43 on 8.08.08

Today is my husband’s birthday.
He was 22 when I fell in love with him at the (illegal, under) age of 17.
It’s hard to wrap my mind around how quickly the years with him have passed. And how quickly his hair has morphed into the “Little in the middle, but still got much sides.” do. We would talk about growing old together when we were first married, but I had no idea I’d blink, shit out 3 kids and BAM. He’d be Forty Three.
Crazy, I tell you.
I wanted to post a few pictures of Young Tony, but sadly, there aren’t very many pictures of him as a small child. In fact, I do believe I’ve only seen 3 baby pictures of my husband.
Long story short, both of his parents abandoned him and left him in Mexico with his Grandparents. Luckily, his Aunt loved him enough to bring him to America and raise Him as her own.
I went through hundreds of pictures today hoping to find just one of Little Tonito and amazingly, I found one.
And amazingly, it was one of him cutting his birthday cake.
This picture made me happy. Happy to know that despite all of the hurt he suffered as a small child, he did have moments of love and joy (thank you, Aunt Maria, for taking him as your own Son. Thank you so very much.)
Happy Birthday 43rd Birthday, Tony. You’ve aged well although I have to admit– I’m kind of shocked that you’re still as horny at 43 as you were at 25. But hey, I’m totally not complaining.

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  1. Melissa

    I know of exactly one picture of my boyfriend (of ten years, shouldn’t there be a more grown up word?) as a baby. Perhaps a half dozen exist of him growing up. He did not have the same issues as Tony (Happy Birthday!), but he did have the unfortunate place as the last of seven children in a poor family. There were entirely too many other things to attend to and not enough time for taking pictures. I’m just pleased that I have the few that there are to enjoy.

  2. Mrs. Flinger

    Dear Mr. Pigghunter,
    You have an amazing wife and while she gets a TON of people who love her and comment here, we know you’re the amazing man who loves and supports her there at home. Thank you for that. For giving her the arms physically around her when we can only virtually do it and for loving her so much she continues to write about her amazing and wonderful love in her marriage. You are both a great inspiration to marriages all over the Interwebz. Happy Happy Birthday. Here is to many many more.
    Your friend via said Interwebz,
    Leslie “Mrs. Flinger”

  3. Marilyn

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tony. 🙂 I think 8/8 is an awesome birthday (aside from my whole fondness for such dates with my bday being 12/12, anniversary being 8/8, child’s bday is 7/7…). I hope he had a great day.

  4. Kandace

    You are going to kick 43 in the ass!
    But, seriously am I the only emotional one here? Auntie Maria, thank you for taking him in and raising him as your own.
    Glad you found that photo Y. It’s really amazing.
    MWAH! From the Interwebz.

  5. Mary

    My husband is turning 50 next week, and there’s NO WAY I’m old enough to be married to a man who’s 50. Ahem. He had way better parents than your husband, apparently, but he’s the youngest of eight, and I have five pictures of him between birth and 18.

  6. Headless Mom

    We are celebrating my brother’s 38th birthday today-8-8-08. (we also celebrated on my 07-07-07).
    I really can’t wait to meet you Tony! Hopefully it will be soon!
    Happy Day, even if I am on the late side. Hope you had a great day!

  7. Ninotchka

    Only you could write a post that makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time. You’re lovely. Happy Birthday to your husband. He’s one lucky guy!

  8. JenniferB

    Happy Birthday Tony! You deserve all the best (because you are obviously so good to Y and your kids!)

  9. lani

    Happy #43, Tony! It could be worse, you could be turning 44 in October like my husband. Ha. Hope you had a great day.

  10. Stella

    Tony! Happy Birthday! Take care and enjoy the love of your wonderful family. And tell us how you got the name PigHunter pretty please.

  11. DebbieS

    “Baby got Sides”…bwahahahaha…I love it!! Happiest of birthdays to you, Tony!! Y, you *did* spank him once for each year and once for good luck, right?

  12. margalit

    My ex had NO pictures of him as a young kid or a baby because he had what he termed a “weak chin”. The only pics of him were after he grew his first beard. The beard he’s had for about 50 years now.
    How weird is THAT?
    Happy Birthday, Tony!

  13. Denise

    Happy Birthday to Tony!!!
    Y–hello from your birthday twin, 9-9-71. Reading this post, I realized that we also have in common double numbers for our husbands’ birthdays–8-8 and my husband’s bday is 7-7!!! My dear mother-in-law’s was also 8-8.

  14. Rae

    Happy Belated Birthday to Tony 🙂 Hope he had a wonderful day and I wish him (and you of course, Y!) all the best for the coming year!

  15. Moxie

    Happy 43rd Tony!
    You are a wonderful example of what a caring, strong and loving husband/father should be. Most guys out there could take Man Lessons from you.
    Aunt Maria done raised you right.

  16. Dorothy Stahlnecker

    Happy birthday and what a beautiful story. Thanks so much to his aunt and to you for sharing a success story for a husband who sounds like a wonderful partner and father.
    Dorothy from grammology

  17. danelle

    I have exactly 2 pictures of my husband as a boy. His mom had post partum depression and took her own life when he was 6 months old so there are very few bits of memorabilia from his youth.
    Anyway, Happy Birthday Tony!

  18. Susan

    So weird – I turned 43 on 8-8-08 also. I’ve met lots of people with 8-8 birthdates, but never anyone with my exact birthdate. So although I am just a random blog reader – Happy Birthday to your husband! He has a great birthdate!

  19. Lotus Notes

    Hi, first of all congratulation Tony,On your 43rd birthday.I love the picture, so sweet & what a beautiful story. Thanks so much to his aunt and to you for sharing a success story for a husband who sounds like a wonderful partner and fatherYou have an amazing wife and while she gets a TON of people who love her and comment here, we know you’re the amazing man who loves and supports her there at home. Thank you for that..

  20. Cmommy

    Happy Birthday, just a bit late, to Tony!
    We only have a few pics of my hubby as a child, also. I’ve taken hundreds of photos of our children to make up for it.
    (still praying for you and the job stuff….we’re walking in the same valley)

  21. FamiliesONLY

    Happy birthday Tony!
    I’ve also never seen a photo of my Tony as a baby, unfortunately I have seen lots of him with his mullet and cut off jean shorts, HOT.

  22. lindsay

    I’m so late to the game (i.e. this post) but I love it – you’re such an inspiration! I’m getting married in one month and stuff like this gets me right here {pointing to my left boob,… er… heart}

  23. Melissa aka mizladytaz

    The last two or three years, I think it’s been, at least since I first found out we have the same birthdate, anyway [I’m one year older than Tony], I have always come here and wished my “birthday buddy” a Happy Birthday! Well, this year I missed it, cuz I suck!! Well, really, I’ve just been busy with stuff (just bought a house, and all the fun stuff that goes with all of that) …. So, here I am, late as it may be, to wish Tony a Happy [LATE] Birthday! I hope it was GREAT!! Mine was pretty darn good! ;0)
    Y’all are in my thoughts and prayers! I hope that things begin to work out in YOUR favor, and SOON!!
    BTW, your photography is AWESOME, Y!! And, that Gabby is SUCH a beautiful girl! So VERY photogenic!! I really enjoy getting my flickr updates with new photos you’ve posted!

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