The Man I’ve Raised.

Our son has been home with us for twelve days. Having him home here with us has been wonderful. We’ve gone out for pizza with friends. We’ve gone out to breakfast. We’ve gone thrift store shopping. We’ve sat on the couch late at night and reminisced about the past. We’ve watched our favorite T.V shows together. We’ve eaten our favorite foods together. We’ve visited with friends and family. We’ve laughed. A LOT.

My son is definitely a changed man, but the core of who he is has remained unchanged. He’s still kind, loving and hilarious. He’s been transformed into a confident, strong, focused individual. He’s also not ashamed to admit that he is proud– proud of what he’s accomplished

, proud of who he is. As his mother, this brings me immeasurable joy.

His time here at home is short– there are only five days left until he has to leave us again for another three months. (He has Marine Combat Training for thirty days, followed by his specialty training in Missouri for two months.) When I think of him leaving, my heart aches because I know I’ll miss him like crazy. However, I’m better prepared emotionally this time around. Even though I will miss him, I won’t allow myself to be consumed with fear and worry this time around. My son is no longer a little boy who can’t take care of himself. He’s a strong, capable, brave man. Not to mention, a freaking U.S. Marine.

16 thoughts on “The Man I’ve Raised.

  1. The Other Dawn

    ISo proud of you BOTH! I’m sort of a stranger, but a longtime bloggy friend. I live close to where your son will be when he comes to MO, so let me know if I can be of any assistance!

      1. Shelley

        oh my gosh i just read this, but i have followed your blog FOREVERRR also and i am also from mo! Is he going to ft leonard wood? Im not too far from there either! if theres anything i can ever do please let me know!

  2. Jennifer

    My Marine has finished combat training and is now at school in Pensacola, we are in Virginia Beach. He will be there for about 22 weeks. I am praying that he can come home or I can go there to see him. I have to agree, its easier this time but I still miss him like crazy. It’s nice being able to text and call tho.

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