Bokeh Wednesday- Love edition

.love bokeh wednesday.
“I love you, mama.” she said as we walked hand in hand.
“I love you too, baby girl.”
“And I love daddy. And my brothers. And I love myself.”
I love myself, she said.
There was no conceit behind that statement. No ego involved.
Simply her truth.
She loves others as she loves her self.
As a woman who grew up feeling shame about most every part of who I am, it was comforting to hear my daughter say those words. Those words were music to my ears, my heart, my soul.
Because it is my hope that by loving who she is, caring for herself and living to her full potential, she will always be able to fully love others in that same wonderful way.

18 thoughts on “Bokeh Wednesday- Love edition

  1. Jen

    As a new mom to an almost-6-month-old baby girl, I so loved this. It’s what I’m striving for in raising my daughter! Well done.

  2. Rose

    What a simple, beautiful message. It has taken me years–and many challenges–to finally realize that we cannot fully give or love others without loving and regarding ourselves. I think it’s harder (for me at least) when you grow up in an unyielding religious atmosphere. How awesome that your daughter “gets it” so intuitively at a young age.

  3. Tina Andersen

    I know exactly what you mean. My daughter said it yesterday.
    “I love Eva
    I love me…I do..
    Is that silly Mama?
    No you should absolutely love your self.
    I want nothing more.
    I felt like my job was done.
    At least for a few minutes.

  4. maya

    What a beautiful post! You know, she has this confidence because her mommy is an amazing role model. It’s always about the mommy.

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