Speaking of Amazing Women I’ve Met Online…

One of the first people I met on Flickr was Rachel Divine.
Her photos blew me away. They were perfection in every sense.
I have since gotten to know her and to know her is to love her and her amazing talent.
Rachel recently revealed her latest project– Beyond Snapshots. Here is an excerpt from the “about” page:

We are ready to answer the one question we both get asked most often, ”How do I go beyond snapshots and take my camera off auto?” Since we are both self taught, we have gone through the often disappointing and occasionally humorous learning process of trial and error. We feel like we can save a lot of people the same trip or at least shorten the trip and make it a bit more beautiful.

Beyond Snapshots is hosting their very first giveaway. The prize is one of Rachel’s awesome actions (The Basics Set) (Which I want desperately.) Click over to the site to the site to find out how to win!

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