Guess who HATES HER NEW HAIRCUT SO EFFING MUCH that she came home and tried to fix it?
Picture or Video 1959
I know and yet… Scissors.
Why did I let a stylist that I didn’t know cut 5 inches off of my hair? And why did I let her put “short layers?” And why do I have two complete different hair cuts on my one head of hair???!

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  1. DebbieS

    Ugh. This can’t be good =( All I have to offer is my SIL’s advice, which was “get thee to an Aveda salon”. They are $$$, but probably cheaper than therapy! Never a good day when you’re having a bad hair day. Extra big hug for you! (C’mon down to SD and I’ll order you a grande cinnamon dolce, too.)

  2. Scout's Honor

    Ohhh Myyyy Gawd! I would never do that. nope, not me. I just cut off five inches MYSELF and put in short layers using a small mirror to see the back. That way, I have no one to blame but myself.
    I do also my own coloring. Last year, I achieved a Ronald McDonald red that I believe no one on this planet could have acheived better. Yeahhhh! Baby. Baseball caps for a month before it toned down!

  3. Faith

    I tried a new hairstyle with my stylist of over 3 years in the fall, and am currently growing it out. It was one of those immediate “fuck” moments after I left the salon with it, and I have since told her to just LEAVE THE LAYERS ALONE! She always wants to “just clean up the dead ends a bit” when I see her…after the last time she did it, I was back to square one with the grow-out, and I just want my short bob back, already. I know I like it, I know it looks good on me, and someone just shoot me if I ever try to use a picture of a MODEL from goddammed Vic’s Secret for an example of what I want my hair to look like, ok? I’m stupid sometimes…not news to me!
    Put the scissors down and walk away. Things can’t ever turn out well if you try to hack at your own hair yourself!

  4. heather

    First, every time I get my haircut it takes a few days to settle down. So maybe the problem will solve itself in a few days. Second, when in doubt post pictures and let the internet soothe you, or alternately give you advice on styling/hiding it tips. Finally, I love them but beware the Aveda salon. You will become addicted and spend more $$ than you ever thought possible on your hair.

  5. Melissa

    Um, Y? What did you do? Was there a breakdown involved? Because I remember the pic’s of the dog, Pighunter and Gabby after you went at their heads with sharp instruments…. do you need a shoulder – or extensions?
    I’m not a frequent commenter but you made my day at Blogher and I love you for it.
    I’m here for you!!

  6. PeetsMom

    Well let’s have a look then – post us a picture! I am certain you are being waaaayy to critical of yourself….again! C’mon – cut yourself some slack, not your hair!!!

  7. Mrs. Chicken

    I JUST went through this last week. It will be OK. I promise. And I also give you permission to suck your thumb and rock in the corner for a few days. I so get it.

  8. nava

    OMG go back and MAKE THEM FIX IT. They’ll do it, FOR FREE, if they are in any way reputable. You can be totally bitchy about it at the time, too, but being pitiful usually gets you a cuter cut ;p

  9. Katei

    I withhold judgement until I see a photo.
    Remember, you are the client. If you are not happy, you should march back there and make them fix it for free.

  10. Kay

    Ugh! It sucks when that happens! I once went to an unknown stylist and I kid you not, my hair was 3 inches different in length in the back. Big problem was, to match it up meant going way shorter than I ever wanted.
    It sucked but it’s hair. It does grow back and I can’t imagine any hairstyle you couldn’t rawk anyway! 🙂

  11. emily

    Ohhhhh Y…. I saw the word ‘haircut’ in my google reader and thought ‘oh! haircuts! yay!’ and then ‘OH NO… haircuts by Y…’ because I’ve definitely read those posts…
    Hopefully it will all sort itself out after a good shampooing. My condolences to you!

  12. The Over-Thinker

    I will 2nd (10th?) the “Get thee to Aveda” recommendation. While there, drink a helluva lot of Aveda tea and say “Ohhmmm” every 30 seconds.
    Then, when you get home, realize once again that you’re incredibly gorgeous—crazy hair cut or not—and drink a bottle of wine to celebrate!

  13. Meegan

    Oh, Lordy. I suffer from the same affliction, as does my mother. Is it genetic? The need to attempt to cut one’s own hair when one has no hair-cutting expertise whatsoever? And it never, EVER, ends well. Damn, Y. Sorry. Howsabout a picture? I’m sure it looks better than you think it does. Also? At least you have nice thick hair. Mine is super-fine and if it’s not cut by an expert it flies away and yet lays lifeless and limp simultaneously. It’s like a miracle of physics.

  14. Kelley

    Mucho sucking there.
    That is why I will wait months of hating my hair to see Sebastian the wonder hairdresser.
    Hat? You could pull off a hat.

  15. jane

    Sorry to hear it Y, but know exactly how you’re feeling. My stylist was oh so obviously having a bad day last Friday, and instead of the ‘hot’ style that had complements coming my way regularly lately I got home and had to also “fix it”. Shit. Alas, it will grow, and we will survive. In the meantime I’m sharing your pain … and enjoying a nice glass of red wine. 🙂

  16. Melody

    I can only offer my hairdresser’s number if you want it! I think I’m roughly in the same area as you (Corona) and she’s wonderful. I’ve been going to her for like 8 years, so if you need someone next time… 😉

  17. Helen

    My hair is so split it feels like a sheep fleece, yet I am so afraid of looking even worse than I already do I put off going to the hairdresser ( which is the place I pray more than anywhere else, how sad is that? oh please don’t let them make me even uglier, please don’t let it be too short and get even curlier and please……)
    I can’t believe you look as awful as you think you do, show us your hair and let us reassure you that our hair is so much worse!

  18. Kyla

    Oh. No.
    And when it is short and they screw up it makes it so hard to fix.
    (hey, I have a kind of important piece up today, if you wouldn’t mind following the line over my way, I’d be endlessly appreciative. And I totally feel dumb asking in the first place, LOL.)

  19. Pam

    Oh Y, I know your pain. there’s nothing worse than waiting for a bad cut to grow out.
    Post a picture, maybe it’s not as bad as you think.
    I put extensions in my hair last October, I finally have the hair I’ve always wanted. But on my own? My hair hates me.

  20. Caitlin

    Aw, I feel for you. I’m too afraid to take scissors to my own hair but I used to just keep going back to my hairdresser whenever I felt like my new ‘do wasn’t “cutting it”…anyways, what started out as “a cute, chic bob” turned into THE MULLET FROM HELL in the span of a few weeks. I’ve learned my lesson now. 3 months between haircuts. If it sucks, I just live with it. Most people don’t even notice it…and besides, you have shiny black hair that will probably distract people from the cut.

  21. Kris

    And you dare to post without photographic evidence of the horrors of which you speak? Pshaw…
    And of course, how are we supposed to go beat her up if you don’t give us her name?

  22. Laura

    Dude! I have been wearing headbands every day since I let a student of coiffure cut it last December. Now I’m pondering a short-short cut, just to put the whole ugly incident behind me.

  23. Jenn

    If you don’t like your haircut you should be able to get them to fix it FOR FREE. That’s always been my understanding of how stylists work. Even have a different person at the same salon do it. Stand up for yourself. Don’t live with a bad haircut!

  24. AA

    Girl! You have got to give us pics! We need this. I mean you have shown us your tummy rolls and the stripper titties and thyroid face when it had bags of hair falling off around it- how bad could a haircut be? We love ya nayway. The funny thing about a haircut is it may look bad to you and everyone else wil go “oooh, how cute”.

  25. AA

    Girl! You have got to give us pics! We need this. I mean you have shown us your tummy rolls and the stripper titties and thyroid face when it had bags of hair falling off around it- how bad could a haircut be? We love ya nayway. The funny thing about a haircut is it may look bad to you and everyone else wil go “oooh, how cute”.

  26. Y

    Oh ma’God AA. That comment is AWESOME.
    I’m going to post a picture as soon as I finish work. (which should be in about an hour or so?!)

  27. shuey6

    I had one of those days and just couldn’t wait for my usual girl, so I ducked into a $12 spot. I got what I paid for. AND I keep on paying, and paying, and paying…
    I’ll bet you look good, you always do. Hang in there. Praying your T-roid meds get better as well.

  28. E. Peevie

    Y–I adore your blog. I’m not wishing bad hair days on you, or anything, or even scissor-wielding days–but gah! You bring the funny with your troubles, and thank you. I loved the earlier post you linked to about your scary relationship with scissors. Get help, girl.
    My blog loves would be honored if you visited it:
    Love, E. Peevie

  29. Julie

    After I read yesterday’s entry, I thought that I had never wanted more to give a stranger a hug. Today’s entry, though–All I can say is ouch and sorry and dammit and those kinds of things. Know that there are many, many of us rooting for you. And praying for folicular fortitude…

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