The Senior

In just nineteen days, my first born son will graduate from high school.
(If he passes English, but that’s another story for another day OH MY GOD THE STRESS.)
I am in awe of how quickly the years have passed and how quickly the day is drawing near. I have nineteen days to create a scrapbook that will tell the story of eighteen of the most wonderful years of my life with that boy, that young man.. Nineteen more days to prepare myself both emotionally and mentally for the moment when they call my son’s name and he walks across that stage to receive his high school diploma. I imagine I’ll stand up and scream something like “SO PROUD OF YOU, ANDREW!”. And then I’ll sit down and burst into tears of joy. Tears of Sadness. Tears of relief.
Nineteen more days.
When people tell you to cherish each moment with your children because “they grow up so fast!”
Believe them.
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15 thoughts on “The Senior

  1. Busy MOm

    How handsome!
    I’m freaked out because my junior already has an appointment for senior portraits. How did this happen?!!

  2. Christine

    I’ve been reading your blog since the Aged and Confused days – has it been 8 years?! So my son is now just about the age your son was when I discovered you. That time has flown by so unbelievably fast that I know the day Nathan and Allie graduate is going to be here even faster.It’s crazy how fast it goes. I cherish each and every day I have with my two while they’re still young.
    Congratulations to your son on his graduation, and thank you, Yvonne for sharing your words with all of us. xo

  3. christina

    Aww, he’s gorgeous. Our 18 yr old has his last final tomorrow so I know exactly what you’re going through. I’d say we produced some pretty fine young men!

  4. Bethany

    My oldest just finished her second year of college. At her high school graduation I managed to hold off on the hysterical crying and just have a few quiet tears, until I looked at my husband. He was doing the ugly cry! My tough as nails man was bawling like a baby. So, of course I couldn’t let him cry alone 😉 Bring lots of tissues.

  5. Leeann

    Wow, Y, he’s really a handsome guy. Looks a lot like you!
    What are his plans for the upcoming year?

  6. Wacky Mommy

    awwwwww… just awwwwwwwwww… He looks like you and Tony both, good-looking kid. Congrats!! (and go do some begging with your English teacher, sir. “Please? Pretty please?” heh heh. You’ll be fine I’m sure.)

  7. pam

    damn, he’s a handsome boy! I cried like a baby when my son graduated from HS — yes, bc he was my bbbaaaabbbbbbyyyyy, but also bc … yay! he made it! (and yes, I immediately looked inside the folder to ensure there was a diploma there, and not a “we’ll see you on Monday for summer school” note.) You’re a great mom, and you did a great job raising such a great young man! Congratulations!

  8. Rachael

    What a handsome young man! My oldest just turned 5 and I know it will be not long enough before he’s in a cap and gown.

  9. Nancy P

    Ahhh MAN I am all teary eyed now.. He is so handsome and you guys must be sooooo proud of him!

  10. Rachel

    Oh my gosh, this made me think of Troy and it made me cry! He’s only 3, but dang he won’t stay 3 forever huh? Congrats to you and your Andrew, well done mama!

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