18 thoughts on “Proof That Growing Old Together is Awesome Fun!

  1. gleep

    (Personally, I relished the day I had to start managing rampant husband EAR HAIRS. And he’s only 39. Meaning it’s only gonna get weirder.)

  2. Danielle

    OMG! I totally luv-r it.
    My husband totally needs that but doesn’t believe that he needs it. He even has a mustache and seems to think that the hair coming out his nose is part of the mustache. No, it is not! He’ll be 31 next week.

  3. Jennifer

    At least he recognizes it’s an issue. I had to buy one of those for my husband because he refused to see the necessity of it. I gave it to him for his birthday!

  4. Chris

    I love it when I roll the dice on a low battery. I never know if its going to have enough juice to make a clean cut or a bruttally slow yank.

  5. Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk

    Sheesh, and they say romance is dead!
    I was out with my hubby yesterday and he said (in front of friends) can I just get that blackhead on your chin?
    Hello? There are some things you need to save for private!

  6. Kaza

    Too funny. That’s just SO marriage-in-a-nutshell. I came over from my reader to comment on the Halloween ideas post, but it’s gone (did the Fresh Prince people come after you? 😉 ). But I’ll share anyway: we have a basic tradition, but we look forward to it every year. I make chili for dinner, and then we also have hot apple cider (awesome spiked w/ brandy or rum) and doughnuts. And of course CANDY! I suck at decorating though. I think we have like four things at this point.

  7. JenniferB

    My hubby insists that even though he snores loud enough to make it sound like he is ripping logs and rattling windows, that he can hear me breathe at night. So we run the ceiling fan AND I have to sleep with ear plugs. Then he’ll wait until the ear plugs are in and try to “get close” — I’ll shrug him off and say “sorry honey, my back/head/whatever hurts” and start breathing LOUDLY. He always rolls over.

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