This Is The Weirdest (Greatest?) Thing That Has Ever Happened in My Life.

This is a true story that happened just now.

An old friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook just now. It started out like this:

“So, my husband has been telling me he sees a picture of you in some warehouse on his route…”

I instantly felt afraid because, SAY WHAT?

The message continued:

“today he talked to the owner and found out the story. The owner is the guy who bought your old house and found stuff in the attic. He took it to work to throw in the dumpster and the Mexican workers found the picture and dug it out of the trash and hung it in their warehouse where they eat lunch. Funny huh? It’s a pick of you and 3 other women in a bathroom mirror.”

Funny? Or creepy?

It feels creepy.

I wrote back and sent the photo I suspected they had HANGING IN THEIR LUNCH ROOM. (WTF?!)

“Yes! That’s it! I guess they enjoy the view while they eat lunch. Too funny!”


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(But maybe a little bit funny? It is a little bit funny, yes?)

I’ve been told this is one of the most awesome photos I’ve ever taken. I guess the guys in the warehouse on 8th street would probably agree.

(Hold me.)

13 thoughts on “This Is The Weirdest (Greatest?) Thing That Has Ever Happened in My Life.

  1. Nancy P

    I remember when you first posted that picture! Actually think I saw it on Lindsay’s blog. It IS a great photo!

  2. Suzy Q

    They worship you every day! I would go by and introduce myself, if I were you. And then take THEIR picture.

  3. Kristin

    The story the owner told your friend is obviously BS. But how could he have gotten his hands on this photo? The best theory I’ve come up with is that the new owner knew you were the former occupant (because of old mail maybe?), started following your blog, and downloaded the pic from there? And knew that version of events would sound super weird and stalker-y, so went with this fabricated 20%-less-creepy version?

  4. Isabel @alphamom

    also, this is the photo that keeps on giving!

    It’s been a blog masthead, it’s been recreated in the UK as a masthead for a women’s website when we wouldn’t give permission to use it, it’s been hung in a gallery and now we’re pinups. WOW.

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