Graveyard Brownies: Not a (Total) Fail!

I am not one of Those Creative-Type Mothers and no matter how hard I try, I will never BE one of Those Mothers. But, it’s Halloween and I’m supposed to make crafts and create Halloween type treats with my children. So, today I attempted to make these graveyard brownies I saw a Picky-Palate with my daughter.

Usually, when I attempt these type of things, it doesn’t end well. There are usually tears, sometimes injuries, thoughts of divorce, threats to run away, etc…I’m happy to report that none of those things happened today.

G & Mommy make Graveyard Brownies, a Photo Essay.

Washing her hands, excited to get started on the brownies!
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Still excited! Mmmmm brownies!
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Will ours look anything like that? Probably not, but we’re doing the damn thing anyway.
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Helping is fun, but man, that chocolate sure looks good. I think I’d much rather be eating chocolate than making these brownies.

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Oh, look! A chocolate chip!

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Aaaand, she’s out. Thanks for the “help”, G!

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The thing that I was the most worried about was getting the brownies out of the pan in one piece. Turns out, spraying the crap out of the pan with Crisco flour non stick spray works!

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I wasn’t sure how I was going to write “RIP” on the cookies. Turns out, I’m kind of a genius.

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The end result? Definitely not as awesome as the the ones pictures in the recipe, but not as bad (ugly?) as I expected.

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18 thoughts on “Graveyard Brownies: Not a (Total) Fail!

  1. ambrosialove

    Your brownies turned out great!
    I was just in the kitchen making cookies, eating a little dough, and remembering your entry about the raw egg in cookie dough. So crazy that when I sat back down at my computer, you had just relinked to that entry!

  2. Kris Herbst

    Great job!!! Those are so cute–and I am totally going to use your syringe idea from now on. That is genius!!!! And who among us doesn’t have a million+ of those in the kitchen drawer…

  3. Overflowing Brain (Katie)

    They’re so cute!
    The way that I usually pipe letters and words onto things is to take a ziploc bag, fill it with frosting and snip the corner off (a very small snip) and then write away. You know, just in case you don’t always have syringes around! 🙂

  4. Claire

    wow what a fabulous post! you made my halloween 😉 and those brownies came out looking very good, indeed

  5. lani

    Personally? I like yours way better then the picture. The writing looks more “Halloweeny”. 🙂 Awesome Mom award goes to you today, my dear.

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