Beautiful little lady

I didn’t know that they had taken preschool graduation pictures last month (wouldn’t have braided her hair had I READ THE LETTER they sent home. Ack!) So, when I opened the envelope after the teacher handed to me this morning, I cried. I couldn’t help it. It was one of those “punch in the gut” moments where I realize that my children are growing faster than I’d like them too.
That said– she sure is growing into a beautiful little lady and I couldn’t be more proud of everything about her.

48 thoughts on “Beautiful little lady

  1. Stephanie

    That girl takes some damn fine photos! She is one of the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen. (Even with her hair in a braid. 😛 )

  2. Alison C

    Who is that beautiful young lady in the picture? It can’t be G as she is only about 18 months!!?? LOL Time flies. She is so gorgeous!

  3. jules

    Man-she’s a cutie pie! She looks so much older in your pics the last few months. Does your little lady still fart on command? hope so;)

  4. JesseeezMom

    It’s a”Mini Y”!! My husband called our daughter a “Mini Christi”. Enjoy every minute they grow so fast! Yesterday she looked like G today she is 24! It goes too quick!

  5. Beth

    What a lovely little lady. And I like the braid because you can see her whole perfect face. what a sweetie.
    Kids are so inconsiderate, growing up on us. ;^)

  6. Michelle

    Graduation? From pre-school? Wow, that’s….different…must be an American thing I guess. I’ve never heard of that myself.
    Great picture but I find the concept of “graduating” from something other than school a bit peculiar…

  7. Linda_M

    Sorry to repeat everyone else, but what a beauty she is!
    My mom has a similar picture of me “graduating” from kindergarten in a wee cap and gown. It was taken many, many, many years ago (will not admit when, just say that I’m older than you).

  8. Musings from Me

    Last child in preschool is buttersweet. My son “graduated” in the spring. I was so excited to move on from the half-day pickup but not ready to let him go to school for a full-day. It’s now March and he is doing just fine in full day after a rocky start. I’m adjusting well, too. Still miss his little face peering around my office door at 1 p.m. asking to watch Diego. Good times!

  9. Amy (from Gracobaby)

    My little girl turned 1 yesterday. I agree. Time goes by WAY too quickly! And while I feel like I spent a lot of time with her there are SO many little things I can’t seem to remember.
    I don’t want to forget a single thing, but I guess that’s not quite possible — and unfortunately, neither is stopping time! 🙂

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