So Proud.

Last night I had to rent a car so that Andrew could drive out to Los Angeles early this morning for more testing. (Only ten more days until he ships out.) As we were driving down to the airport to pick up the car

, I asked him a question.

“If someone were to offer you a really good job, would you back out of this whole thing and stay home?”


“What if the job paid $100,000 a year?”

“Still, no.”

“What if someone offered you one million dollars to stay?”

“Mom, I’d rather work hard to earn something than have money handed to me.”

I could not be more proud of my son.

10 thoughts on “So Proud.

  1. Michelle

    That boy is going to go far in this world. . . .. . .congratulations on a job well done!!

  2. Crystal

    My husband is active Air Force. As in, they can call him at the drop of a hat and move his sexy ass somewhere else “to defend our nation”. I get angry and pissed and sad and worried all the time that he is going to be in harms way. And then, I take a deep breath, tell myself it is all in God’s hands anyway, and allow myself to be proud and supportive of him. He would die to protect our freedoms; not many would! These men, like your son, are rare and should be cherished!!
    My son (all 8.5 years of him) is working on “whatever it takes mom” to be a fighter pilot. I have a feeling I get to deal with all these emotions for the rest of my life. Both a blessing and a curse 🙂

  3. Kami

    I read your last 5-6 posts and I have tears streaming. My son is a senior and heading to his last prom Saturday night, after that he has plans to attend college for the fire and science program to become a fireman (he comes from a big family of policemen) I couldn’t be more proud or more emotional either. Hardest thing ever. I’am so proud of your son, what a great young man. Hang in there Y, I wish I were closer we could totally hang and cry together.

  4. Nancy P

    This: “Mom, I’d rather work hard to earn something than have money handed to me.”
    OMG but what a son you have raised. I am all teary now.

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