51 thoughts on “This is a post about thyroids so unless you care about thyroids, you probably want to go ahead and skip this.

  1. Jen

    I care about thyroids, as mine is just as stupid and unruly and disruptive as yours…
    At least now I can say with certainty that the fat is not because I am a lazy sloth.

  2. Sarcastic Mom

    As I was clicking over, I was totally thinking, “Dude, Y is amazing… how the hell did she figure out how to not let something show on my reader if it’s about thyroids, thereby making me click over to see it?”
    And then, there was nothing.
    Just me, sitting here, with my how Hash’ed up Thyroid. 😉
    Hope you’re doing well, dear.

  3. Bunny

    I hope the thyroid didn’t eat you while you were trying to post. That would be bad. Thyroid? Are you reading this? Give us Y back!

  4. Which Box

    oh, I get it – its metaphysical, right? That is, your thyroid has you still so caught in its evil grip that you can’t post. That’s right, right?

  5. LC

    I totally care. I just need you to send me the magical decoder glasses so I can read the invisible ink 🙂

  6. Sara

    Did you pass out in the middle of a post? That’s it, I’m going to Cali with, um, magic fairy dust? Yep.
    Bring on the Hash Bash, man.

  7. jeanie

    no no no – don’t tell me you have NOTHING TO SAY about the matter, just when you have us all suckered up and ready for some thyroid kicking action.

  8. CA

    So, so many of us struggle with bad thyroids. And so many of us love you. So never be afraid to post, even about the ‘roid.

  9. Lauri

    I care…….
    oh and btw add 200 mcg of selenium ( a mineral) improve your thyroid function 25%- just found that out & been meaning to email you

  10. Felicia

    Hey, I care, you are the only one I know who is going through the same thing I am! We need to stick together! or at least I need to know I am not the only cray one out there. =)
    I added you to my twitter. Wanna add me back so I can bug you some more! Twitter/mindmyview.

  11. Laura in Michigan

    Y, I hate my thyroid too. Or lack there of. I was just diagnosed a FOURTH time with thyroid cancer. Riddle me this…if you don’t have a thyroid, how can you get thyroid cancer 4 times? Um…well, the cells don’t ever seem to go away. I am a modern medical mystery. ACK!!! I think of you often. Me and you, and our thyroids (or my CELLS…) will stick together, and dream of Synthroid!!

  12. Tyra

    Have you tried Armour thyroid yet? It’s sort of an old-fashioned remedy, but it worked wonders for me. Some doctors don’t like to prescribe it.

  13. Bethany

    Does this mean your thyroid is going to be removed like this post?
    I care. I struggled for years with thyroid issues until I had a radiation treatment to kill my thyroid. I can say with certainty that I don’t miss the bitch.

  14. Alice

    I think that you did this as a trick, to show potential thyroid-based advertisers just HOW MANY crazy, thyroid-caring-about readers you have, so that you can CORNER the blog market for thyroid meds.
    You’re a smart one, Y!

  15. MadWomanMeg

    I wish I could make my Thyroid magic like yours….except different. Mine just sits there like an underachieving stoner while yours..well…MAGIC I say! Makes things disappear. That’s the kind of thyroid I need. One that makes things vanish. Maybe it could magic away the extra 150 lbs that I’m carrying.
    Do I get to read the post now? I actually DO care about thyroids. Odd, I know, but true.

  16. Karen Sugarpants

    Just had to write to tell you I had written a comment here yesterday and forgot to hit publish on it so I thought I had sent it but no, it was still sitting in my head. So I think we’re even. Hahahaha…
    p.s. I care about your thyroid. We go way back.

  17. ben

    I’m such a slacker. I deleted the post you never wrote from my RSS reader WITHOUT EVEN NOT READING IT, so I had to come over and say something now.
    Hope things are better.

  18. Chick

    ditto what Stella said- Synthoid didn’t work for me, but Armour has done wonders for my health! I had to fire my endocrinologist and go to a GP to get it, but I’m feeling much better these days!
    tell us about your thyroid!

  19. sara

    I care. I went through the cruel joke of hyperthyroid. I lost a ton of weight and looked great. Then I took meds to slow everything down and gained most of the weight back. Turns out the meds didn’t work and I had to have the radiation treatment. Successfully gained more weight then I lost. Now I’m on homrone to make up for the damn thing being destroyed. This your blog not mine so I’ll stop but I can certainly go on about some thyroid trash talk.

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