Like The Sun

A couple of weeks before BlogHer, I received a message from Karen.
“Been looking through your photos. You give AMAZING face — all sparkling eyes and happy smile. May I photograph you at BlogHer?”
The thing you need to know about Karen is a photographer. But she’s more than that. She has an amazing gift– her photos capture and bring out the unique beauty that each of her subjects possess.
I didn’t hesitate to say “yes.”
She came to my hotel room, pulled a chair in front of the window, asked me to sit down and began to shoot. And shoot and shoot and shoot. She showed me a few shots. I don’t like my face, but I sure did like what I saw through the viewfinder. She’s amazing, I tell you.
Yesterday, I received an email that contained the photo she chose to post on 1,000 faces.
As soon as I saw it, I began to pick apart my face. I immediately noticed all of the things that I hated. My wrinkles. My bad skin. My crooked teeth, and so on…But then I read what Karen wrote underneath my pictures.

“Isn’t she just radiant? She looks like the sun to me.”

My first reaction was to reject her description. Instead, I let her words sink in. And for a minute, I allowed myself to believe them.
I hope that one day, I can see myself the way that Karen does. Every day.

50 thoughts on “Like The Sun

  1. Sam (temptingmama)

    This picture made me tear up. Y, you’re so beautiful and so loved! Karen is such an amazing photographer, but I think she only captures a small glimpse of your bright shining light.
    You’re gorgeous. Inside and out. I am so lucky to call you a friend.

  2. Kristin

    What a fantastic photo! Everyone is always their own harshest critic, but seriously Y – you look gorgeous!

  3. Joelle

    This is how I always have seen now, big, small and everywhere in between. You’re a light and a dear friend and even if you weren’t my friend, I’d still think you sparkled.

  4. Annie W

    Y, you ARE absolutely beautiful! I’m so glad you had this opportunity… it’s a gift… to show you just how amazing you truly are.

  5. Dania

    You’re too hard on yourself Yvonne. You’re gorgeous. Like we all are in some way or another. Grab on to it tight and run away with it.

  6. Karen Chatters

    I saw this earlier today on her site and thought, “what a fabulous pictures! Y is looking GREAT!” We are our harshest critics. You’re beautiful, sunshine.

  7. Dale

    Your face is beautiful and expressive. I wish I understood why beautiful women can’t see their own beauty. I’m glad you caught a glimpse of yours.

  8. Kathy

    You are like the sun. It’s why everyone who meets you wishes they could spend more time with you. We all want to soak some of it up.

  9. Lena

    You are sunshine in my life, Yvonne. I love to hear your voice, see your face, read your words.
    If you saw yourself the way others see you and if you felt about yourself the way we feel about you, you would be…SO CONCEITED.
    I love that face!

  10. Colleen

    I think all of us do that when we look at photos of ourselves (some of us more than others I’m sure!!!).
    That said… everyone who knows you can see the beauty. And your words brought tears to my eyes.
    I’m so happy I was able to meet you at BlogHer… even if it was a brief meeting!

  11. Kate

    You are gorgeous. The photo is gorgeous too, but mostly you.
    If you look at anything hard enough and critically enough, you’ll find flaws. That beautiful flower has a petal that isn’t quite aligned. That incredible child has a smudge on his cheek. But those tiny imperfections just emphasize the beauty of the whole.
    And you are beautiful.

  12. Erin

    I’m so glad you let yourself listen, if only for a minute, to the truth.
    Make some time every once in a while to go back to it and reread that caption.
    Erin 🙂

  13. Cathy Jo Cress MSW

    Your openness to your vulnerability is what I instantly liked about you. Most Mommy bloggers can’t open up that far. How touching that you allow people to both really see inside you and post a picture that allows everyone to see the lovely outside. My daughters and granddaughter have a great model in you.
    Cathy Jo Cress

  14. Jaime

    She gave you a gift. You can look back at that photo when you’re feeling down and be able to feel beautiful when you remember her words. Beautiful.

  15. Ms. Pillowz

    Long time reader, first time commenting. I just had to tell you that that is a beautiful picture of you and she is right. You do look radiant. 🙂 Keep smiling!!
    Ms. Pillowz

  16. Rebecca (Bearca)

    Karen IS right. You have a beautiful smile and your lovely personality shines through in every photo. AND you are even more radiant in real life. It’s true! Believe it! Swear, I’m not just blowin’ smoke over here!

  17. Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life

    The picture is great! You are a beautiful woman! You have such a beautiful smile! I am glad I got to meet you, I only wish I would have had a chance to chat more than we did. Your dress at CheeseburgHer was adorable and very flattering.

  18. Gen

    It’s a lovely picture, and you have a lovely face. Try this experiment. Look at a picture of some actress that you think is gorgeous. Look at a closeup of her face and start to pick it apart. Find the wrinkles, moles, a tooth out of place. It will be hard to find a picture that hasn’t been given the Photoshop once over first, but I’ll bet you can warp the way you see anyone the way you warp your own self image, and if you can do that then with a little practice and kindness you can see yourself in a new gorgeous light.

  19. mia

    Y – I used to read you a long time ago and then my life collapsed and I fell off the face of the earth. I was thrilled to find you today and scroll through some posts – you are as vibrant and interesting as you were three years ago and I can’t wait to keep reading. The sun? oh yes, you ARE the sun… let that be your mantra!

  20. BMom

    Wow – that was fun to read because that’s exactly what I think of you when I see pics – sunshine. You radiant happiness through your eyes & smile. Enjoy the pics – you deserve this chance to see yourself through our eyes.

  21. JenniferB

    I can see what she is saying — you smile with your whole being — your lips, eyes, cheeks, everything lights up and just makes me smile too. What a gift you have!

  22. Bob

    I don’t know why we (as a society) tend not to like ourselves. I know that businesses takes advantage of it, making billions off of telling us how to improve this, change that, etc.
    I’ve always, having read your blog for several years, thought that you are beautiful. it starts from the inside and shows up outside – especially when you smile.

  23. Robin

    “Beauty is not always the package it is the soul you find inside.” You are a beautiful soul.

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