Because… why the hell not.

Yesterday PigHunter gave me orders to buy new “casual clothes” to wear around the house. Apparently, he’s sick of seeing me in a black tank top and black sweat pants when he comes home from work.
I explained to him that I do get dressed every morning, but as soon as I pick up Gabbers from playschool at noon, the clothes come off and sweats go on. I want to be comfortable when I’m sitting in this chair working.
“Well, then get some different colored sweats, I’m so sick of seeing you in black when I get home.”
He’s not one to comment negatively on my appearance, so I took what he said to heart and vowed to do a little shopping for myself. I figure I can make my husband happy while helping the economy out at the same time. From what I’ve read, the economy can use a little help so I think one of you should do a little shopping with me. I’m going to purchase a $25 amazon gift card. At 5pm, I’ll randomly choose a comment from this post and that person will receive an e-mail gift card from me tonight.
Comments now closed. A winner will be announced shortly. Woo! Shopping!
And the winner is…

184 thoughts on “Because… why the hell not.

  1. Kim

    Why not pamper yourself?
    Buy something nice and totally impractical and makes you feel sexy.
    Shopping is fun!

  2. Y

    I don’t ever pamper myself. I have too much guilt about spending money on myself. Seriously, ask me the last time I got a pedicure or a manicure. However, I will buy some clothes because, well, I need them.

  3. Girl On A Misson

    You should pamper yourself…many times, I stare in my non-existent closest and I think I should do the same, but, gaining weight has prohibited me to do so. I used to say ‘its wasteful spending’ and ‘ohhhh, I’ll buy something when I lose some weight’. I re-joined WW and I’ve lost 14 pounds in 5 weeks….and I’m finally starting to feel a little positive again. I could use a good a little something to keep me motivated…maybe the spouse will tell me to get trucking to Wal-Mart! You should do the same for yourself! I think its great that the spouse is thinking about you too!

  4. Tracey

    I know what you mean Y! As soon as I get home from work, I’m in my PJ’s! But on the other hand, if my husband told me to please go buy some new clothes, who am I to say no! LOL
    Now you go get yourself some comfy/cool threads like your husband told ya! A tip if you will, I know that us…um…valuptuous ladies don’t always find jeans a comfortable to thing to wear, especially when we’re sitting at the computer all day (as I do), but I have to tell ya, Lane Bryant comfort fit jeans rock my world! They are a snug when you first put them on and then relax a little once you have them on for a while and are sooo comfy! Their not cheap, but believe me, I’m getting a lot of mileage out of two pairs! Plus I get to say I’m a size 4, based on how they size their jeans…so cool!

  5. gleep

    When I’m down, I gravitate exclusively toward dark, drab colors. When I’m up, I notice that splashes of bright color work their way into to mix. Perhaps you do similarly, and there’s some subconscious wish on his part to see you happy?

  6. emily

    Um, I am still in my pjs and it is noon…but I do tend to jump in some ‘real’ clothes by the time 5 rolls around! Comfort is key, long live yoga pants! Have fun shopping!

  7. Y

    Gleep– whoa. that’s deep. I have been rather down since Grandpa died. Also, since I’ve started working full time from home, I am home all day, cut off from the world and fresh air. Perhaps you’re on to something. In that case, he should take me away for the weekend, not tell me to buy new clothes! 😉

  8. Shannon

    You know what I do? I buy men’s pj bottoms and cute tops to wear around the house. Comfy as hell and it works even if I do have to go out in public…like to check the mail!
    Have a blast shopping Y!!

  9. karen

    That is how I am. When I am home I am COMFY. I do wish I could be comfortable in clothes though. To go all day in clothes instaed of comfy wear would be so strange.

  10. Mary Jo

    My husband sometimes says the same thing to me. But by the time he gets home I am tired and have been dressed all day and taking care of a 1 year old can ruin nice clothes. lol.
    Have fun shopping!

  11. Jenn

    I love your blog! It’s beautiful. 🙂
    I subscribe in a reader. I haven’t been reading very long and I hadn’t commented yet… So I hadn’t been here. Gorgeous!

  12. Annika

    My husband comes home to me in my monkey pajamas most days. Shockingly he has not complained. Obviously my monkey pajamas are super-sexy.

  13. eko

    Whatever you get – do share/model!
    I realized the other day every shirt I have is stained – and I thought wearing all black hid that, nope! I feel better about myself if I at least look presentable and shower every other day (hey, it’s the best I can do right now…)

  14. divrchk

    You should treat yourself to some new comfy clothes. I find it a necessity to have a few nicer lounge clothes.

  15. Julie

    Good for you — everyone deserves a little pampering & “retail therapy” now & then… Have fun!

  16. Amy

    I have levels of comfy clothes – those that are presentable in public (running to the grocery store), those that I prefer to sleep in, those for house cleaning, and those for when I want to bundle up and stay warm!

  17. Natasha A.

    I am the same. I never pamper myself. I feel guilty about spending money. Clothes. Shoes. Haircuts. I haven’t had my hair cut in about a year. I was saying the other day to my hubby that I need to get it done and said sure. And I was like hmm..then I can dye my hair (from a box) and he was like, why don’t you just get them to do it? Cause it’s gonna cost me $100! He’s like So?
    Yeah, I need to adopt his attitude when it comes to some things! lol
    Oh, as a side note, please don’t enter me in the contest 🙂 I would end up spending more on shipping then what the gift card is for (living in Canada)…unless of course you are willing to purchase an card? 😉
    I have to agree with Jenn. Your blog is very pretty!
    Natasha A.

  18. Alison

    I don’t really NEED whole lot, but I am currently saving up all my money to a) finish paying for college and b) make my rent so there isn’t a whole lot left over for personal spending..
    ps I am delurking because I love to enter contests for things, but I really enjoy reading your blog!

  19. Stephanie

    I wish I could work in my PJs. So comfy! I’ve been able to find cute comfy clothes at Target and Old Navy… inexpensive enough that you can treat yourself to more than you would be able to at other stores.
    With money tight these days, I find it hard to buy even things I desperately need. I finally bought a new pair of black work shoes from Amazon last week, which I’ve needed for months… and then splurged on a second fun pair in a bronze color because they were only $20 each, and am trying to stop feeling guilty about it. At least they’re cute.

  20. lemon

    wow, i can’t remember the last time i bought something for myself! college sucks up every single extra penny!!
    have fun shopping and don’t forget to show us what u bought! 🙂

  21. Georgia

    Good luck with your shopping. I’m a pro at it, as I’m able to justify ANYTHING, but my best friend is horrible at it, and I literally have to talk her into buying a $15 t-shirt. About half her waredrobe is from when she was in high school…she’s 31 years old now.
    You can do it!

  22. Darcie

    Heck, I take off my clothes when I get home from work (around 3:30) and put on my ratty old PJs. Sweats would be an improvement! 😉


    How sweet…of you both. I would buy some brown boots that I really want but keep putting off because the kids always need something more than I need those boots.

  24. Erin

    You deserve to feel good. If that means sweats then I say buy a few other colors and a tank that shows some cleavage and you’ll both be happy 🙂

  25. RYLEY

    WOHOOO!! My Baby needs a carseat! And although $25 dollars doesnt go very far in car seat world..anything helps.. but let’s be honest.. I’ll probably end up spending the money on those little socks that look like shoes anyway!! 🙂

  26. Clementine

    Sweats would be an improvement for me as well! I had to send my child care kids home early today to take my sick daughter to the doctor…the very minute she went down for her nap, I put on a pair of orange flannel PJ pants, a bright red hoodie, and ugly (but cozy!) pink fuzzy socks.

  27. Bill

    I stay at home with the kids, and my wife can count on seeing me wearing one of three outfits when she gets home (when it’s cold, at least).
    1. Blue jeans and a red t-shirt – 15%
    2. Blue jeans and a blue t-shirt – 70%
    3. Blue jeans and a green t-shirt – 15%
    If I had sweats that fit me right now I’d wear them instead. *laugh*

  28. Marmite Breath (Natalie)

    Today I bought my ten year old daughter some yoga pants because I realized she didn’t have any elastic waisted things, and God knows, ya need elastic waisted pants some days. Even when you’re ten. Cause they’re comfy and make you feel good and chill-out-ariffic.
    My husband just convinced me that we should go and see Obama in Norfolk tonight, so I am thinking that elastic waisted pants are a-go for that too……lots of standing around and feeling cold. But feeling cold FOR CHANGE! 🙂

  29. Candace

    I LOVE sweats in the winter time. There is NOTHING better. That is very generous of you Yvonne! Thanks for giving us a chance to win this

  30. steen

    When I get home from work, I immediately change into any number of “comfy pants” — gray sweats, some terry or velour track pants, or some capri-style lounging pants I got from Target.
    I also have a few pairs of comfy, knee-length shorts. (Also from Target.) I have them in basic colors like black, khaki and a totally not-basic gray/black/white plaid print.
    You can still be comfortable and stray from the sweats. 😀
    Plus, you would look fantastic in bright colors, like fuchsia or teal.

  31. Roseann

    My husband has asked me to please wear something besides jeans and a hoodie. Anything, besides jeans and a hoodie. I sit here right now, wearing jeans and a hoodie. I might be a lost cause.

  32. Angela

    Go for red, I just read today that men prefer girls in red and think it’s ultra sexy, well go for red if you have time for all that stuff, otherwise pick blue, lol

  33. aj

    you SHOULD go shopping Y! it always makes me feel better getting a few new clothes! Enjoy your shopping adventure — and may I plug JC Penney’s? I have gotten alot of cute things there recently as most of their things have been on pretty decent sales.

  34. Jamie

    Sounds like me. I tend to only get dressed on the three days my daughter has preschool… I do remained dressed for the duration of the day, though. Is this some sort of sign? lol

  35. Jamie

    You definitely deserve to splurge, Y!
    I’m trying to save up enough so I can splurge and buy myself a digital SLR so I can take more photos.

  36. mama2roo

    Hi, Y–I read you every day, but have never commented. So sorry about your grandfather.
    I am a sweatpants queen, as well. Wear ’em proudly (and comfortably!). And I love a hubby who demands you to shop! 🙂

  37. Jerilyn

    Tell PigHunter that SOME of us would KILL for the ability to wear a black tank top and sweatpants…(tries to dig at thong wedgie while readjusting bra and hunting for errant high-heels that managed to disappear under the desk).
    I swear, if I ever quit this job…I will come in on my last day sporting a spaghetti strap tank top, no bra…a pair of ratty yoga pants and some well-loved flip flops. I’ll wear no makeup and will put my hair up in jaunty pig-tails.
    Y, that will be the best day I will EVER have at work!

  38. Damsel

    Well, being pg, I have to admit that I wouldn’t use this amazon gift for clothes, but I do hereby solemnly swear to use it on something just for me. I kind of think I deserve it since hubby left for basic training for the Army last night and I’m the only one left to love on our 4 year old… oh, and I teach full time, and did I mention that I’m 6 months pregnant? 🙂

  39. Diana

    I wish my husband would make like Pighunter and order me out to the store. I was just thinking in the car this morning that I haven’t bought a clothing item for myself in over two years. NOTHING. Is that unbelieveable or what?
    Good luck! I hope you find some great stuff!

  40. Chris

    Trust me. What PigHunter was telling you was the sweats are fine and dandy, but pair them with stillettos and he’ll bring home some candy.

  41. The Other Dawn

    Hmmm… You look sassy in red. I vote for red! Which is not to be confused with “voting red” which is SO NOT THE CASE. If this confuses, buy a blue sweatsuit.

  42. Jenn

    Yes, I would also very much appreciate a direct order to purchase some clothes! In any case, I agree that you would look great in red but also think that probably a lot of rich colors would look awesome. I say try to go for colors, not shades of black, grey, and neutrals. Have fun!

  43. Amy

    First-time commenter! Happy shopping – although I think there is nothing wrong with putting on the black sweats as soon as you get home!

  44. Kristin

    I’ve been thinking for my bday that I want my boyfriend to buy me clothes because I have no winter clothes that fit me and I’m not motivated myself to go out and by some.

  45. amanda

    I wish my husband would order me to buy new clothes… or new anything, for that matter. Good luck!

  46. Beth Nixon

    So good for you! I need to do the exact same thing. I’m afraid to ask my Pighunter what he thinks of what I wear!! I’m not ready for that sort of honesty!

  47. Beth

    I do the same thing..I get home and put on comfy clothes. And I hang onto my work clothes for FOREVER. My boyfriend is always telling me “take up more room in the closet!! GO SHOPPING!!!”

  48. Sasha

    That’s so funny. I just finished pulling on my jeans because it’s time for me to pick up my oldest at school.
    I walk around the house in torn up flannel pants and wal-mart clearance shirts. I want to be comfortable too!
    It’s also funny how time and kids and weight changes things. I remember I wouldn’t be caught dead leaving my house in sweats or jeans. Now I throw a sweater on over my pjs and put my slippers on and say “lets go” to drop my daughter off at school.
    Have fun shopping!

  49. Valerie

    Different colored sweats!? Ha ha!! I put on pj pants after I come home from teaching all day, so I know exactly what you mean! I wish my hubby would tell me to go shopping, usually it’s him telling me not to shop so much!!

  50. Susan

    Pighunter is awesome! My husband has never said such a thing to me, but I suspect he will in a couple of months when my regular clothes stop fitting and I need maternity!

  51. blessed-with-3

    Enjoy your shopping! I could really use a new winter coat (it was 32 here today) so I would LOVE being chosen for the Amazon gift card.
    Thanks for considering me!

  52. Jean

    You know, how often does a husband ever tell a wife to go shopping? Go buy yourself something pretty, bright and that makes you feel good. Enjoy!

  53. Abby

    My husband says the same thing. I am always in my pajamas (which is just a t-shirt & black yoga pants) as soon as I get home from work. Oh Well. It is comfortable and I dont’ have money to buy nice looking t-shirts!

  54. Danish

    Ooh, wow, I would love that gift card! I am about to take a $10k pay cut just to stay employed. Halp!

  55. Empera

    Wow! Your husband sounds like mine! He has been telling me since I have had my last baby 10 weeks ago to do something nice for myself, but having the time is never their! After 7 kids, getting my nails and eye brows done is the last thing on my mind. I know I need it, but I feel guilty, I tell myself that the money I am spending is money that can go for a new pair of shoes, or food or diapers for the kids! GIRL IF HE IS TELLING YOU TO DO IT, THEN GO FOR IT! If I had the means I would, I guess us mom’s do deserve it, I used to make sure I kept up my appearance but now we live out in the middle of no where literally, so finding a place to even do it is a scavenger hunt! Shit I have to tip the pizza guy 15 bux just for driving out here since he comes 20 miles to deliver our pizza!
    Do something nice for yourself, with everything you have been through, you deserve that much! Take care!

  56. Amy Girl

    Years ago my husband complained about this very same thing. I’ve taken to putting my uncomfy clothes back on right before he gets home. He’s worth it.

  57. AlwaysCurious

    It sounds like you are taking his comment very well and I’m glad because even if he meant it exactly like he said it, its not bad for him to want to see you in a little variety.
    But– also think that maybe he knows that this is (obviously) a really hard time for you and if you’re like most people, a little retail therapy can be a bright spot in even the dreariest time.

  58. April

    I would stay in sweatpants all day long if I could too. Ahh…sweatpants. Unfortunately they look down on that at work.
    Enjoy shopping!!

  59. Danish

    PS. I am so very sorry about your Grandpa. I was not close with either of my grandpas, and I think you are sooo lucky you had such a close relationship with him. Your family is in my thoughts.

  60. Andrea

    Awesome girl! Where are you going shopping? Wherever…remember that you have to try it on no matter how it looks on the hanger. My mom-in-law scored some great deals at Kohl’s yesterday.

  61. Amy

    OH fun!!! I want sweats of another color also 🙂 Black is so slimming, only except not in sweat pants 🙂

  62. Ck

    Comfy clothes are goooood. I do the same thing every day, once all my running around is done, the sweats are donned. You’ve got a good one (hubby) Y, telling you to spend some $ on yourself? Priceless!

  63. christina

    ‘Round here yoga pants and t shirts are def considered “going out” clothes. All I can say is thank God for yoga pants, they are the cheapest, most comfy, flattering pants ever! I’ve been big and small and no matter what its ALL about the yoga pants! After I met them at 16 I was like, “and why would I NOT wear an elastic waist?” I still don’t have an answer.

  64. Janene

    When I was younger and taking care of babies, I never cared about staying in my PJs all day. They are all in school now and I work from home. I feel depressed if I don’t showever every morning and put on some “real clothes” cause I am gettin older and need all the help I can get to look good, lol! Plus I never know who my teenagers will bring home after school, and it is embarassing to meet their friends in PJs!

  65. Toe

    I pamper all the time, maybe a little too much but you totally deserve it due to the month you’ve been through! Go get yourself some cute sweats oh and stop by the lingerie section just to treat yourself and pighunter.

  66. Kerry

    I have the most comfortable sweats in the world, but I cant find them in the stores anymore! They are thinning at the knees and thighs, dang it!

  67. Kindra

    My husband lost his job today and the first thing I did when I got home was got in my sweats and had a good cry!

  68. leeann

    Being your sweat-suit clothes kindred spirit, I would love to join you in a spree (for more sweats, of course!)
    Do you lose the bra like I do, also? lol

  69. tonya cinnamon

    pampering one self is hard at times…usually my kidlets get more then me cause i feel so guilty. but if your hubby said go shop woman.. go do it ~!:D never turn down like that LOL
    go for fun colors 🙂 pinks, blues oranges yellows
    hugs!!! something that makes the wine go wow shes kicking hot 😉

  70. jo anne

    I get to go to work in my “PJ”s. I wear scrubs! SOOO COMFY! Got to be careful with eating though, if my scrubs are getting tight watch out!
    Happy shopping!

  71. Tiffany

    Have fun!! I am obsessed with buying for everyone else but me. I spend my Christmas gift cards on my daughter! That won’t stop me from pushing someone else to go out and pamper themselves. =)

  72. Momma Chaos

    Have fun shopping!! Sadly I have the same affliction.. Although I’ll do you one better and say that I normally wear oversized tee-shirts & DH’s pajama pants.. Heck if I’m not leavign the house, what’s the point in getting dressed in “real” clothes? That and the fact that I’m at that I really need to loose weight b/c I’m not buying anymore fat clothes point in my life.. Let us know what you buy 🙂 And I think a picture is called for!

  73. shawna

    Hmmm, my husband hasn’t said anything yet. But I wonder if he’s thinking it all the same. Because my sweats are either plaid, polka dot, or ones with little flying witches on them….

  74. Rebecca

    Awww!! What a sweet husband you have! On my days off I don’t bother even showering if I have no reason but less get out of my pjs.

  75. Tracee Sioux

    Sweet! Enter me on that.
    Dude I went to thrift stores this weekend and you would not believe the great clothes I got for .25 to $1. The last 5 years people have been consuming like mad and you know where those clothes end up? The thrift store.

  76. LC

    Awesome! New clothes always make me feels better. And don’t feel bad. The second I get home from work my clothes are OFF and the Jammie pants are on. I hate being uncomfortable. It’s like having a wedgie all day long and not being allowed to pick it. lol

  77. Louise

    You’re so generous!
    I have like, three sets of “work clothes”, which kinda sucks ‘cos my students get to see one outfit at least twice a week but I’m too cheap to go buy anything else (the Fat Lady Clothes are EXPENSIVE!). Especially when the second i get home, off come the pants and on go the pj’s.


    with everything you have been going through, you still are thinking of others. you totally rock girlie…

  79. Y

    I’m not buying my sweats at Amazon! I just thought that would be the best gift card to give away.
    But you should be able to buy pretty colored sweats at Amazon!

  80. Missy P.

    I am the QUEEN of black sweatpants. I too am a work-at-homer, so I totally understand 🙂 I have every pair of track pants Old Navy has made in the last 5 years. It’s too sad.

  81. Mom24@4evermom

    I’m confused, I thought you went back to work? Whatever, enjoy the new clothes. I totally understand about the mom wardrobe. I have two pairs of yoga pants I should NEVER wear, but I rotate them around and around and around. They’re comfy!

  82. tammy

    I also am going to have to help the economy…i have been a stay at home mom for 16 years, and i had a job interview today… i will need a whole new wardrobe if i get this job

  83. Y

    My readers have been extremely kind to me– $25 doesn’t compare to the kindness that has been bestowed upon me here. I am so very grateful and I just wanted to have a little fun here today. All the bad news and sadness and BLACK SWEATS– Time for a little joy, man. xoxo

  84. Christine

    lol that’s how my Dad is. he thinks I live in my pajamas and it’s really just that I’ve already gotten dressed and then gotten BACK in my pajamas by the time he gets home from work. maybe I need new pajamas and you need new sweats 😀

  85. Y

    I started a full time job October 1st, but! I work from home… so, yeah, I went back to work, but I never leave the house. 🙂

  86. Jess

    LOL! You are funny. It’s always nice for a little chance so something besides your black sweats will be good for ya! 🙂 But you have to tell us what color you got (and if they are infact sweats!).

  87. Ashley

    I would love to be selected for the Amazon gift card. Today, my baby boy turns 8 weeks old, and with a few unwanted pregnancy pounds lingering and the work wardrobe limited, I could use the $25 towards a pair of nice black pants.
    Good for you doing something nice for yourself…even if your husband did have to push you to do it. We need a photo montage, like the one you did before Blogher!

  88. Kathy

    I bought a new shirt and 2 pair of work slacks yesterday and the guilt is killing me. My son needs underwear and new pajamas. Why is it so hard to put ourselves first? Guilt! Guilt!

  89. Rebecca

    Good for you for going shopping… I’m guilty of the same thing, my kids are wearing cute little outfits and I’m wearing my jeans and a t-shirt. every. day. I’m so boring!

  90. Leslie

    Well…you could always “upgrade” from sweats to PJ pants! OK, maybe that’s a downgrade but they come in pretty colors and they are really soft. AND there’s the bonus that you’re ready for bed anytime after 12:00 noon. In my world, that is what it’s all about. Happy shopping!

  91. april

    I will de-lurk for a chance at that…I love me some Amazon shopping 🙂
    I hope you find something fabulous and flattering that is comfortable and on sale.

  92. Veronica

    I think it’s great that your man wants you to spend a little time and money on yourself.
    PS when you look good, you feel confident, and feeling confident is worth every penny

  93. mickey

    If your man is like most of the men I know, I’m surprised he doesn’t recognize the value of something thoroughly worn-in and comfy. (see the pair of undies w/one fruit of the loom guy hanging on for dear life in any man’s wardrobe for proof)
    however, new clothes are always fun and I agree with the poster recommending PJ pants. I have several pairs that i wear with my large assortment of grey or black t-shirts.
    If you want to branch out colorwise, I’m betting greens & purples would look WONDERFUL on you.
    Do we get to see a virtual fashion show of your new clothes? Please?

  94. jessica

    that’s awesome!! what a great man!
    I say Yoga pants and a tshirt… or PJ bottoms and a tshirt. with the PJ bottoms, you can be more creative and fun depending on the pattern. just make sure there are fun colors on them… NO BLACK!

  95. beth

    My marital status (divorced) enables me to put on my flannel pj’s when I get home from work if I am so inclined (and I often am!) – ah, the joys of singlehood!

  96. Samantha

    I find that I wear black too often. I guess that I feel slimmer when wearing it. Though some may say it is a representation of how one feels on the inside. I don’t know so much about that because there are many days that I wear black, usually pants, I feel quiet happy that day. This is coming from a stay at home mom that hasn’t updated my wardrobe in a long time. Have a nice time treating yourself to some new clothes. 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win an Amazon gift card!

  97. Melody

    We were just talking about this at Bible study this morning. About how even though we’re at home all day and cleaning (etc.), we should at least make ourselves look presentable for our husbands when they get home. I’ll get dressed nice(r) and do my makeup for church or dinner, so why can’t I do it for my husband (or at least wear a clean shirt and brush my hair! lol)?

  98. mo

    The SECOND I walk in the door I can’t wait to strip off my clothes and put on my sweats or PJs (depends on whether or not I have to take the dog for a walk). And what’s funny, it’s not like I have to get dressed up to go to work. It’s jeans, T-shirts and boots all day every day. And it’s usually black boots and black T-shirts, so I fully support your black sweats and tank top.

  99. margalit

    Once upon a time I wore black sweats, but I’ve branched out. I find that this time of year I’m way more into french terry and corderoy, both of which look MUCH more presentable than sweats but are just as comfy. The Silhouettes catalog, which conveniently came today, has REALLY comfy clothing in it (skip the horrid Christmas dresses) that is reasonably stylish and quite inexpensive. As in cheap. 🙂 You can browse at to see what there is. Often you can find good stuff on sale. Like for $10/sweater.
    Have fun treating yourself to some new clothes. It will make you feel more glamourous, even if you just get casual duds.

  100. Bethany

    I’ve been in my pj pants for four hours now (6:20 here). My husband works the afternoon shift or he could be saying the same thing to me!

  101. kylie

    I wish the hubby would say that to me! He’d be afraid the bank would be crying afterwards! Enjoy yourself!

  102. Wacky Mommy

    ………………….and……………………… we’re all out of the woodwork. Choose me, cuz you know I’ll spend it on books for the library at my school. (I’m okay for clothes. I mean, once I iron, that is. And do the laundry.)

  103. Cristin

    You totally deserve it! Ooooh I wish I had new lounge clothes. The Pj pants from Old Navy circa 2001 just aren’t so sexy anymore. Have fun!

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