What My Marine in the Making Looks Like

When my son left for boot camp on May 1st, this is what he looked like

Yesterday, a video was posted of my son’s platoon. The video was taken on Thursday (July 26th.) This is what my son looks like today.

When I saw him on the video for the first time, it was shocking. He’s a changed man. He’s lost 29 pounds, but gained a ton of confidence. He’s strong, he’s fit and he’s only hours away from being a Marine.

Just minutes after I watched the video, downloaded his photo and sent it to everyone I know, my phone rang.


“Hi, Mom!”

It was Andrew.

And he sounded happy, unlike the other few calls he’s made to home while away. (There have only been 4 calls. One to say he arrived, one to tell me he was injured and being dropped into Medical Recovery Platoon, one to tell me he was being placed back into training and one 27 second call to tell me he did not want to stay an extra night in San Diego after graduation.)

“Hello, son!” I said. “Why are you calling? Everything okay?”

“Yes. I’m calling because my platoon won all of the competitions and we’re Honor Platoon. So, I get a 7 minute call.”

It was the best phone call I’ve ever had with anyone in my entire life. My son was happy, he was confident, HE ACTUALLY LAUGHED. He said he’s nervous about The Crucible, but ready for it and that he’s up for the challenged. He also said he got Recruiter’s Assistance and that he’ll have an extra 7 days of leave before leaving for more training. I’ll get an entire seventeen days with my son! I couldn’t be happier than I am right this very minute.

In only eleven days I will get to see my son in person.

Joy. Joy. Joy.

17 thoughts on “What My Marine in the Making Looks Like

  1. Suzy Q

    Wow, what a transformation! Congrats to Andrew and his entire platoon for winning high honors. This is such a proud moment for him, for you, for your family, and for our country.

    Looking forward to seeing you again next week and meeting your CheeseburgHer cohorts!

  2. Mommabird2345

    What an accomplishment! Congrats to him (and to you that you get to see him soon!).

  3. Leah

    Congratulations to Andrew! That is fantastic news about his extended stay. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

  4. Maggie

    I didn’t think he looked overweight before he left, but 29 pounds!? That’s an incredible transformation! Can’t wait to see the photos of your reunion…so happy for you…the countdown is on!

  5. Nancy P

    So pretty much I cry everytime I read your blog. Ha! But in a good “omg you must be so proud” kind of way.

  6. Amy the Mom

    I loved watching that video the first time! It took me a couple runs through the platoon to figure out which young man was my son-he looked so different! My son’s drill instructor- Gunnery Sgt. King, in case you see him at Camp Pendleton-was the meanest looking person in that video. Everyone who watched it commented on it. And then I met him at graduation. Wonderful, funny, charming man…I could have hugged him, but that’s frowned upon. You will love every minute of it!

    So happy for Andrew that his son got honor platoon!

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