Gabby and the Pink Princess Glasses.

At the beginning of this school year, Gabby’s teacher mentioned to us that she had to move Gabby to the front of the classroom because she was having trouble seeing the board. This was news to me as my daughter had never complained about having trouble seeing things. I asked Gabby about it and she told me that yes, she wasn’t able to see the board if she was sitting in the back of the classroom. We immediately made her an appointment to have her eyes examined.

Her appointment was on the day before Halloween. When she sat down in the chair, the doctor asked her to read the chart. The letters were large to start and she was able to correctly identify each one. But as the letter got smaller, it became painfully obvious that my daughter was kind of blind.

The letters on the chart:

x p l t z o

What my daughter would say:

k h t n p

I had no idea her eyesight was that bad! How did I miss that? What kind of a mother am I?

I leaned over to my husband and said “I think I’m going to cry. How did we not know she couldn’t see properly?”

She was diagnosed as near sighted, with 20/100 vision in both eyes. I have never felt like a bigger jerk of a parent in my entire life.

The idea of having to wear glasses during class to see the board was not something Gabby was happy about. “Glasses are ugly and they will make me look weird!” But once she saw that there were such things as pink princess glasses, she warmed up to the idea of having to wear them. “Fine. I’ll get these.” She said as she looked at herself in the mirror with the pink princess glasses.

We picked the glasses up last Friday and you guys? Seeing my daughter sitting on the sofa wearing her pink glasses is THE CUTEST, MOST PRECIOUS THING IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. I still feel like a jerk for not realizing my daughter couldn’t see correctly, but I feel somewhat better knowing we finally were able to help correct the problem.

This was her reaction when she watched TV with her glasses for the first time. “Everything looks so clear!” She said in amazement. Yes, I cried.

The! Cutest! Thing! In! My! Life!

11 thoughts on “Gabby and the Pink Princess Glasses.

  1. Daniel

    I have worn glasses all my life. I grew up not knowing anything else. My eyesight is HORRIBLE. My 20 year old needed glasses at 17. My 5 year old got glasses just before the school year started. The jury is still out on the other kids. Because my eyesight is horrible we take our kids to get their eyes checked as often as our health insurance will allow.

  2. Sarah

    How cute is she with those glasses?! We went through a similar thing with my son…in third grade he failed the screening in school and it turned out he was pretty nearsighted. We picked up his glasses and the whole way home, he kept taking them off his face, putting them back on, saying “oh wow, i can actually see that sign!” and so forth, like he was so amazed and couldn’t believe the before and after. We felt like THE BIGGEST JERKS.

    When I described it to our pediatrician, she nodded and said she hears it every day and not to beat ourselves up over it. She said it’s the only way they’ve ever been able to see so they never would have thought to speak up about it. That was 3 years ago and my sister just went through it with her kids and said, “and yes, I had That Moment.” because she remembered me beating myself up about it with my son. Just one more thing to add to the Guilt Pile, that’s all!

  3. Theresa

    Don’t feel bad! Same thing happened to me & my parents. In fact, it was a little worse. I was in 9th grade (so, 13? 14?) and even I didn’t realize I couldn’t see! It happens so gradually. I remember we were at an event and some guys walked by with something written on the back of their jackets. I asked my mom what it said. She replied, “It says, ‘Security’. You can’t read that?!” That was the first clue either of us had that I couldn’t see! It’s so exciting to get that first pair of glasses. I remember marveling at the trees – they have leaves! It was like seeing the world in high-def suddenly. Gabby looks precious in her pink glasses ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jessica

    Don’t beat yourself up about it, my niece was in 4th grade when she started having headaches (Kaiser told my sister her 8 year old was having migraines), she had her eyes checked and she was 20/400 in both eyes (which is legally blind) but my niece was a bright girl, so she just memorized everything and muddled through school – that was how she saw, it never occurred to her that everyone didn’t see that way or that there was anything wrong with her sight.

    But I must say, the pink glasses are freaking adorable!

  5. Mary

    I still remember, more than 40 years ago, getting my first pair of glasses. There were leaves on the trees! My little brother got them the same day, and mom noticed he was sitting on the sofa to watch TV instead of standing right next to it.

    You’re not a bad mom. The only reason I knew my children needed glasses is that my husband and I are both extremely near-sighted, so I started taking them in at age five. There was nothing in their behavior to cue me in.

  6. Kimberly

    Don’t feel bad! I think most parents don’t it when their kids need glasses. I mean, the kids themselves don’t usually realize they’re not seeing normally until, like your daughter, they put on glasses and go, “OH! I can SEE!” I got glasses when I was 14 and was totally surprised when the doctor first told me I needed ’em. But I still have that “OH right, THIS is normal vision” moment every time I get new glasses with a new prescription. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Vickie

    Do NOT beat yourself up over this. Eyesight in young children is one of the things that does not go diagnosed immediately; usually by fourth grade it gets picked up by a teacher or even in the schools vision/hearing testing. It sounds totally normal and I agree, awesome specs!

  8. Kyla

    K has had hers since she was 3. I love a kid in glasses!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Gabby looks awesome.

    I was so proud of K this last time at the ophtho because when the doctor asked if she was having any issues she said, “Well, the numbers on the calendar just look like dots now.” She was so mature about it! I’ve always had to guess about how she was functioning, but this time she just handled it herself!

  9. Deanna Sanford

    You ARE NOT a bad mom! As someone said above, about 40 years ago I got glasses for the first time…. WOW, I could see each and every leaf on a tree, and people on TV had actual faces and expressions, not just oval blurs. We just don’t know there is anything better. Good on you for supplying the Princess Glasses! Awesome! :>

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