Our Family Day At Knott’s Berry Farm.

I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life. There are places here that are near and dear to my heart because of the memories made both as a child and as an adult with my own children. Knott’s Berry Farm is one of those places.

If you’re not familiar with Knott’s Berry Farm, let me tell you a little bit about it. Knotts Berry Farm is a theme park in Orange County. It’s 160 acres and has five themed areas. There are roller coasters, thrill rides, live shows and attractions. Something fun for all ages, for sure!

It also has funnel cake. Delicious, fresh, fruit-topped funnel cake I sometimes dream about.

My parents would take my siblings and me to Knott’s once a year. We’d enjoy the park all day long and a delicious chicken dinner at the famous Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant. I remember there was always a line to get in

, but my parents didn’t mind the wait. It was well worth it.

When I became a parent, I knew I wanted to carry on the Knott’s Tradition. My boys grew to love that place just as much as I had when I was little. When they were smaller, they enjoyed hanging out in Camp Snoopy, the log ride and the live shows. (Cowboys! Guns! Adventure!)

My daughter hasn’t been as fortunate as the boys when it comes to visits to Knott’s Berry Farm. When I was asked by BlogHer if I’d like to participate in this program and visit Knott’s courtesy of Cedar Fair parks, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

The last time we took our daughter to Knott’s, she was about four years old. She wanted to go on all of the “scary rides” but was not even close to being tall enough. Luckily for her and for us, there is a fun little place for The Little People called Camp Snoopy. Oh, she loved that place, especially since they had a roller coaster there.

This time? She wanted nothing to do with Camp Snoopy. Oh, no. She wanted to join her brother and his friend on the roller coasters. The first ride everyone wanted to try was Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider is one of the longest and tallest wooden coasters in the world, and it is awesome.

I thought perhaps my daughter would be intimidated by it’s size, but I was wrong. “Mommy, am I tall enough?” she asked with hope in her eyes. I wasn’t sure that she was, in fact, I was worried she wouldn’t be tall enough and that there would be SO MANY TEARS.

As she approached the Riders Must Be This Tall Sign, I took a deep breath and maybe said a little Please Dear God Prayer. She met the height requirement (just barely!) There was much rejoicing!

The only thing not fun about going to an amusement park on a Saturday is the long lines. It was hot and the lines were long, but we were determined to make the best out of the day. We chose our top 5 rides and made sure to get on each one of those rides. (Montezooma’s Revenge, Ghost Rider, The Log Ride, Jaquar and Sidewinder.) We also made sure to play a few games, win a stuffed animal and of course, eats lots of funnel cake.

We had a wonderful day together, enjoying the rides and entertainment. As we were leaving the park, both my teenager and my seven year old asked me when we were going to come back. “Soon.” I replied. “Very soon.”

When you go to amusement parks do you plan your day or go with the flow?

Thank you, Knott’s Berry Farm and Cedar Parks for a fantastic time!

If you’re interested in visiting Knott’s Berry Farm, check out their website and Facebook to get more information!

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  1. Veronica Dowdy

    I love Knott’s Berry Farm. I’m married to a Marine and every year in September, in celebration of Memorial Day, Knott’s allows all those who have served in the military free access for them and a guest. My hubby and i have been going since we first started dating and now that we have a 5 year old, we will go again this year. I love that place 🙂

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