This is What a Cheese Potato, Ham and Pumpkin Bars With Whipped Cream Hangover Looks Like.

My husband left the house at 3:30 am to hit a couple of sales this morning. He came home two hours later empty handed saying a lot of F Words. Apparently, people are assholes! Especially people trying to get Good Deals!
But you know? This year is tough.
It seems as though everyone is struggling. Everyone knows someone who is out of work, or who has had their pay significantly reduced or who has lost their home, their health insurance.
So, I suppose people are extra excited (desperate?) to get that Good Deal so they’re able to give their family some kind of Christmas this year.
Or, people are just assholes.
Speaking of a’holes.
There is someone hell bent on attacking my son’s physical appearance. That’s right, the person I wrote about in this post felt it necessary to come back and clarify that she didn’t do it to hurt my son, but to help him. I virtually punch her in the teeth! The fact of the matter is I can’t be here to catch the comments at all times and I won’t risk my son seeing such cruel words written about him here. So, comment moderation is now on.
The ONLY time I have done this is when I’ve been attacked my spam. I hate that I have to do it now, but I have to do it now.
I’m sure you understand.
I’m giving away a $30 Amazon gift card (that I will be purchasing with my own money.)(I don’t tell you that to be all “look how nice I am” but because, you know, FTC regulations, full disclosure and all that jazz.) I just feel like ENOUGH WITH THE ASSHOLERY! THE STRESS! THE NEGATIVITY! 99.99% of those of you who read this blog are wonderful people who have helped me through difficult times in my life, who have made me laugh until I physically hurt, have been so incredibly kind to me and my family. I am so grateful. Leave a comment on this post and I’ll randomly choose a winner tomorrow morning afternoon. (am leaving comments open until this afternoon. This morning turned out to be busier than I had anticipated.)
-Comments are now closed. Winner will be announced shortly-
The winner was comment number 45, Julia. But Julia is awesome and she asked that her prize go to Ryley. So, Ryley, check your email. (screenshot of is in extended entry.)


95 thoughts on “This is What a Cheese Potato, Ham and Pumpkin Bars With Whipped Cream Hangover Looks Like.

  1. Ryley

    Add me to the club. My husband just lost his job.
    1 month before christmas… 1 month before our son’s first birthday.
    We have out a freeze on both of those things…. we aren’t buying a single christmas or birthday present…
    At least with this we could get something…
    I’m sorry about the jerks.. its not cool to attack someone’s children… EVER!

  2. Jackie

    I’ve been a lurker here for quite awhile. I think you have a very interesting and witty way with words:) I just wanted to let you know that those comments regarding your son are NOT OKAY. I don’t care what kind of guise they’re trying to sell it to you under- they know better. Deliberately making someone feel bad about themselves is never constructive criticism.
    Luckily for your son, he has you watching out for him. Although that may make him roll his eyes now, someday he’ll be glad you “have his back”.
    I know- I have a 14 year old son myself.

  3. Celeste

    Y, I’m sorry that people are a-holes. Please know that there are people who enjoy your writing and know how to behave. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

  4. julie

    Ugh. Just ask that woman that wants “to help him” if she would walk up and say it directly to his face. His sweet, beautiful face. Nothing like anonymity and DOOR-BUSTER DEALS to bring out the a’holes.

  5. Angie Barrie

    What would someone hope to gain from posting or commenting something unkind about a kid?? Unreal. Pitiful, really. People like that are a waste of carbon and not worth getting upset about (yes, I know. Much easier said than done.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for many moons and I think you rock! Your kids are darling and don’t ever let anyone tell them otherwise!
    PS – I like your virtual kick in the teeth to aforementioned asshole– but maybe a virtual swift kick to her nonexistant balls would be better. It’s quite likely someone has already knocked out her teeth for being an ass 🙂

  6. Honor

    I’m continually amazed at some people’s ability to be just plain mean. I’m sorry you have to read the crap your commentor is dishing out, but I think you’re right in moderating comments. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family. Take care.
    (And please delete this portion before posting – I don’t wish to be in the running for the giftcard. While it’s a lovely and generous gift, there are people who could use it more than my family. Thanks SO much!)

  7. Ann

    Do not let the trolls or the assholes get to you Y. You have beautiful kids and your beautiful kids have a beautiful mom.

  8. jess

    I really dislike it when people comment rudely while adding nothing to the discussion at hand. I’ve never understood that mentality. If I can’t think of something constructive to say, I click out of the page. How hard is that?

  9. Jamie

    A friend and I were just having a talk about moderating comments the other day. I hate that it’s necessary now but people really are assholes.

  10. monstergirlee

    Well you gotta do what you can to protect your Kids. Thats what being a Mama Bear is all about.
    I’d love the $30 amazon gift card, always find so much to buy there.

  11. Angella

    Oh, sweetie. I’m not here to enter the contest (though, that would be nice)…I’m just fired up on your behalf. If anyone attacked my kids I’d be a force to be reckoned with.
    She deserves a HUGE flaming bag of poo. And a kick to the teeth.
    Love you, Y.

  12. Alison

    I’ve never quite understood how saying mean things would be ‘helping’ someone, but hey, what do I know? I hope she goes away for good!

  13. Chel

    I hate it when people are mean. I guess I don’t see the reason for it. My son lost his job and I had my pay reduced this year. I really just want the year to be over.

  14. Peggy

    Sorry your husband came home empty handed. I think it’s some of both– having a tough time is turning a lot of people into a*holes.

  15. Candace

    It makes me so mad that someone is attacking an innocent young boy’s appearance. Crap like that makes me lose total faith in humanity!! Grr. I’m sorry someone is being that awful. I think your family is BEAUTIFUL!

  16. Grace

    It’s just “those” people that make me skip going to the stores the day after Thanksgiving. Now that I’m a Mom, I cannot stand when folks push/shove and are outright rude with their grabby hands. I finished 75% of my shopping just now — all online. Got some GREAT deals!

  17. Jessica

    I didn’t go anywhere this morning because I can’t face crazy that early in the morning. You always hear horror stories after today, like last year when a pregnant woman was trampled outside of Walmart when the doors opened. It’s terrible how crazy people can get for the “good deals” this time of year.

  18. Melissa

    Honestly, I’m sure no one would blame you for moderating comments — especially when someone is being malicious and mean. I know it’s more work for you, but what is work when protecting your child?
    I’m so sorry that person has picked your son to “help”. Whoever it is needs a LOT of help themselves.
    I hope all the muck ends soon and you guys can enjoy a wonderful and blessed Christmas season. :o)
    You’re a great writer, and we all really love you.

  19. rebecca

    Noone blames you for protecting your children. I seriously don’t know what is wrong with some people!
    Ps I’d love to be entered into the contest.

  20. LC

    Eff and A-holes. If you wanna kick as major BUTT I’m right behind you girl. Decent people DO NOT attack our babies.

  21. Roxanna

    I go completely “mama bear” if i even perceive an insult, threat, a’holery, what-have-you towards my kids. You do whatever you need to do Y – I’m behind you 100%.
    And if I could add…my husband went “papa bear” on his own mother due to her attitude towards son #2. It was a beautiful thing to watch as she has been asking for it for awhile.

  22. Annika

    I have WordPress set up to always hold the first comment from a new name/email address/whatever. Because the trolls? They always use a new “clever” name. I don’t know if you can do that with MT but it has made all the difference for me. The only people I have to worry about are the borderline assholes whose comments I’ve approved before.

  23. Louise

    If someone were that concerned about your kid, they’d write you a private email. Obviously, this is some kind assmitten, looking for attention.
    I have my blog set to only allow comments through from people whose comments I’ve approved in the past. Might be something to look into.

  24. Jessica

    People always suck this time of year. I was a Target cashier during the holidays. NEVER AGAIN.
    As for the bitch attacking your son, fuck her right in the ass with a pineapple. Srsly.
    Pardon my language. I just get annoyed when people feel it is okay to attack children in any way, shape, or form.

  25. Annie

    I think I really need a pick-me-up. My husband, son, and I are spending Thanksgiving with my parents and my inlaws. It’s been the most stressful week of my life! People, even those related to you, can sometimes be assholes.

  26. Cynthia

    I hope the virtual punch in the teeth knocks some sense into her! Attacking kids is just NOT okay. 🙁

  27. Heather

    We went out and braved the crowds for a little while this afternoon and it wasn’t too bad, but I think we were lucky to have happened to go to Target at just the right time, and it’s the only place we went.
    The giveaway is such an awesome thing for you to do! I hope I win, of course, but whoever wins will hopefully pass on some smiles and seasonally appropriate cheer!

  28. Jenera

    There is no sale good enough that would lure me out into the madness known as pre-christmas insanity.
    And it doesn’t matter if a person is trying to help, attacking a KID in any form is ridiculous.

  29. ella

    @$$holes become BIGGer @$$holes around the holidays. I had a lady chase me in a grocery store parking lot when she RAN a stop sign almost t-boning me. I rolled down my window and yelled “Merry Christmas to you too!” And that’s the she started chasing me. It was scary because I had my son in the car and he was about 10 or so at the time.
    Scary! I will never do that again.

  30. Kathy from NJ

    Your blog is one of my favorites, it’s so honest and real. Your photography is great, too. ONCE I attempted to be at a new Target opening – got there at 6:30 for 7 am opening, there were already hundreds of people in line. I toured the parking lot, drove home and went back to bed. Now I do most of my (very little) shopping online.

  31. Cass

    Why are people so f’n hurtful? There are so many people who think that because it’s online they can say things that they wouldn’t say in front of their faces. Don’t understand it at all.

  32. Julia

    if I win, please send it to Ryley in comment post #1 ~ 🙂
    a’hole commenters are chicken-shits. they hide behind their computer screen. they probably live with their mother and 84 cats.

  33. Jami

    How about we “help” her realize that you don’t involve the children!!!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Just be thankful for your beautiful children and forget her!

  34. Old Fart Grandma

    I have been reading your blog for the longest time…even before Gabby was born and I think you are blessed with 3 beautiful loving and caring children. I also know what a kind person you are always trying to help someone, and for this dear Y I love you!

  35. breenachelle

    I do not have a real need for the amazon gift card there are many others deserve it much more, however, I believing that attacking kids in comments is a huge a**hole move. She deserves a punch in the ovaries. I can be a very persuasive individual. I think a few of your readers including myself, can resolve this little situation for you. No violence implied of course.
    As always love your blog!

  36. Lucy

    I’m also a long time lurker, although I believe I’ve commented a couple times before.
    1) I love reading your blog partly because you are the kind of mother I hope to be one day (hopefully) soon. Your kids are a product of your good mothering and I am proud for you whenever they make you happy or proud. People who hate on kids, especially anonymously, are not worth even discussing. They are small-minded, hateful people…
    which brings me to
    2) I work retail and, even though I love Christmas, I hate the pettiness and meanness I see during the season. Customers can be just awful and I have to read Christmas themed books and watch Christmas themed movies (not that it’s a hardship) to keep the right spirit outside of and at work.
    3) My husband and I are going through bad financial times right now. It’s very hard.

  37. Angela

    As my nephew would say, “What the eff’in aitch? Why are people such d-bags?” Truer words were never randomly cut off and replaced with non-swear words that leave little to the imagination. 😉 If anyone went after my boy like this “person” went after your son, I can’t begin to imagine how I would feel. I’m sorry, Y.

  38. claudia

    f**k ’em if they can’t take a joke… your children are beautiful beings with awesome talents, sucks to be the troll who gets their pleasure by putting good peoples down.

  39. Michelle

    I wish I knew what was wrong with people so I could fix them. Until then, just know how great it is that you help to protect him from the negativity.
    I love your blog!

  40. chrissylas

    I don’t understand personal attacks in the first place and I honestly think that anyone who believes that anonymity is a great substitute for decency is seriously deranged.
    Your kids are awesome and don’t deserve to be picked on my anonymous assholes.

  41. Amy

    When I was at Old Navy earlier, the cashier said people lined up outside the store starting at 2 am because the first 50 people were getting a Lego Rock Band game worth $50. He said there was lots of arguing because some people in the front of the line were letting friends and family cut in and the people who waited who were behind them were angry about waiting and not getting the game.

  42. blessed-with-3

    I try to pick up my Christmas gifts prior to Thanksgiving so I don’t have to deal with the drama of Black Friday. Sorry to hear it was a disappointing morning for your hubby.

  43. pgoodness

    There are definitely asshole people out there. But then I remind myself that there are amazing people in the world that live in my computer and I feel a little better.
    And that chick defs needs her teeth punched in.

  44. Christy

    I love reading your blog and I feel a connection to you and your family. And you know what? Karma is gonna whomp that a-hole right upside the head. And it will be awesome.

  45. Margaret

    Ah, the old “I say bitchy and hateful things because I want to HELP” tack. Not like you can’t see through that or anything.
    I’ve been reading you for a while because your posts are sweet and hilarious. Trolls have their own circle in Hell.

  46. jamie

    I’ve had enough of people this week too. I’m trying *really* hard to spread good vibes from this moment until at least the end of the weekend.

  47. Rita

    Funny what brings out the defenses in a person, go Momma bear!
    I cringe when I think of Chrustmas shopping. I don’t like crowds and tend to wait unitl the last week and sort of wander aimlesly.

  48. Shelley

    Hi, Y. I read you every day. I just wanted to say I was sorry for the idiot who talked about your kid. I am a mom of 2 and there is nothing that makes you feel the rage of when someone says something about your child.
    Kudos to you for moderating comments. People can be so cruel…
    If I were to win the gift card, I would use it to by my mom a cookbook for Christmas that I haven’t had the funds to get yet.

  49. Michelle

    She is a shrew. Can you block her IP? Your domain host should be able to help you out if you don’t know how.

  50. Jennifer

    I cannot believe anyone would write cruel or hateful things about you or your family. You and your family are beautiful inside and out, and I love your down-to-earth personality. I guess people’s own insecurities go wild when they can say ugly things under the cloak of anonymity. I’m sorry about those people and how much their insecure words can hurt, no matter how untrue they may be.

  51. Lisa

    I think people act that way because they have serious issues about themselves. They do it to make themselves feel better. Which isn’t really an excuse, just makes you see how pathetic they are especially when they have to pick on a child to do it.

  52. Amyella

    3 am and came home empty handed? Holy frustrated, Batman! Yeah, I know the pain though – I was laid off in July, thereby losing my health insurance. It’s been a struggle, to say the least.
    Still, Merry Christmas! I’m gonna let it get my down. It’s the holidays!!

  53. Diantha

    I have been reading your blog for awhile! I love how honest you are in your writing! People can be so cruel and men even to those that are innocent and don’t deserve to be talked to that way. Keep writing I love reading.

  54. Beverly

    That’s why I don’t shop on black Friday…because I know that I will end up with no Christmas spirit…that and the fact that my husband forgot me at the mall one year.
    I haven’t read the story behind the person being mean to your son…but please know that the person who did that needs help!

  55. Kristy

    For the record…ALL of your children are absolutely beautiful and when people say ugly things it’s because they themselves are fighting the inner ugly and losing.

  56. Mary

    I, too, love you and your blog and your family (feel like I know them a little) and would not tolerate anyone saying anything bad about my children. To me, there is no such thing as a child who is not beautiful. Each has their own unique talents and attributes. I wish you all a happy holiday season. It’s all about being near the ones you love.

  57. Misty

    Isn’t it pathetic that people are so miserable with themselves that they need to try and bring other people down too? Well, I think you rock and that you have a beautiful family.

  58. TwennyTwo

    OMG, Miss Y. Please, let me get a chance at that! I’d get a chance to send something out in my homemade-but-still-nice cards I’m sending instead of gifts, this year. Because, you know, RECESSION.
    Thanks for writing, I love reading you!! And I miss you when you aren’t here. I’ve been reading since your baby was born- can’t believe how big she’s getting!

  59. ~T

    Mean people suck. Why do they all manage to come out during the holiday season? Isn’t it supposed to be a time of cheer? I request all mean people go back to their caves before NYE.

  60. Melody

    I’m really sorry people are such jerks. Clearly your son doesn’t deserve this AT ALL and I think you’re doing the right thing. Regardless of how frustrating it is to have to moderate everything, your son and his self-esteem are so much more important. I think your kids are all beautiful!!

  61. APeetsMom

    Y – people are awful. Have to agree with your hubby. I went to JC Penny’s at 2:30pm only to buy my son jeans that were on sale and I was DISGUSTED. People had taken brand new merchandise – that did not belong to them – and summarily chucked it on the floor! OR JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE. I cannot believe how awful people have become – who needs to behave this way??? Even for an eff-ing deal???? I am ashamed for them…
    And on that happy note – you turn on that comment moderator! You protect your son. Good on ya!
    and ps…if I win the random drwa – I will pay that gift forward to someone!

  62. TLC6767

    Love your blog and have read it for years as a lurker. Haters gotta hate, don’t they? LOL!! Brush your shoulders off and keep truckin’.

  63. Meg

    My partner’s family decided to just do Christmas gifts for the kids this year, which is great because Christmas is more exciting when you’re a kid anyway and we can enjoy the season more without shopping and financial stress.

  64. Kathy

    The deals are not deals. Frustrating coupons that cannot be used on MOST merchandise. Find myself walking in circles.
    Still listening on the Christmas music in the car though! So, there’s hope.
    Leave the negativity to the unhappy posters. They are really insignificant. We know who really is important to you. Your family is lucky to have you on their side!

  65. Krissy

    It’s unfortunate that someone had to go so low as to insult your child. Take comfort in knowing that you are a much better person that her and that your blog and life (and the lives of those in your family) inspire me and bring joy to many people. I don’t say this to suck up because there is an Amazon gift card up for grabs (though that would be fabulous to win!), but because it’s true. You are an incredible writer and I’m always excited when you post because I know I’ll be all sorts of inspired from it. Thank you.

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