want to keep it long, get Your Stylist to help tweak it until you’re happy with it. But don’t let your round face keep you from taking the plunge if you want a shorter cut. The faux bob looks adorable on you, so I’m sure a real one would too!

  9. Elizabeth

    Honestly it’s a little weird of a hair cut, but I think the picture where you have it all pulled back and it looks like you have a bob is super cute. And your face doesn’t look round at all in that picture. Maybe just have your stylist give you a layered bob and get rid of the super long pieces in the back.

  10. Susan

    I have NEVER commented on anyone’s blog, though I read, (and love), many, especially yours. I just couldn’t resist telling you that this is exactly the cut I’ve been wanting but can’t get my stylist to understand. It’s great and it really is the style now!!!!

  11. Karly

    I like it! But, it could be cuter if you get your layers fixed a bit. OR you could do the bob. Either way its sure to be cute. And if you don’t do anything, it’s still cute. So there. Your gorgeous.

  12. DebbieS

    I’ll add to the echo in here..the bob is really cute on you! I didn’t quite get the problem until you turned around and then the WTF-factor became quite clear πŸ˜‰ Your face isn’t really round, in my opinion. It’s rounder than it was when you were thinner, but you actually have the perfect oval-shaped face. You’re probably one of those people who can wear almost any pair of sunglasses and look nice. IMO, go for a longish bob, maybe one that you could still pin up to go out. If your hair is thinner because of Teh Hash (*this* is thin for you? Dang woman, are you the Love Child of Lady Godiva and Cousin It?), having less weight to pull it down will make it look thicker.
    Or you could trade with me and have a head full of spirals. When I wake up in the morning I look like I’ve been electrocuted πŸ˜‰
    So when are you coming down to SD?? We’ve gotta hit that Starbucks before I move out of state. Plus, I know this really great stylist..

  13. The Aitch

    Oh shit Y I have to say, usually you do have some pretty friggin rad hair, but the walk in place JACKED YOUR SHIT UP! I remember when you were preggers with G-Unit and you had this awesome bob with layers – sorta like the Jennifer Aniston 1995 that was all the rage. You looked hawt in that style.
    Maybe go back to the walk-in place, complain and ask them to fix what they jacked up.

  14. Beth

    You look totally cute with the faux bob, so a real bob would be seriously adorable. πŸ™‚ Whatever you decide, I think going back to someone who knows your hair is a good thing. I can’t tell you the numner of times I’ve walked out of a salon with tons of product on my hair, having my doubts about the style.

  15. Michele

    Oh man, I feel for you. I got this EXACT hair cut a bit over a year ago. I was LIVID and made the girl try to fix it – for free, I can’t pass up a free hair cut and thought she couldn’t mess it up even more .. but she did. I ended up walking out with it all chopped off.
    It will take a bit for your hair to fill in once they get your thyroid levels normal, but it will happen. I do like the bob look on you! And, yeah, it’s hair, it will grow back .. eventually.

  16. Jeanette

    I think the bob looks really cute on you! As long as you keep no shorter than chin length it won’t make you face look round. How about with a side part and some long swept to the side bangs? Just a suggestion.

  17. Helga

    Honestly, it isn’t as bad as you think it is and I love the bob, I mean I really love the bob!! I have done that thing where you come home from the stylist and you are staring at the mirror yelling “what was he/she thinking??!!” running your hands through the wreck

  18. The Over-Thinker

    I LOVE the bob—you have the features to pull it off.
    This cut/style is totally reminding me of the cut Lena, 1st lady of Cheeky Lotus, got last year. Remember the one? What did she end up doing?

  19. MammaLoves

    I’ve had my hair cut ONCE in the last 18 months because my stylist moved. I had to go once. To someone. But there was no vibe. I have no idea when I’ll get it cut again.
    And now you’ve fed my paranoia. Of course, I think your cut is kinda cute–with the blending it will rock.

  20. marjorie

    I haven’t read the comments yet, but honestly, I think I see a great hairdo in there. It looks like the stylist just left the long part, too long. If the ends were trimmed off, so it were a bit shorter at the back, I think it would look great, and I think the layered look suits you. Just get it trimmed off a bit. Maybe Gabby could do that for you. (sorry, I know that wasn’t funny.)

  21. Lisa

    First you look adorable with the bob! you can totally rock it if you decide!
    Second, I totally feel your pain. I was going on vacation to the beach and needed my thin, straggely hair permed in order to not look like a drowned rat the entire time. My stylist had the NERVE to have a baby and go on maternity leave! Can you imagine? So I went to a new stylist. And she RUINED MY HAIR! The perm didn’t take in some spots, frizzed in others…it was a mess and I had no stylist to go back to because she was home taking care of her baby. So it all ended up working out a few months later and blah blah blah…but good luck getting your cut fixed. I’m sure your regular stylist will forgive you for straying

  22. Nothing But Bonfires

    OMG, I was picturing it being MUCH worse than this. Like spiky and green or something. This is nothing! We can fix this!
    I totally love the idea of you with a cute swingy bob, and you could have the (real) stylist cut it so that it DIDN’T make your face look round; I have a really round face, but I ALSO have a swingy bob, so the two can definitely be combined — it’s all in the angling, with the slightly shorter back and longer front (uh, not as extreme as Posh, though, you know?)
    Either way, Y, you’re lovely. I promise. If anyone can rock two haircuts at the same time, it’s you. Hey, just think of it as multitasking!

  23. Brandy

    I didn’t see anything wrong with it, until the back shot. I agree with everyone else. The bob? AWESOME! You looked gorgeous! Then again, you always are. Big hugs!

  24. Kristen

    yeah. she needs to blend on that one side.
    and tell her to stop smoking crack before she does your hair.
    you’re fragile, yo. don’t f’ with mama’s hair!!

  25. Lisa

    Your face is absolutely beautiful, not at all too round as you feel. I think the layered bob is very flattering – you should go for it!

  26. Hed

    Yeah to what everyone else said about blending it well. It’ doesn’t look hopeless, but they did take a lot off the top there…

  27. amber

    THE BOB LOOKS FANTASTIC! Off, off OFF with the party in the back, and embrace the short bob around your pretty face, which is NOT too round.

  28. Angella

    I have had stylists give me crazy layers which resulted in two hairstyles in one.
    Party in the front.
    (Longer) party in the back.
    This is fixable. But not horrible in the meantime.

  29. Becki

    I’m not liking it too much myself. I think it would look best if you had the back chopped and blended into the top layer.

  30. supertiff

    i’ve had that happen to my hair 3x. give it two weeks: once the layers in front get further past your chin, it won’t be as noticable. i always waited 2-3 weeks, then went and had someone (or myself) cut another inch of the long part in the back, so the difference wasn’t as much. i really have no idea these hair people think we want the back of our hair to be SOOOO much longer than the front…

  31. Celestial

    *snort* – ‘Multitasking’
    oh lord. It’s like looking at my past three years of haircuts right there. EXACT SAME CUT AND PROBLEM. I think we may even have the same texture. Except someone finally got it blended slightly better 9 months ago, and it took me six months to even think about trimming it in fear of it again. And now we need to revisit the trim and I still trust not a soul! I am destined to have Crystal Gail hair if I don’t suck it up soon.

  32. lani

    Ok… so I’ll admit, after yesterday’s post? I was expecting a lot worse. I see your point, though, about it looking like two haircuts for the price of one. I’m with the others who say the bob looks good on you. You could totally rock it.

  33. girlplease

    Do what I did, cal the place back, talk with the manager, tell her how she fucked up your hair, get it fixed at no charge. Don’t pay for someone else’s mistakes.

  34. Pam

    The bob look actually, pretty adorable on you.
    However, the cut looks, mmm, disconnected. As if the top doesn’t connect with the bottom. I get the idea and the wispy parts are very stylish but the chucks of disconnect…
    Do NOT go back to that stylist, obviously she can’t fix it. Go crawling back, perhaps with flowers and candy to your old stylist and have her help you out. Also, have her suggest shampoo for thinning (sorry! yikes!) hair that encourages regrowth.
    I gotta say, you look very sexy with it up though. PLEASE say you were kidding about the banana clip πŸ˜‰

  35. Missy

    It’s still cute. MY asspinion is that you tell your stylist that you were embarrassed that you forgot the appt. with her and went somewhere else, but now you’ve learned your lesson and you’re back to mend fences. She will totally understand.
    And the cut you have now is still very nice, looks good, I get what she was going for, but yeah, some layer-blending might be in order.
    You are still very beautiful.

  36. steen

    Dude!!! I had a stylist give me that SAME cut. I haaaaated it because it was totally two different cuts on one head. I used my flat iron religiously until it grew out a little longer (it kind of disguises all the funky layers) and I went to a new stylist who blended the layers without making it scary.

  37. Brandie

    I had that haircut about a month ago….only my hair is CURLY! I was in denial for a few years but after having a new baby decided it was way too much work so I got it whacked off! I have to say though, I think it looks great on you but have to agree with the commenters above, you would look fantastic with a bob!

  38. Carolyn

    I had a very similar cut to yours, from an unfamiliar stylist. (does that teach us a lesson? yes it does, until next time when I selectively forget and say, ‘OOOooh! A new stylist! I think I shall try her/him and see about getting a GREAT snazzy new haircut that my reliable and talented stylist who knows me well cannot do!”
    Ahem. Anyway.
    So, I had a similar haircut, similar face structure, and similar dilemma. I opted for getting the back cut off, angle it down toward the front, (shorter in back–but not so short it’s shaved–, longer in front). While I think longer hair evens out my round face better, in the end I think it’s better to have a shorter cut that’s stylish than a longer style that’s….what the heck is it anyway? (that’s what I was thinking about my haircut, not yours).
    The bob works on you. I’d go for it. With your own stylist.
    And for what it’s worth, it really doesn’t look as bad as you say. A person is her own worst critic, I realize, but it’s not that bad.
    Good luck!

  39. bellevelma

    I think it looks great! It’s the hot style right now. Lot’s of celebs are wearing that. I think you should keep it for a while. Me, I have short hair. Very short hair. Trying to grow it out to look like the style Lisa Rinna wears. But I am not sure I have the patience. Anyway, again, I think it looks fine and very pretty. Chin up!

  40. Tracie

    That style is very popular right now with the ‘disconnected layer’ as my stylist called it. I watched her cut someone else’s hair like that and loved how it looked and the ways you can style it. I told her do that to me!
    It doesn’t work unless you have really thick hair. My daughter does and she got the same style and it looks adorable on her.. on me with my fine, frizzy hair, not so much. so I know how you feel. She changed it up a bit by blending in the layers and now I’m happier with it. I’m not a bob fan (though it’s cute on you) but maybe you can get your stylist to blend the layers a bit. For me, I can use some gel and scrunch it all over for a wavy/full body look, or use a straightener and it looks good either way.
    I also know what you mean about cheating on your stylist. I needed a root job bad one time and my stylist wasn’t available so I went somewhere else. The new stylist totally ruined the color I had going and it took my stylist 3 applications of color to fix the mess. I’ll never stray again.

  41. SassyPants

    Hair Infidelity. I hate when I do that. The guilt and the shame. It’s terrible and I’m never satisfied afterwards anyway. Being a hair whore sucks!
    As for your cut, it has lots of potential. Good luck going back to your stylist. I’m it will all make sense when she is done.

  42. Charlise

    I was thinking about your hair situation when I was in the shower this morning. No, I am not a perv. Well, maybe I am, but I was not being pervy then! Seriously – I was just washing my hair and starting thinking about your blog and your hair dilemma.
    I think I understand why you are upset about your hair. You are tired. Exhausted. You feel like crap on a cracker. Your self esteem is low. You are unhappy with your body. Your thyroid is literally kicking your ass…and the one thing you think you felt pretty good about was your hair. It was long, pretty, and you felt sort of like a normal person with it.
    But. But. But – remember even the hair began to piss you off. It lost its shine and became unmanageable, and you really wanted a change. I think you were putting way too much pressure on your hair to make you feel better about everything, no? Poor hair can’t live up to the expectations!
    It really is a good cut. It is trendy and cute. And I agree with almost everybody and echo their suggestions of going to your stylist and having her make a few moderations. Ask her to soften the layers, make it more sexy. Tell her you are trying to boost your image with your hair and don’t want to be too bold with it. I think she will understand.
    By the way – it DOES look nice. Don’t cut it off. You will just spend the next year waiting to get right back to where you are now, and in the process will start hating lots of other things. I have been there.

  43. Lor

    Y, I think you look good! I love the bob on you but you also look good with the layers. I wouldn’t change it!

  44. Yvonne

    Ok, I manage a hair salon and if one of my stylists had done that to your hair they would be fired. It’s not THAT bad, but it is about 3 different haircuts in one. The only thing that really bothers me is the sides where she hacked way into the layers, otherwise it would have looked alright. As for fixing it…I think you should go with an angled bob. Keep the length in front as long as you want, and make it a little shorter, angled and stacked in the back. You’ll be amazed at how much volume it will give you and it will not make your face look round at all, that’s just a common misconception. And…..I totally think you should rock some bangs. I’m not talking wispy side ones, i’m thinking right to your eyebrows, thick and blunt, kid of swept to the side, a la Dr. Ramirez on Grey’s Anatomy.
    Remember, just her bangs…

  45. Susan

    You know, that EXACT THING happened to my little girl about a month ago. I was like WTF?! She’s only 8, and she was like WTF? too! LOL (Okay, no F word, but you get the idea.)
    We played with it for two weeks until I couldn’t take any more. Made an appt with a new stylist, and she was like WTF?! I said THANK YOU, I thought it was just ME! She said no, you have two haircuts going on here!
    She cut off the longer bottom layer and shaped her hair into a DARLING A-line bob (think Jenny McCarthy). It is adorable and we are so glad for the mistake, otherwise we might not have gone so drastic!
    I think you look gorgeous, though, Y no matter WHAT. I mean that. You have to-die-for hair.

  46. Courtney

    I feel your pain…in college my hair thinned out tremendously (I took pictures of the gobs of hair and seriously contemplated showing them to my doctor), and I was reassured that it was due to stress and the hair would grow back. Yeah, not so much! All throughout the day I obsess about the “bald spots,” (which are really just lines where the hair is thin) trying to cover them up and assuming EVERYONE notices.
    But enough about me – do the bob! You look great!!

  47. Amy M

    Either get the layers blended better OR opt for the ADORABLE shoulder length bob!!! I love it on you! And it’ll still be long enough to put up if you want!!!

  48. Emily

    Didn’t Lena get this exact same haircut some time ago?
    (I feel your pain though, I’ve had it before too.)

  49. shuey6

    I was in LA over the weekend and EVERYONE had that haircut, or the Posh Spice haircut. They really “pouffed” out the short part and the long part was just straight or flipped a bit at the ends.
    You should be able to go back and make them fix it… but I see a bob in your future!

  50. sheSaid

    i love the bob!
    I have a roundface, i have to be careful with cuts, but I still love my short hair (and it was long most of my life) Short hair can be easier to keep healthy too. with a round face its just about where the layers fall not length.

  51. Mamapajama

    Egads! She gave you the long version of Carol Brady’s hairdon’t. My stylist cut my hair like that twice before I had to sit him down for a little chat that involved his sissors and walking funny. I don’t have him layer it in the back anymore, it’s pretty much all one length, but I have the front layered/razored in angles similar to what you have and it doesn’t looked all jacked up. I also had some soft bangs added and they actually make my face look younger, which is always good! For now, you should go and get it fixed at your stylist and have the layers blended. It will grow out in no time, don’t worry!! I know how important it is to feel good about your hair, it’s a woman’s “crowing glory”, or something like that…

  52. Lottifish

    I actually don’t think it’s that bad. It’s cute in the front and althought the back is a little blunt it’s not bad. If you really hate it I say go with a full bob, it looks adorable on you!

  53. Jennifer

    That’s the exact cut I got the last time, too! Ugh. Not that I think you look bad, because you are working it! But! I understand fully. Why oh why must they layer, layer, layer???
    I just want whoorl to come live with me and fix my hair for me.

  54. baseballmom

    I went to a new person a month or so ago, because my stylist left the salon, and got the SAME haircut! I was just thinking last night that I have never been happy with it, and I feel like the big top layer looks like a mushroom on my head because my hair is sort of wavy. Ick. I’m just waiting for it to grow out now. Yours is long enough that your stylist (your normal one) could fix it, but mine, unfortunately, got cut way too short.

  55. Krystle

    I couldn’t help but chuckle at the picture of the bob/and pony tail in back… You are TOO funny!
    Although, I will admit – I probably would have killed her had I paid $40 for her to give me a hair cut that I didn’t want. If you syle it right, I think it could be cute. I’d still try to go back to Your Stylist. I’ve done that before, and I regret doing it, but when a girl wants her hair did, she wants it done NOW! Your Sylist will understand… Oh, she will!
    And a Bob… a choppy FULL bob full of bounce, I think could be absolutely adorable on you! And fat face? Oh hush, you! You’re gorgeous either way!

  56. Krystle

    Okay, so totally re-read my comment… the last sentence… “And fat face? Oh hush, you! You’re gorgeous either way!” .
    ***I COMPLETELY didn’t mean that you have a fat face and your gorgeous either way. Good grief, just about tipped over in my chair when I re-read it. Yikes!! PLEASE don’t take it the wrong way… it’s meant to be a compliment!!***

  57. Kristy

    I think the bob would look amazing on you. Of course, when you’re as beautiful as you are, what haircut could you NOT pull off?

  58. Redneck Mommy

    I’m sending roses to my stylist now before my appointment in a week. Ikes.
    Get the layers blended like Whoorl suggested. Or go brave and get the bob. Cuz you rock it. You doll face you.
    Seriously. Looks great on you.

  59. Jhianna

    *small voice* I like the style…
    Maybe it looks better in pictures than in person? Maybe your stylist can fix it?
    Add me to the group that likes the bob on you, too.

  60. Mrs. Chicken

    Hair is our crowning glory, after all. And having pretty hair that turns on you is THE WORST.
    Your stylist will fix it. You think it looks worse than it does.

  61. april

    Ok, so to me it looks like she did the layers decently on one side of your face (your right side) and then the weird disconnected thing on the other (left side).
    I may be pretty out of the loop, since I hadn’t noticed the trendy coolness of the “disconnected layer look”, but even if it is in style I don’t like it.
    But irregardless of how trendy it is, it is not what you asked for, and it definately doesn’t match the other side of your head, which shows that she really had no idea what she was doing.
    Anyway, I vote for going short too, but not a straight bob, make sure there are some *tasteful* layers in there, otherwise it might look too severe. Also, I like the idea of bangs like the PP hair salon manager suggestion.
    Good luck! And yes, you are still beautiful, but yeah, the hair needs fixing.

  62. crunchycarpets

    ‘kay…as everyone surely has isn’t THAT bad! In fact it is very flattering on you.
    but Hair is very important to us. I have had my share of nightmare cuts and sobbed and sobbed.
    I am long due for a cut and can see sooooooo much grey
    Try not to sweat it… with it a bit and get your stylist to fix it up

  63. Shania Ring

    I too was given the Carol Brady. I too strayed from my stylist. I paid $140 for the pleasure, though. (She did do a decent color however). It’s been a month and mine hasn’t gotten any better. I think I’ll wait to see if you get a bob and promptly follow suit!

  64. Cathy

    Oooooooo, my friends and I were just talking about cheating on the stylist this morning and all the lies we’ve told them when it happened. Crazy lies. But don’t fret you still look great!

  65. Meegan

    Y, I think you are beautiful and these photos are no exception. But woman, I ain’t gonna lie to you. You were the recipient of a crap haircut. Admit you cheated (stylists are forgiving, particularly if you come back begging) and get that fixed! I feel your pain, sister. I am wearing a headband and a ponytail and I look HOTT! Or NOTT. One of those.

  66. Suburban Turmoil

    It’s not that bad, girl! You look hot. And I laughed out loud at the faux bob. But yeah, go get your layers blended. My new stylist gave me a version of that cut too, but my hair’s so long, it didn’t have that much of an impact. I did look at the back one day, though, and realize it was two totally different links. WTF. What is this cut called, anyway? I love “Party in the Back.” I think I’ll call my version The Bipolar. And we can argue over who copied whom at BlogHer. πŸ™‚

  67. amanda

    I think those structured/severe styles are great in theory, tough in reality. I’ll chime in like the legions before me and say, have your regular stylist soften the layers. With a sparkle like yours you can pull off any length.

  68. Brenda (a.k.a. Firebrand)

    It’s a total myth that larger women look bad with short hair. Take it from me, all size 26 of me…who had long hair down to her butt until she was 30 and then chopped it to chin length. The next time I worked, everyone was all…”It’s like a ‘Makeover Story’!” I’ve let it grow a bit, but have always chopped it right back up again. I think you’d look GREAT if you cut it shorter! πŸ™‚

  69. beth

    The bob, yes.
    Bob for President.
    I’m casting my ballot for THE BOB!
    I looks thick and pretty and it does NOT make your face look round, in fact with a little layering, you would look gorgeous.

  70. Kelley

    I think it is almost gorgeous! Just a bit of blending of the layers and you will be one hawt mumma.
    Might even lure you out to buy some sexy clothes huh?
    I am more worried about you fessing up to your stylist that you cheated. I can’t even walk past my salon without making sure that my hair is styled properly!

  71. Karla

    I think you hair still looks very lustrious and healthy, and am so with the rest of the crowd. A bit more blending, and va-va-voom!
    I’ve been following your hair story with great interest ever since you posted a picture of that chunk of hair you saved to show your doctor. I too, am losing tons of hair. For the longest time, I thought it was post-pregnancy related, but 14 months later, this is getting ridiculous. The hair around my face is breaking off in the middle of the strand, and I have all these weird bangy broken wisps where my hair should touch my shoulders.
    And hair dye? Forgetaboutit. It fades to a brassy orange withing a week.

  72. Katie

    If anyone understands how a bad haircut can ruin a day (month or even year) that would be me. I had surgery and my doctor, instead of shaving off a small portion of the back of my hair for the surgery, shaved everything from the tips of my ears down. Like, um, 1/3 of my hair.
    It’s been 11 weeks and I look like I have the worst punk haircut ever. Ever I tell you.
    Oh and did I mention that I’m getting married in 3 months?

  73. Jen

    The pic of the faux bob makes me think a real bo would be really cute on you. I’m sorry you got a bad haircut but maybe you can get someone good to turn it into something really cute.
    When I was 13 and huge mall hair bangs were all the rage I had a haircut where the woman cut my bangs down to about an inch long. I wanted to die. I know the pain of a bad haircut and I sympathyse.

  74. Mel

    Maybe someone already said this, but the EXACT same thing happened to Lena of Cheeky Lotus.
    Because misery loves company.
    And I am madly jealous of your straight hair.

  75. Y

    It’s so funny that some of you remembered Lena’s haircut because the FIRST thing I did when I got home was call her to tell her that I got a cut JUST LIKE HERS.
    I’ve not been able to tell her yet though because she’s been sick and unable to take my phone calls.
    Come to think of it, ALL of my friends have been “sick” and “unable to take my calls.”

  76. sassy

    Well I must just be the most hideous person on earth as that is the cut I used to wear my hair in. You just need to have the layers blended together in the back. I like it. *shrug*

  77. Lena

    OK, I’m late to the party …in the back (HAHA) …but, repeat after me Y. I WILL RESIST THE URGE TO BLEND THE LAYERS. It will just become a MORE ROUNDED cut and will force you to chop it off. Just wear it wavy for the next 6 months until it grows out.
    Trust me. I’m coming right out of a fever-induced coma.

  78. PeetsMom

    Sorry it took me to long to come back and look! But woman – that hair cut looks cute on you! I like it! Of course, my own hair cut is similar in its, shall we say, choppiness? It’s so much better than a plain ol bob! Don’t go there – no one is EVER happy with a bob! Leave it be!!

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