Our (Cringe Worthy) Love Song

My mom recently had our wedding video converted to DVD. This was perfect timing as our 20th wedding anniversary is approaching (it’s on the 17th of this month.) I thought it would be fun to sit down with our children and watch our wedding together.
it’s no secret that our wedding was pretty awful- I’ve written about it here before. But, until you see it with your own eyes, there’s no way to truly understand just how bad it was. Here are just a few comments that my WONDERFUL children made last night while watching:
“You guys were so corny.”
“What was wrong with your teeth? Good thing the dentist fixed them.”
“How many of those people are dead now?”
“You had a HARPIST? But… why?”
“Did you really think that was a good idea, Mom?”
“When I get married, I’m going to make sure I marry someone who doesn’t wear big glasses.”
“Wow, the dresses you picked out were pretty ugly.”
I love that I can laugh about my wedding now. I suppose a lot of people look back on their big day and wonder “What were we thinking?” Especially 20 years later. Maybe most people don’t regret pretty much EVERY choice they made, like I do, but surely most people wish they had done their hair differently, or wish they hadn’t HIRED A HARPIST.
There is one thing about my wedding that I wouldn’t change, even though it was Pretty Awful.
The part where we sang to each other.
Our love of singing is what brought us together. We loved to sing together. We sang at Other People’s Weddings. We sang at church. We sang in my parents living room. It just seemed… right to sing at our wedding.
The idea itself was lovely. The execution of the idea? Not so much.
But don’t take my word for it– watch for yourself. (Oh, yes. I recorded it for you. And I promise you that you will NOT be disappointed.)

46 thoughts on “Our (Cringe Worthy) Love Song

  1. Kathy from NJ

    Do you have a jewel on the tip of your nose? For your anniversary you need to recreate that video.

  2. Miss Hope

    I must be a dork because I loved it. Loved it enough to de-lurk myself and say so! I second recreating this for your 20th. Imagine your children’s reactions. Should be totally worth it.

  3. Leigh

    Well, this makes me feel better about the two hula hoops wrapped in gold ribbon and intertwined to make a double wedding ring we used as a backdrop at my wedding. And the parasols I forced my polished-cotton-floral-dress-wearing bridesmaids to carry.
    It’s been 19 years and I still can’t watch the video.

  4. Bev

    I cherish the treasure
    The treasure of you
    Lifelong companion
    I give myself to you
    God has enabled me
    To walk with you faithfully
    And cherish the treasure
    The treasure of you
    As I obey the Spirit’s voice
    And seek to do His will
    I then can see the wisdom of His plan
    For as He works His will in me
    I then can love you selflessly
    And by His grace, can pledge my love
    To you
    This sacred vow I make to you
    Does not contain an ‘if’
    Though I’m aware that trials lie ahead
    I will love you and pray with you
    And through it all, I will stay with you
    Our home will be a refuge of
    Unconditional love
    I think it was AWESOME!!

  5. statia

    I’m kind of embarrassed for you watching this. Haha. Let’s make a pact to ban big puffy sleeves and tiaras bigger than our heads.
    I love looking at the embarrassing fashion choices I made for my first wedding. *cringe*

  6. Mandi

    Hey, it was 1990, cut yourself some slack woman!
    I don’t think anyone who got married in 1990 had a beautiful wedding by 2010 standards. The fashion then was hideous for everyone! At least you didn’t make your girls wear hoop skirts, carry baskets or little umbrellas, parasols, wear hats of any kind, and no one was forced to reenact Gone With The Wind fashion. All things considered, you done good! 😀
    Considering the year and the family you were raised in- it was a lovely ceremony! And if NOTHING else- you can take pride in the fact that you and Tony have beautiful singing voices. I’m totally impressed and a wee bit jealous. heh

  7. Cristie

    Amazing. That headpiece? Like art. Seriously though, I loved the singing. If you have the voice (which you do) shout it from the rooftops. Congrats on 17. Can’t wait to see what you unveil at 20!

  8. mommabird2345

    This is awesome!! Seriously though, you too need to renew your vows, do what YOU want this time. 🙂

  9. Kathy from NJ

    I heard treasure as PLEASURE and wondered how you got away with that in church… So is there a jewel on the tip of your nose????

  10. Jennifer

    Am I the only sap here that got a little misty eyed at the PURE SWEETNESS? Because I did. And if either my boyfriend or I could sing (neither of us can), I’d totally do that at my wedding.

  11. Margie K

    I haven’t clicked on the video yet, but just wanted to say Happy Anniversary! 🙂
    My daughter was born in 1990, and while I don’t remember the fashions that well (I already had two kids — boys — at that point and wasn’t very fashion-conscious), I had big plastic glasses. We still laugh at the family picture we took right after my daughter was born — well I do. But that was the style, and I liked being able to see. The tiny lens styles we have now mean tunnel vision, with blurriness all around — no wonder I prefer contacts!

  12. Megan

    Another sap signing in to say that I really liked it. Of course I love musicals… so it didn’t seem that odd to me.

  13. Roxanna

    Okay, I get why you cringe, but really? I think it’s sweet. You guys really love each other and that’s wonderful.

  14. Melissa

    I was completely ready to roll my eyes and snicker, but that was really sweet. It was a unique idea and you looked like you were enjoying yourselves and each other, which is what it is all about.

  15. BMom

    Joining the Team Saps = loved it!! You guys have wonderful voices and I think it’s priceless.
    But don’t even get me started on my wedding from 1994 & choices I made. I can’t even think of my reception without literally cringing. Ugh.

  16. Christine

    Your singing is good!
    Your wedding style, questionable, but AWESOME. I mean, dude, your tiara: amazing. And I mean that with love. You guys rock out!

  17. nonsoccermom

    You have a beautiful voice! And you’re right, a lovely idea, even if the execution doesn’t necessarily hold up 20 years later. I blame the cheesiness of the 1990s, because it certainly wasn’t due to either of you having an inability to sing! 🙂

  18. Denise

    You both can really sing. I knew you could sing (though I didn’t know how well; very well!), but I’m surprised by how nice a voice PH has! I don’t recall you mentioning his talents on your blog before. I would love to hear you sing more!

  19. Valerie

    No harpist for us, but I totally had that same song at my wedding 15 years ago!!! And we may have had the same wedding dress too! 🙂

  20. Kathy from NJ

    Re-reading the comments I had a wonderful idea – for the anniversary re-do the song and have your boys accompany you on guitar and drums, G can be the back up singer. And maybe change treasure to pleasure….. Your fans will LOVE it.

  21. ell.uu

    awesome, but still a little cringe-y. next time though, could you please ask the congregation to refrain from coughing and shuffling during the performance?

  22. Julia

    I think it was all beautiful because you clearly loved each other. — the singing made me teary — just beautiful!

  23. marjorie

    Ah, that was so sweet. I know you guys meant every word of it. You both have beautiful voices, by the way. And I’m sure you were totally focused on the song and not thinking about, um, other activities not requiring clothes later on after the ceremony and reception were over. Of course you weren’t.

  24. firewings

    As someone who is planning her wedding, and is getting chastised for wanting to incorporate the Macarena during the open dance portion of the night in front of his entire Mexican family and friends, I will show him this and tell him we could be singing.
    P.S. This must have taken guts – I love it!

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