39 thoughts on “This is My Family

  1. Leeann

    That is an absolutely beautiful picture of all of you. I really love it.
    And Y, total truth here.. you look WONDERFUL. Just radiant, both inside and out, and that’s the very best kind of beautiful to be!

  2. Becki

    Y, you look GREAT! You have a gorgeous family and you all so happy together. Congratulations on the awesome weight loss and the ambition to get there!

  3. lani

    And you are all lovely. What a gorgeous family. How did the photography and the singing go this weekend? Can’t wait to hear!

  4. Elaine

    Your family is beautiful but .. you’re VERY cute! I’ve always had a preference for long-haired brunettes with bangs and I’m not even gay! Seriously, you’re going to look YOUNG forever.

  5. Jessica

    I’m just thinking about everything you’ve been through these last couple of years – your neck injury (so damn scary!), jobs and the economy sucking, that rotten nasty Hashimoto, that putrid you’re gonna get diabetes, that incredible effort to lose weight. And there is probably a ton we don’t know either and then I see the picture of your family and you and it makes me believe in the power of family. I think that’s why the picture strikes all of us as absolute stunning Beauty. That and your lipgloss. 🙂

  6. Alison

    I have been reading for a long time (maybe 3 or 4 years?) and never commented before – but I just have to say that: (1) that is an outstandingly excellent family photo – like, only comes along once every few years type of photo; and (2) you look AMAZING! All your posts about the hard work (both emotionally and physically) to lose weight are inspiring, and that little figure you have as a result is truly incredible. Excellent work!
    Sorry this sounds like I want to make out with you…

  7. Kim

    Even better than how beautiful your family looks is how happy you are! You can see it in everyone’s eyes – no fake smiles. That’s the beautiful part of this photo.

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